Growing with ILGM Seeds and Clones

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Growing with ILGM Seeds and Clones

Do you think you have what it takes to grow three different types of cannabis all at the same time?

This grow journal started out with the goal of cultivating ILGM’s Gold Leaf and Amnesia Haze from seed but after an accident, it dropped the Amnesia Haze and grew to include Northern Lights and Blueberry cannabis strains.

The seeds were soaked three days ago and produced tap roots after 12 to 18 hours. Afterwards, they were transplanted into starter medium.

  • Grower: SI1
  • Location: NA
  • Yield: NA

May 20th

The ladies broke the surface today.

ladies broke

And here some shots of some free stuff from Roots Organic.

May 21st

24 hours after breaking through the surface, the Amnesia Haze (left) is really taking off. The Gold Leaf has plenty of catching up to do.

June 5th

Sadly, the stem of the Amnesia Haze seedling broke. Tied her up and supported her but she didn’t make it.

To help make up for losing the Amnesia Haze, a little Blueberry was transplanted into 5 gallons of FF Ocean Forest and under LEDs where she is much happier and joined by friends:

  • Gold Leaf Clone Bertha 2
  • Gold Leaf Clone Mini Bertha 2
  • 2 Northern Lights clones

This is shaping up to be a mostly clone grow!

June 7th

Northern Lights clones were transplanted to 5-gallon cloth with Fox Farms Ocean Forest. The larger Northern Lights plant was fimmed. All were watered and lights were lowered to 18 inches. The timers were set to 18/6 cycle.

All were watered and received some Rhino Skin too.

June 18th

Overall, the girls are growing well… the tent is filling up!

So this grow has finally boiled down to this:

  • 2 Northern Lights
  • 2 Golden Leaf clone
  • Blueberry auto

The plant in the center front is a Blueberry Auto. The two on the left are the Northern Lights clones. The monster on the right is the Golden Leaf clone, and the smaller one is also a Golden Leaf.

Golden Leaf.

June 19th

The Blueberry has calyxes and is already showing signs of nearing pre-flowers. She should enter the flowering stage in 2 to 3 weeks. So far, only Ocean Forest soil, Roots Buddha Grow, Roots Amino Surge and Advanced Nutrients Rhino Skin.

June 23rd

They’re getting bigger so switching to micro-bloom nutes. Blueberry looks like she will flower soon.

In the left photo, you can see the Northern Lights Clones 1 and 2, ILGM Blueberry on the upper row. On the lower row, you can see the two Golden Leaf clones.

Two Golden Leaf

June 25th

Made the decision to move the smaller Golden Leaf clone and one Northern Lights plant out of the tent. They’re now happily vegging in the sun room in 5-gallon cloth pots with FFOF augmented with Roots Nitro Guano and Roots Grow. The plan is to flower them on second rotation once the other three finish up.

This leaves 1 Golden Leaf, and 1 Northern Lights in the veg tent along with the Blueberry auto is already in pre-flower.

Plants are all 2 feet tall now and have only been fimmed once.

June 27th

Blueberry auto began flowering 42 days from seed – right on schedule! She’s 24 inches tall and is just absolutely beautiful.

Here are some shots of the lady leading the race.

July 3rd

ILGM Blueberry is already a week into flower and is 34 inches tall. She’s the biggest but also the skinniest plant.

The Golden Leaf and Northern Lights clones are 5 days into flowering.

July 5th

The ILGM Gold Leaf clone is now 24 inches tall. Check her out!

The Blueberry from ILGM is still the tallest at 34 inches tall but she’s also quite skinny.

The Northern Lights is 30 inches tall.

These three have outgrown living together in a 2 x 4 x 5 foot grow tent so they’ll be transferred to their new home: a 4 x 4 x 6 grow tent!

July 7th

Got the new tent set up along with its ventilation system.

Look at how lovely the grow tent looks like on the outside.

July 11th

Did more reorganizing in the grow space. This tent is very large. It’s taking some getting used to but the plants are so happy.

It’s been 12 days since the flip. Northern Lights and the Golden Leaf are showing flowers! Here are a couple of group photos showing how happy they are.

Feeding was also done today with Rhino Skin, Mammoth P, ¼ Flora Micro, ½ Flora Bloom, Roots Surge, and Big Bud. All of them were mixed in rainwater. pH going in and out was 6.5.

July 13th

This is Blueberry on her 17th day of flower.

This is the Gold Leaf photoperiod 7 days after switching to the 12/12 light cycle.

The Northern Lights is also continuing her stretch 7 days into flower. She will show flowers any day now.

All the flowering plants were lightly fed with Roots Surge, and Sensi CalMag. They received full feedings of the Rhino Skin, and Mammoth P.

Everybody’s looking good!

July 16th

Everyone was watered today plus Rhino Skin, and Mammoth P. Combining these two creates the nectar of the gods for plants!

Every plant also had pH 6.5 runoff and all were under 1200 PPM. These girls are big and hungry and piling on the buds.

Auto Blueberry from ILGM is 35 inches and is looking like she’s pretty tall for her species.

Meanwhile, the Northern Lights and the Golden Leaf plants are both at 30 inches.

All three are big plants with loads of buds and no deficiencies!

July 24th

The Blueberry is 69 days old and has only 2 to 4 weeks left in flower.

Here’s a tent shot of the crew. The Northern Lights plant is in the left rear and the Golden Leaf is on the read left – she’s maturing a bit slower than the others.

July 25th

The ILGM Blueberry autoflower is 28 days into flowering. Watered too runoff and got 2700 PPM and pH 6.0 so will be skipping feeding but she will be watered some more to bring her soil PPM back to the desired range.

The Northern Lights is 14 days in flower and has developed some nice buds. She has the same soil issues as the Blueberry.

And ILGM’s Gold Leaf has the same age and status as the Northern Lights above.

July 27th

The girls are enjoying a nice stretch of cooler nights which bring the temperature to the 55 to 62 degree F range.

This Blueberry is nearly 4 feet tall and is sleeping in the three season room at night to induce those beautiful purples.

July 29th

Today’s spotlight is on the ILGM Gold Leaf clone. She’s 18 days into flower and is looking awesome. Her buds stand out in stark contrast with the rest of the plant.

The Northern Lights has fat colas which are very dense-looking!

And here’s a photo with the happy girls after the installation of a new exhaust system.

August 4th

The Blueberry auto is 38 days into flower already but she’s still not showing any purple colors despite spending her nights in an AC room.

August 15th

Blueberry auto is 52 days into flowering. Removed her ties because she’s really covered with buds and droopy. One of her smaller branches finally gave in and bent over under the weight of its bud. However, her droopiness actually seems to help with making room for more light to get to her lower branches which have very nice buds on them as well.

She has 7 main colas and they are 12 to 15 inches long. She has 2 other colas which are 6 to 8 inches.

And this is a photo of her trichomes. She’s approximately 10% amber at this point.

Grower: SI1
Location: NA
Yield: NA

Unfortunately, this grow journal ended with the previous entry but even without the final yields, there are plenty of lessons you can learn in this grow:

  1. One plant’s death does not mean it’s the end especially when the plant dies at the beginning of the grow process. Replace it with another plant right away. Don’t waste any time!
  2. If your grow tent is too congested, place the other plants in other grow areas such as in another grow cabinet or outdoors. Overcrowding your grow tent is not worth it.
  3. Your plants will grow at different rates. It’s up to you to adapt the feeding and watering schedule, and the type of nutes you use.

Can you do as well as the grower did in this journal?

Happy growing!

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