How to choose the best marijuana strain for pain

Many patients who suffer from all types of pain, both acute and chronic are now opting to use marijuana.

This is partly due to new studies that confirm marijuana as an effective management for pain.

This includes pain from inflammation, headaches, cramps, and spinal injuries.

Moreover, people are now aware of the unpleasant side effects of over-the-counter or prescription painkillers.

Hence, marijuana is becoming a popular natural alternative. So, what makes marijuana an effective treatment for varying types of pain?

Basically, it all comes down to the fusion of all the cannabinoids in the herb.

There are over 100 cannabinoids in marijuana and each of them plays different roles. But together, they create a potent painkiller.

This is why theories suggest opting for a strain with a wide variety of cannabinoids and terpenoids. Unfortunately, not all strains are created equal.

As such, some strains are not as effective in easing away pain and tension as others.

Aside from that, people have different reactions to marijuana. This means that we need to experiment to find the best one. Moreover, some good strains can be hard to find.

So, this article will serve as a guide in our search for the perfect marijuana strain for pain.

To increase the chances of picking the suitable ones, we will look at their vital information.

This includes the type of strain, cannabinoid content, and overall effect.

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    How to select the right marijuana strain for pain relief

    As mentioned, the best marijuana for pain is the one that contains many phytochemicals.

    In essence, the chemical composition of marijuana is much like that of vegetables and herbs.

    So, it’s not surprising that the more cannabinoids it contains, the more beneficial it is. For us, the challenge is to find this type of strain.

    Luckily, the information below will help make the search easier. Based on chemical profile and strain reviews, we compile the best painkilling strains.

    Learn the basics

    The right knowledge will help us go straight to the popular picks. So, here are a few things to remember when looking for the right strains.

    Indica strain
    Indica strain

    Go with indica strains

    Indica strains are more suited to soothe and control pain as they are sedative.

    Aside from that, they also help people sleep better as well as decrease tension and anxiety.

    Hence, they are a popular choice for a wide range of problems aside from pain.

    While sativas may also work for chronic headaches and nerve pain, data for this is anecdotal.

    But it doesn’t hurt to try them out, so be open to other strains as it’s the only way to know which one works.

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    Pick strains with both CBD and THC

    As a general rule, marijuana strains that contain both CBD and THC deliver more relief from pain.

    This is why it’s beneficial to use the full plant than consuming the isolate. While CBD is known as the main element that lessens pain, THC helps patients forget the unpleasant sensations.

    Also, CBD is perfect for daytime use, providing comfort to those who need to be active in the morning.

    Use strains that smell great

    Like other edible plants, marijuana emits a nice fragrance due to the terpenes. These healthy chemicals add to the user’s enjoyment especially when we smoke them.

    So, make sure to pick the strain that smells good as it means that it is full of medicinal benefits.

    Get to know the best strains

    Now that we have the general idea on how to select healthy strains, it’s time to get to know them.

    Although every person responds differently to marijuana, in general, the following are helpful when it comes managing pain.

    Body pain
    Body pain

    Strains for generalized pain

    Generalized pain occurs when the muscles and joints become sore. Oftentimes, this results in body fatigue which could last for a day or more.

    Because of its nature, it’s common to want to stay in bed and not do anything much.

    Worst, most people tend to perform when suffering from this type of pain. Thus, we need the right strains to help us forget the unpleasant sensations.


    Due to its high levels of both THC and CBD, this strain is one of the most potent painkillers out there.

    ACDC is a sativa-dominant phenotype so it’s perfect for those who need to perform during the day.

    However, what makes it a remarkable strain is its THC: CBD ratio of 1:20. This means that it delivers a whole body pain relief without the intoxication.

    To be specific, ACDC’s CBD content is as high as 19%. This helps treat pain that comes with anxiety, epilepsy, and multiple sclerosis.

    It is even the top pick for chemo patients to ease the negative effects of chemotherapy. Luckily, there are many strains that offer the same benefits as ACDC.

    Blackberry kush

    Due to its strong Indica body effect, Blackberry Kush is often recommended for pain.

    But unlike ACDC, this strain contains high levels of THC. As such, users would feel a heavy sedative effect which often kills any type of pain.

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    Since high-CBD strains are often hard to come by, we can opt for the THC-laden Blackberry Kush instead.

