Indoor Marijuana Growing Systems

One of the first decisions to make, once you have decided to grow your own marijuana, is whether you will grow outdoors or indoors. This short guide article will discuss some of the basic information you should have before setting up your indoor marijuana growing systems.

Preparing to grow indoors has its unique challenges and benefits that you must know if you want to end up with the best stash of weed.

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    Why grow cannabis indoors?

    There are a lot of different reasons for growers not to cultivate plants outdoors, from climate and weather to legal reasons and decreased yield. Throughout history, farmers have always had to worry about theft, and cannabis buds attract far more resourceful and focused predators than potatoes or carrots ever have. Fortunately, growing your plants indoors offers protection against all of these hazards. No need to worry about thieves or weather or any sort of other predators. You control the environment.

    growing marijuana indoors

    Every facet of the plant’s growth can be carefully monitored and adjusted to create the perfect environment for your plants. There are several variations available for indoor growers.

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    Hybrid Systems

    Hybrid systems can offer plants both natural and artificial nutrients and light. Greenhouses fall under this category, for example.

    Hybrid systems can range drastically in complexity, from the relatively high-up keep of an artificially heated greenhouse to the simple placement of a couple of pots in front of a window.

    The primary advantage to any of these hybrid systems is that they can use real sunlight.

    Hybrid Systems

    Many growers swear that natural sunlight is the best source for plants, even if it’s being filtered through glass. This makes sense since most bulbs used for artificial light simply don’t offer the same spectrum as the sun.

    Additionally, tall windows in a small apartment can actually be close to ideal. If the windows reach down to the floor, the plant itself can be placed on the ground.

    This is better than raising it up since it will be able to absorb additional carbon dioxide, which sinks down to the ground after being exhaled by humans.

    Closed systems

    While growing in front of a window is the simplest route, it’s not always an option for growers. Not every living space is equipped with tall windows, and even those that aren’t always a good choice.

    Closed systems
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    In many parts of the world, it’s undesirable to put the cannabis plant on display. In order to receive light from outside, a grower has to make it possible for strangers to look in and see the plant itself.

    In addition to the total control offered by closed systems, growers can also benefit from privacy. Although it can be a bit more work, it allows the grower to maximize the potential yield of the plant by optimizing the environment.

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    For these reasons, many growers prefer to use fully enclosed systems. This is especially true for larger-scale or professional operations since it has the potential to be so efficient and offer higher yields.

    Closed systems also allow growers to actually mutate their plants to achieve specific effects. The potency of cannabis grown indoors can be truly exceptional, with much higher ratios of the cannabinoids and other active ingredients so prized by growers and consumers.

    The fully enclosed systems allow growers to saturate plants with optimum nutrients, but it also allows growing seasons to extend indefinitely.

    The length and cycles of daylight can be radically altered, essentially “hacking” plants so that enormous yields can be achieved.

    Grow room procedure

    Although it can be more complicated than growing outdoors, an indoor grow room is simpler in some respects as well. Set up properly, an indoor grow room offers everything a grower needs to successfully raise a plant from seed to sprout and beyond.

    Grow room procedure

    Soil, fertilizer, and water are all added at regular intervals. Following instructions on how to care for plants inside will allow growers to get great yields.

    Generally, plants should receive light in regular cycles of light and darkness. Twenty hours of light exposure followed by four hours of darkness is a good rule for growers to follow, with the temperature in the environment being kept at around 70 degrees.

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      Once the plants have reached the desired size, the light cycle can be adjusted to alternating cycles of twelve hours light to twelve hours of darkness. The increased darkness will cause cannabis to flower, tricking the plants into thinking that the seasons are changing.

      Regardless of the type of system used, it’s important to remember that the genetics of the seeds used will figure prominently in the quality of the end product. Buy only high-quality seeds from our online seed bank.

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      FAQs About Growing Marijuana Indoors

      What are the best indoor autoflower strains?

      Among the best autoflower strains that you can easily grow indoors are Super Skunk Auto, White Widow Auto, Sour Diesel Auto, and Northern Lights Auto.

      What are the best feminized strains to grow indoors?

      Critical Mass, Amnesia Haze, Power Plant, Purple Haze and LSD strains are some of the best feminized strains you can cultivate indoors.

      What is a hybrid growing system?

      It is a growing system that offers plants both natural and artificial nutrients and light. Many growers believe that natural sunlight is the best source for plants, even if it’s being filtered through glass.

      Becoming an expert marijuana grower only requires practice and learning. Start your cannabis growing journey by reading my blog.

      Have you grown your own marijuana indoors? Please share your experience or leave questions below.

      Happy growing!


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