Indoor Marijuana Growing Systems

I love marijuana indoor growing systems

Indoor marijuana growing

For some growers in some places, it might not be feasible to grow plants outside; even in a world where cannabis is legalized across the board, there are sure to be social derelicts who find it preferable to steal the fruits of someone else’s labors than to grow their own. It has already happened, with at least one fatal but (oddly) legally justifiable shooting in California. Produce farmers have always contended with human marauders, and it seems likely that marijuana buds would attract far more dangerous predators than carrots or cabbage ever did.

The answer is to grow your plants under artificial or hybrid artificial/natural conditions where they’re protected from harsh or abrupt weather changes, a habitat where every facet of plant life can be rigidly controlled at every stage to assure the most ideal environment. Hybrid growing operations provide plants with both natural and artificial elements—greenhouses are an example—while “closet” systems are nearly or entirely shut off from the outside world.


A hybrid system can be as complex as a heated Lexan greenhouse, or as simple as a few pots set in front of a south-facing (if you’re north of the equator) window where plants can absorb sunshine from sunrise to sunset. Some growers believe that natural sunlight, even through glass, is best for plants. A studio apartment with large windows that reach to the floor can be great; it helps to keep plants as low to the floor as possible, because heavier carbon dioxide exhaled by residents—also pets, even pests and vermin—seeks the lowest level, nourishing the plants.


Closed Systems

While window-seat and greenhouse growing operations that use natural sunlight are probably most preferred, many indoor growers also face the problem of having their crops exposed to the world through glass or Plexiglas panes. Where that is a problem, it becomes necessary to create a wholly artificial growing environment in which all of the elements needed to coax maximum growth and THC content from plants is provided by the grower.


Fully enclosed systems are preferred by many very good growers, including legally sanctioned professional commercial operations, because they have potential for being exploited into an environment that enhances, even mutates plants. Intentionally mutated plants grown in closed systems have become the numerous and often outlandish-looking different strains that are available from commercial seed firms. I have to admit that the potency of some indoor-grown buds is very good, because savvy growers can not only manipulate the nutrition administered to produce the botanical equivalent of a steroid- enhanced athlete but also extend the growing season beyond anything found on earth. They can vary the “days”,  the durations of light and darkness, to any desired combination—like twenty-five hours of light followed by six hours of darkness for a period of twelve months.


Grow Room Operation

Operating a grow room is easier than growing outdoors because everything you need is in one conveniently accessed location. Follow the same soil, fertilizer, and watering instructions given in these articles, give growing plants plenty of bright light from sprout to maturity, and pluck your leaves to stimulate production of THC.


Typical duration of light and darkness for growing plants is twenty hours of bright light at an ambient temperature of about 70 degrees F, followed by four hours of “sleep” time, during which plants continue to grow while resting. When plants reach the desired height, cut back the daylight and dark hours to twelve and twelve (some growers alter- nate times beyond normal twenty-four-hour cycles) to fool them into believing that the shortened days of autumn have come. Fewer hours of light induces plants to flower, bud, and pollinate in preparation for what they perceive as the onset of winter.

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  1. What happen when my plants are budding but than starts to veg again? It is the temp or what happen? Any suggestions? Please help!!

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