Benefits of Automated Trimming

With the rise of legal cannabis, there has been a wave of new technology to reach growers across the globe. While some of this technology has been around for some time, there have been significant improvements made to the efficiency and affordability of such automation tools – including bud trimmers.

When automated bud trimming machines first hit the market, there was some confusion as to their effectiveness and the overall quality of bud. Thanks to improvements in production and design, automated trimming machines have once again taken the industry by storm and are now more popular than ever!

The reason for the popularity of these systems come down to the many benefits they can provide to industrial operations and even home growers looking to ease their workload. These benefits can be broken down into three main categories: Security, Consistency and Efficiency.

Automated Trimming Machines Ensure Security

One of the main benefits of trimming machines is that they ensure the security of both your product and your enterprise. As many growers know, bringing in new staff or new trimming teams for each harvest can result in a variety of security risks. As this growing industry continues to mature, it is extremely competitive. As a result many cannabis companies may find themselves spending more on security and investing more time in vetting potential staff to protect their organization and future product development.

When it comes to this issue, machines are the perfect response. Not only are these systems reliable, consistent and efficient, but they also reduce security risks. CenturionPro’s elite line-up of bud trimming machines replaces as little as 6 workers or as many as 75 human trimmers, depending on which system you choose.

Trimming Party
Automated Trimming Machines Ensure Security – Trimming Party

Automated Trimming Machines Provide Consistency

One of the most important aspects to providing a quality experience for your customers is the consistency of the product you are offering. While many growers who will always prefer hand trimming, the reality is that it is not gentler on flowers and doesn’t offer the same consistency as a quality modern bud trimming machine.

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Due to the human nature, error and habits associated with hand trimming the results can vary from person-to-person and even from batch-to-batch. Machine trimming, on the other hand, produces a uniform trim and consistent product – every time. Trimming machines also excel at trimming small flower clusters, which can often be ignored or go unnoticed by hand trimmers.

Raisin Sized Pieces
Automated Trimming Machines Provide Consistency – Raisin Sized Pieces

In addition, the technology of trimming machines and the associated parts have come a long way. In fact, CenturionPro Solutions offers an upgraded Quantanium Non-Stick tumbler drum that improves trichome preservation by 40% when compared to classic steel drums. This ensures those valuable trichomes stay right where you want them – on your flowers. This further adds to the consistency provided by automated trimmers. CenturionPro Solutions prides itself on providing quality, well-built trimming machines with the goal of minimizing trichome loss. In fact, cured marijuana trimmed by a CenturionPro bud trimmer is almost indistinguishable from hand-trimmed product.

Another benefit to using an automated trimming machine is that they are very versatile, depending on the desired level of trim. CenturionPro Solutions automated bud trimmers come with both wet and dry tumblers and are equipped with an adjustable diverter, which fine tunes the air flow and cut to ensure preservation of different strains and densities.

Wet Trimmed Result
Automated Trimming Machines Provide Consistency – Wet Trimmed Result
Dry Trimmed Result
Automated Trimming Machines Provide Consistency – Dry Trimmed Result

When it comes to consistency in your product, a trimming machine will deliver beautiful results time and time again.

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    Automated Trimming Machines Improve Efficiency

    Perhaps one of the most appealing aspects of an automated bud trimmer is the efficiency and scalability that they provide for your operation. The current generation of trimming machines provides close to hand-trimmed quality at a much faster pace than hand trimming, thereby ensuring consistency and also improving operational efficiency and processing capacities. For grow operations looking to expand to match the pace of the current market, this is a huge win.

    Some of the ways that automated trimming machines improve efficiency include reducing human error and staff issues. Often times, hiring a reliable hand-trimming crew becomes the most difficult task of harvesting. While some operations may have luck in this area, many companies struggle with unmotivated employees, individuals who don’t show up and issues with product quality and consistency. All of this can cause delays in processing and headaches for management. Trimming machines eliminate all of these aspects – they are reliable and pay for themselves in just a few harvests.

    When it comes to efficiency and processing capacity, the CenturionPro line of elite trimming machines is hard to beat. With a system for every size grow, we have the perfect fit whether you are just starting or are an industry leader. In addition, each of our machines is capable of trimming both wet or dry and comes with a tumbler suited for each!

    All Machines Line-Up
    Automated Trimming Machines Improve Efficiency – All Machines Line-Up

    The processing capacities of CenturionPro systems start with the smallest machine, the CenturionPro TableTop, which trims 5-7lbs dry per hour (25-30lbs wet). Stepping up from that is the CenturionPro Mini which does 12-16lbs dry per hour (60-80lbs wet) and our coveted Original with a processing capacity of 18-22lbs dry per hour (90-110 wet). From there, we move into our industrial Gladiator, which has dual tumblers allowing for a processing capacity of 32-40lbs dry per hour (160-200lbs wet). Lastly we have our commercial LP system, the 3.0. This system has three tumblers and a massive processing capacity of 60-70lbs dry per hour (300-350 wet).

    Supplementing your harvest with a trimming machine provides instant ROI in time savings, whether you are a home grower or industrial operation. Trimming machines are also easily scalable, unlike trimming crews. Automated trimmers are designed to grow with your business as adding an additional trimming machine to your fleet is as simple as renting or purchasing a secondary unit.

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    Are You Harvest Ready?

    Security, consistency and efficiency are just some of the reasons that more growers are turning to automated trimming solutions. With impressive processing capacities, a 10-year warranty and options for trade-in and scalability, CenturionPro automated trimmers have a lot to offer.

    Harvest season is fast approaching – will you be ready?

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      1. Auto trimmers steal a huge % of trichomes., tearing away the sugar leaves that provide protection for bud trichomes. I don’t trim until I’m ready to put some in my induction vaporizer because I want to enjoy the benefits. Don’t use a grinder that steals trichomes as well. An induction vaporizer will use the super heated air to penetrate the bud and remove the goodies for you to enjoy instead of removing them to stick to a grinder or trim machine.