November 2, 2018

When you’re involved in a fast growing industry such as healthcare, tech, or cannabis, you will hear a lot of talk about how something is the future of the industry. For instance, last year people were saying that microdosing was the future of the cannabis industry. Earlier this year, CBD was the future of the industry. Both predictions turned out to be right—CBD is the hottest health trend right now. What’s next for the industry? Some are saying cannabis drinks are the future.

Cannabis drinks are starting to pop up everywhere. We have cannabis infused beer and wine, CBD coffee and sparkling cannabis drinks. Alcohol companies, who at first fought legal weed, have now discovered that it’s easier to just join them.

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People Love Beverages

There are ample reasons why cannabis drinks are taking off. Mainly, people like drinking beverages, whether they be sodas, energy drinks, flavored waters, coffee, or of course alcohol. People like having a beverage in their hand. I happen to have one in my hand right now.

Most people who are new to cannabis would probably prefer drinking a cannabis drink over vaping it, smoking it, or even eating an edible. Now that an edible ban seems imminent in Washington state, you’ll probably see more people turning to beverages.

While you will see lots of cannabis drinks from popular beer companies, there is one company you will for sure not be seeing coming out with a cannabis drink. Coca-Cola said on Tuesday that the company would not be coming out with a cannabis infused drink of their own any time soon, an announcement that surely disappointed thousands of Coca-Cola lovers everywhere.

Despite Coke’s announcement, there will no doubt be other beverage makers that will want to take the plunge. Question is, who is it going to be?

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Are cannabis drinks the future of the industry, or is this just a fad? Tell us in the comments below!

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