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The Basics

It can be daunting to start with a new venture like growing. In essence, it’s quite easy to grow your first plant. Just chuck a seed in some soil and water it daily. Here you can learn the basics so you’ll start your first grow confidently.

just starting out buying cannabis seeds

Just Starting Out

A new adventure can be daunting, but have no fear! All you need is a pot, soil, and a seed and you’re ready to go! Here you’ll learn the marijuana growing basics.

cannabis plant

The Cannabis Plant

Knowing more about marijuana plant biology is not only interesting, it can be helpful to know why a plant needs water, light, and nutrients to grow strong and healthy buds.

seed to harvest

Seed to Harvest

A weed plant goes through several stages from sprouting the seed to growing strong, then flowering resinous buds that you need to harvest at the right time.


Grow Environment

One of the first things to decide is where to plant your grow. Will you put it on the windowsill are you dedicating an entire room? Is climate something to consider? And what medium will you use? Let these guides help you decide your next grow!

marijuana grow mediums

Grow Mediums

Starting out you will probably want to grow in soil, but once you get a hang of it there are many hydroponic or even more exotic grow mediums out there.

growing cannabis inddors

Growing Indoors

Growing indoors requires more work to set up lightning and potentially more technical devices, but it has the benefit of being fully in control over your grow.

grow marijuana outdoors

Growing Outdoors

Growing outdoors is the most natural way to go! The sun will provide all the light you need to grow monster plants. Learn all about the best methods and precautions here.


Plant Care

So, the seeds are planted, now what? How much water should you give them? Do you have the right nutrients? And what will you do when the leaves start to yellow or bugs have infested your grow room!? Learn how to properly care for your plants to get the best results!

water and nutrients

Watering & Nutrients

Learn when and how to water your plants so they don’t dry out or drown. Give your plants the optimized nutrients for each of their grow stages.

marijuana lights and lamps

Lights & Lamps

The most important thing your plants need to grow is light. But what lamps should you use and how much light do your plants need? All that and more is explained here.

How to yield more - Advanced guides

How to Yield More

Now that you have a hang of it, you will want to perfect your next grow. Learn how to prune, bend, tie, and split your plant to get the maximum results!


Protect Your Grow

Growing marijuana is not difficult but you also don’t want to lose a grow due to some unforeseen circumstances. That is why it’s important to protect your grow from accidents, pests, and nosy neighbors.

privacy and safety for marijuana growing

Privacy & Safety

Learn how to keep your grow on the down-low by covering up smells and keeping nosy neighbors at bay, while at the same time free of other dangers like electricity failures.



Oh no! Bugs have infested your plants! Why are all the leaves yellow and drooping!? Your dog bumped over your plant! Learn how to mitigate this and more.



There is so much to learn when growing marijuana. Maybe your question wasn’t answered elsewhere in this guide. In that case, take a look here.


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