    They are a lot more easy to access especially in states where marijuana is still illegal.

    Strains for arthritis and other inflammation

    Marijuana strains for arthritis

    In general, whenever inflammation starts, pain always follows. This is why arthritis, the inflammation of joints, can be agonizing. Luckily, there are strains that treat this type of pain.


    Though Sativa strains aren’t the best for treating pain, Harlequin is an exception.

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    It’s CBD: THC ratio of 5:2 provides pain relief without intoxication. As such, this clear-headed, alert effect is perfect for daytime medicating.

    Blue widow

    A slightly indica-dominant strain, Blue Widow is popular for its anti-inflammatory qualities.

    Consumers get both an uplifting and calming effect which eases the pain. In higher doses, this strain puts anxious and insomniac patients to sleep.

    marijuana strain for headache

    Strains for headaches and migraines

    For many people, headaches and migraines are the worst. So, it’s good news that there are marijuana strains that are effective in treating them.

    This way, we don’t need to use commercial painkillers that often cause dangerous side effects.

    Purple arrow

    A headache is something we want to get rid of as soon as possible. Hence, Purple Arrow’s quick, clear-headed relief from severe pain is our top pick.

    As a bonus, this fantastic indica strain is fragrant and tastes almost as good as it feels.

    Blueberry headband

    This indica-sativa hybrid gives a nice cerebral rush that goes straight to the head.

    Blueberry Headband gives a focused headache relief while relaxing the body. Further, its strawberry fragrance and flavor adds to a more pleasant experience.

    Marijuana strains for Cramp

    Strains for cramps

    Cramps are involuntary muscle contractions that can keep patients awake at night.

    As we know, this kind of condition can result in extreme pain and soreness. To soothe the tired muscles, we can use the following strains.

    Redwood kush

    Consumers like this sedative strain as it often provides a feeling of total peace. The hefty amounts of THC deliver a spacey feeling that eases muscle pain.

    Best for evening use, Redwood Kush has a nice pine-like scent that creates tingly body effects.

    As such, it’s best not to use it during the day as it hinders focus and concentration.


    Many people like the total pain relief from this indica strain due to its high-THC levels. Like other indica strains with rich cannabinoids, Dynamite offers a relaxing experience.

    This is enough to blow muscle cramp pain out of the water. But be careful as it can make the user very hungry after smoking it.

    Marijuana strain for Spinal injury
    Spinal injury

    Strains for spinal injury pain

    Spinal injury pain occurs when there is damage to the spine’s communication system to the nerves.

    As such, the patient will feel pain when there normally shouldn’t be.

    Worse, this type of debilitating pain can last a lifetime. For those who want to use marijuana for neuropathic pain, the following strains are the best for the job.

    Cataract kush

    The combination of LA Confidential and OG Kush, this heavy-hitting hybrid is aptly named.

    Smoking Cataract Kush is said to make the user feel like they have cataracts.

    As such, it creates a unique high which just keeps growing long after we stop smoking it.

    Hence, this strain might be too intense for a beginner or light smoker to handle.

    However, it’s ideal for patients who need complete relief from spinal injury pain.

    Mazar i sharif

    Covered with a heavy blanket of trichomes, Mazar I Sharif contains high levels of CBD.

    This chemical makeup provides potent physical relaxation to those suffering from stubborn pain.

    So, it’s no wonder why many spinal injury patients find relief from this indica strain.

    Marijuana for pain
    Marijuana for pain

    Experiment to find the best marijuana strain for pain

    As more studies confirm the pain-relieving properties of marijuana, it’s high time that we take advantage of it.

    But don’t expect to get a fantastic result without learning a thing about it.

    As such, we need to do our research then sample several strains to gain an idea of they’re effects.

    Since we experience marijuana differently, we can try sampling several of the strains and take them in various forms.

    In general, smoking and vaporizing are the best ways to consume marijuana for pain.

    But it’s possible to get soothing effects from oil, edibles, or patches.

    All in all, it takes time and effort to find the perfect marijuana for a certain type of pain.

    But it’s all worth the trouble when we finally have access to strain the works best for us.

    So, refer to this article to make the searching process easier and shorter. In the end, we deserve to get relief from pain so we can live quality lives.

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