Thrips on marijuana plants

Thrips are small (smaller than 0.06” in length), insects with wings that feed off of the liquids of the marijuana plant through poking a hole in the plant and sucking up everything inside.

Their wings aren’t much help for flying as they rely on the wind to carry them from one place to another. They have six legs, are shaped like a cigar and their butts are pointy.

Thrips can do some serious damage to your marijuana plants so make sure you know how to identify them and how to get rid of them.

Signs of thrips

At the point where the insect attacked, the harm they caused will show up as bronze or silver-colored defects on the leaves and/or stems. Your plants leaves will lack chlorophyll, become dry, brown and brittle.

Thrips on marijuana plants
Thrips on marijuana plants

Thrips usually feed off of buds and new leaves so, this is where the problem happens most of the time. Thrips are something to be worried about since they are common causes for plant viruses.

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    Outdoor marijuana plants generally have less of an issue with this unlike greenhouse gardens or indoor grow rooms where this is more common. Thrips take a liking to the buds for doing their dirty work. If you ever notice edges that appear burned, then you have a host of thrips there. All you have to do is shake the plants to get them off and away from your plants.

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    How to get rid of thrips

    A great way you can resolve the problem is by misting your plants with a solution. Do this right before the light are going off, because if you don’t the leaves will burn. You can also use your preferred insecticide to get rid of thrips. Their enemies are the Amblyseius Cucumeris, which can ward them off.

    Get rid of thrips on weed plants
    Get rid of thrips on weed plants

    Thrips are easily run off by wasps, predatory mites and neem oil. Using the right compost combination on the soil prior to planting helps keep healthy nematodes that will attack the pupae that fall to the ground.

    A commercial product like Bug Blaster will always to the job. If you want to make sure to kill them all buy something like Bug Blaster at this link.

    Marijuana plant symptoms

    Even though thrips are tiny, you can still see them moving on the leaves. You definitely want to be on the lookout for these, especially when growing in a greenhouse. You don’t want these bad boys eating away at the juices in your leaves. Protect your plants by taking the necessary precautions. Observe your plants for any possible signs of thrips and follow the steps above to keep your plant flourishing.

    Recognize the marijuana plant symptoms caused by thrips:

    • Damage to buds and younger leaves
    • Shiny, silvery spots on leaves and/or stems
    • Bronze spots on leaves and/or stems
    • Leaves are dry, brittle and a brown color

    Remember that plants with strong genetics have less chance of getting sick and are less vulnerable for pests and diseases. So make sure to buy cannabis seeds from a trusted seed bank.

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