Blue Mystic Auto vs. Northern Lights Auto

Blue Mystic Auto vs. Northern Lights Auto

The hills and mountains of Oregon and California are collectively known as the melting pot of cannabis genetics. Coming out of this melting pot is the Blue Mystic strain. The indica-dominant strain is short, stretches very little, and grows like broccoli. It can reach just over a meter tall and growers are advised to pinch the top to achieve a bushier plant and a better yield.

Under a 600W light, Blue Mystic can yield 400g to 500g per square meter indoors. When grown outdoors, it needs the warmth similar to a Mediterranean or Californian climate.

Blue Mystic seeds are ready for harvest after 8 to 10 weeks. If grow correctly, Blue Mystic will produce a sweet, refreshing flavor matched by a potent indica stone that will leave you physically locked down.

When it comes to strains which have left their mark in the world of cannabis, few can be mentioned as often as Northern Lights. This strain’s genetics has become the basis for so many award-winning cannabis classics in modern history.

Northern lights can grow up to 1.2 meters indoors and can stretch up to 2 meters outdoors. It produces long, thin leaves which indicate its sativa background. Upon flowering, it comes alive with dense buds covered with resin all over. It can yield about 500g per square meter under a 600W light too. However, it’s slightly more productive outdoors, capable of producing a yield of 625g per plant.

Northern Lights prefer a nice, warm environment. Hence, outdoor grows can be found in Spain, California, and North Africa.  It flowers after 7-8 weeks. During flowering, the buds are formed with a light, resin-filed surface which can appear to glow towards the end.

Finally, this strain promises a knockout smoke with couchlock for the next few minutes. Anyone who’s looking for a strong smoke needs to look no further than the Northern Lights.

This grow journal will document and compaFre the growth of Blue Mystic and Northern Lights obtained from ILGM.

Grower: Jpositive
Yield: 1.5 ounces
Location: USA
Seeds: Blue Mystic and Northern Lights

January 16th

These are two separate grows. One is the Blue Mystic placed under a Mars 600 LED and the other is a Northern Lights seed grown in another tent under 6400 CFLs during veg and under 2700 CFLs during flower.

The other supplies used for this grow are the same for both:

  • Grow medium – Fox Farms Ocean Forest
  • Pots – 3-gallon pots

Both plants popped in the same day in glasses of reverse osmosis water. They were then placed in pellets under a small humidity dome. 10 days ago, both were placed under the same 6400 Agrobrite CFL on 20/4 light cycle.

Check them out at 10 days old. The one in the green pot is the Blue Mystic and the one in the black pot is the Northern Lights.

They won’t be needing any feeding for at least 4 weeks using FF soil. For watering, it’s important just to make the soil moist and then again if it’s almost dry.

January 17th

The Mars 600W came in yesterday! Once the second Gorilla tent is set up, one of these ladies will be getting her own grow room.

January 18th

With how small they are, a good trick for watering would be to water a ring around the outside of the pot and just to mist the plants twice a day. Keeping the water outside of the pot helps promote the roots to search for water. In turn, it gets them to grow and create a good base for the plants. As it gets older and starts to want more water, then you can start watering the whole pot.

January 22nd

Here’s an update of them at 2 weeks and 2 days old in soil. Even with some trouble with maintaining humidity (only 25% to 30% inside the grow tent), these ladies seem happy.

Check out the Blue Mystic (left) and the Northern Lights (right).

January 26th

3 weeks in soil now and the Blue Mystic is starting to show pistils. She’s growing much bigger than the Northern Lights in the black pot!

January 28th

So much for the Blue Mystic vs Northern Lights challenge. The Northern Lights under the CFLs turned out to be a hermaphrodite. On a good note, the Blue Mystic is coming along nicely. She’s only 3 weeks and 2 days old but she’s already 10 inches tall, and showing pistils in all the right places.

Check out her photo under the 600W LED lights.

February 1st

Look at the Blue Mystic go! In just three days, she shot up by a couple of inches. She’s already 12.5 inches tall.

Here’s a good guide for the proper light distance from the top of the plants:

  • 120 W to 180W – 1.5 feet
  • 180W to 300W – 2.0 feet
  • 300W to 600W – 2.5 feet
  • 600W to 1200W – 3.0 feet
  • 1200W to 2000W – 3.5 feet

February 5th

1 month and 3 days in soil. Today, the trichomes are visible and the smell is much stronger throughout the house when the plant is unzipped.

Here’s a photo of an Amnesia Haze and a Hashberry 2 days in soil, now under 6400K CFL which will be a separate grow.

February 8th

Today was watering/feeding day and the last feeding’s runoff was pH 6.0. After adding 1.5tsp of pH Up to reverse osmosis water, runoff became 5.5… way too low!

On a good note, she still looks healthy and the trichomes are coming in full force.

February 12th

Update 5 weeks and 2 days in soil. While the TDS and pH meter are still in the mail, here’s the lovely Blue Mystic in the meantime. Yesterday’s watering produced a runoff of 6.0. Hopefully the last watering will get the pH where it needs to be.

Check her out! She’s smiling and looking healthy!

February 20th

After a couple of waterings, the addition of a little pH Up, and a new pH meter, she’s finally at 6.2 runoff! She’s 6 weeks, 3 days in soil now and the flushing process should begin soon. Amber trichomes are starting to show and pistils are beginning to curl.

Here’s a peek at her with LED on and off. The two baby plants on either side of the big Blue Mystic plant are Anesthesia and Hashberry autos.

Notice all the beautiful, aromatic trichomes? Whoever said the Blue Mystic produces “moderate” aroma needs to get their smeller checked.

February 26th

Right at the 8th week mark and the amber trichomes are taking over, making up 25% to 30% of the plant’s trichomes with close to 50% amber pistils. She got the axe today.

So far, the initial weights are:

  • 58 oz. wet with stems
  • 19 oz. wet with just main cola

Can’t wait for the dry weight!

March 2nd

Here they are! The end result for one plant is an exact 1.5 ounces! After sampling a little nug, she’s a creeper!

Because the Northern Lights turned out to be a hermaphrodite, the Blue Mystic wins this round by default!

Grower: Jpositive
Yield: 1.5 ounces
Location: USA
Seeds: Blue Mystic and Northern Lights

This grow journal started out as an experiment to compare Blue Mystic and Northern Lights. Fortunately, the Northern Lights plant was removed from the grow tent when it started showing bananas. This timely move saved the Blue Mystic from unfortunate fertilization. But before they started showing their sexes, you could see they were almost growing at the same rate.

Which marijuana strains would you like to compare on your own grow?

Happy growing!

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