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Grow Buddy 16 Plant Hydroponics Grow Tent System

Grow Buddy 16 Plant Hydroponics Grow Tent System

Grow Buddy 16 Plant Hydroponics Grow Tent System:

The choice of growing cannabis in the home is up to the individuals. Of course, growers will have their own reasons. Regardless, there is one thing common. Each started somewhere, and for sure, it was a process. Having said that, beginners in growing should not feel overwhelmed or discouraged. We say this because once it is time to buy the needed equipment, then it becomes confusing.

As of now, most home growers use a personal size box or a small grow tent. The reason for that is due to the space available in the house. At the same time, it is likely because they live in areas where they can only grow cannabis for personal consumption. As such, there is no need for a bigger habitat to grow a lot of plants.

One problem with the typical habitat it is also too short. It is not much of a concern with Indica type plants, but Sativa needs a taller space. Even with a tight space available in the house, if the ceiling is high enough, then the Grow Buddy Hydroponics Grow Tent becomes a viable option. In fact, it may be the only option especially for those who have yet to buy any equipment.

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Grow Buddy 16 Plant Hydroponics Grow Tent System

Grow BuddyWhen looking at complete grow tent systems, the first thing we look at is the tent itself. Featuring one of the best brands in the industry, Gorilla Grow Tents. In this package, the included model is 2 x 4 x 6-11/12 feet. At first glance, there is nothing special about the size of the tent. But Gorilla is the only brand in the world in which its tents are adjustable. If needed, the tent can be adjusted to monstrous 7-11/12 feet. As for the quality of its material, Gorilla is one of the best among all makers of grow tents.

Included in the package is the lifeline of the marijuana plants - a powerful 400W HPS grow light that comes with a reflector and Lumatek digital dimmable ballast.

The other inclusions and features are:

  • Timers
  • Carbon filter to keep unwanted odors eliminated
  • Digital temperature and hygrometer gauge
  • Internal circulation fan
  • Adjustable net trellis for plant support
  • GFCI adapter
  • Superponics hydroponics grow system (16 Plants)
  • Technaflora nutrient for success
  • pH tester
  • TDS meter
  • Rockwool cubes
  • Clay stone meter
  • Instructional DVD
  • 3-year warranty

As one can see, it is a complete system that has everything needed to start cultivating. All customers have to do is to assemble everything together and start growing cannabis.

Why Buy a Complete Kit Instead of Choosing Individual Parts?

Grow BuddyThere are two reasons why beginning growers should consider buying a pre-packaged hydroponics grow tent system.

One reason is that the vast availability of choices is confusing. Instead of getting started, customers often spend up to a few weeks before deciding. Even then, and this is another reason, the components may not work well together. In fact, some may even be not the right one for the kind of habitat they chose.

As such, choosing to buy the Grow Buddy Grow Tent System takes away those difficulties. This package is available from Dealzer, a company that has supplied gardening and hydroponics equipment to many growers over many years. Because of their experience, they hand-picked each component that they think are good and made sure it all works well together.

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Cost and Service

Grow BuddyThe complete kit is available for only $1,395. If one were to buy the exact same equipment separately, then the sum of the cost will be far higher. So, with regards to cost, we feel that it is a bargain.

Furthermore, the company is offering 3 long years of warranty coverage for the products. From what we have seen, they have done well with regards to helping their customers. As a matter of fact, they are also offering a lifetime customer service support.

One thing we want to encourage all customers is that as soon as the kit arrives, try to do a visual inspection of all the materials to see if there are any signs of damage. By doing that, any issues that may arise, it is communicated with the customer support as soon as possible.

Included in the package is an instruction manual as well as an instructional DVD. By following the guide, assembling and testing everything is a breeze.

Is the Grow Buddy Hydroponics Grow Tent Kit Worth Buying?

Grow BuddyAny single equipment, tool, or accessory in the package are proven to work well. But sometimes, a few customers may receive defective units. Of course, it is a rare occurrence, but it does happen. But the same can be said of all kinds of products. Having said that, the chosen brands in the kit are at the very least, above-average in quality level. In particular, the Gorilla grow tent is considered as one of the best in the world.

So, on the matter of pricing alone, buying the complete kit is definitely worth it as it is cheaper than when purchased individually.

Regarding comfort and peace of mind, the Grow Buddy is also a winner. Growers do not have to worry about choosing the wrong component, for instance. Furthermore, there are instances when beginners pick the right parts, but where the problem occurs is during assembly. What we mean by this is that some may not work well with each other.

The adjustable height of the tent is a winner too. Even with narrow or tight space, growers now not only can grow Indica strains, but they can also grow Sativa strains as well.

At this point, the only basis for the decision to buy or not is space. If it is the ideal size, then this is the right grow tent system to buy. If not, head over to Dealzer to see what other sizes are available.

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8 thoughts on “Grow Buddy 16 Plant Hydroponics Grow Tent System

By Dan Snyder on 6 June 2018

I don't see mention of electrical power needed. Does this run off a standard 120V house plug? If so, how many amps will the breaker need to be?

By WORK OF ART! on 6 June 2018

It looks like it should all be 120 volts, probably operating safely with a 30 amp fuse, but it could possibly operate on as low as 15 amp but Robert would have to confirm that. A great little home set up!

By Leah on 6 June 2018

Why is there No Mention of Dimensions?

By Jonathan on 6 June 2018

Leah, first paragraph, “In this package, the included model is 2 x 4 x 6-11/12feet.”

By Jonathan on 6 June 2018

Dan, divide watts by volts, and that will give you amperage. Eg: 400W / 120V= 3.33amps
Hope this helps

By Gene Filiberti on 12 June 2018

It says how many amps equip such as lights use on the ballast or fan or ac or dehumidifier etc...using auto pilot for example cuts the 7 amps per 1000 watthps down from 7 amps to 4.5amps but 220 v on a 30 amp breaker , 4 to 8 lights . Saves money when you drop20 amps for 8 lights or the ability to use more equipment.

By Hank on 6 June 2018

It's an attractive enough package but there's too much left unsaid. The lighting and fan alone could easily draw more current than my home system can provide. I would want to see the specifications on each element of the system before seriously considering it.

By Paul on 7 June 2018

Do you have a book on how to test medical marijuana? THC, CBD, etc.

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