Marijuana Growing: Meaning Of pH For The Soil

The pH scale measures the degree of acidity or alkalinity of a certain solution. The scale is from 0 to 14. When pH equals 7, this is a neutral point. The scale is based on logarithms. This explains why minor changes in the ph can have major consequences on the scale. The solutions which are below 7 are acidic and those above it are alkali. A solution whose pH is 4 is about ten times the acidity of one with pH which equals 5. However, this solution which has pH 5 is a hundred times more acidic than one with a neutral pH. The solution pH of nutrients determines the uptake of nutrients the marijuana plant takes.

The ‘’p’’ in pH means the symbol for a negative logarithm of the number which we take and the ‘’h’’ is for Hydrogen.  This is why the correct way of writing the symbol is with a minor p and a capital H. Acidic solutions are with a pH which is from 1 to 6.9. For example, the HCL in your stomach has a pH of 2. The alkaline solutions are with a pH of 7.1 upto 14. An example of this is the small intestine which has a pH of 9.

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    Acids’ particular characteristic is that they produce Hydrogen ions which are positive. For instance in the water, Hydrogen Chloride – HCl dissolves into Hydrogen positive- H+ and Chloride negative- Cl- ions. Another similar solution if water-HOH which dissolves into Hydrogen positive H+ and Hydroxyl negative-OH- ions.

    The dissociation of Sodium Hydroxide- NaOH includes the production of Sodium positive –Na + and Hydroxyl negative – OH- ions.

    In every case there is a way by which we can calculate the concentration of the Hydrogen ions which are present. The symbol [H+] represents the concentration. In the Hydrochloric acid the concentration of Hydrogen ions is 0.01 while in water it is 0.0000001. In the solution of Sodium Hydroxide [H+} equals 0.00000000000001 pH actually derives from counting the decimal places from the first number. For example, the decimal places in 0.01 are 2, so the pH of the Hydrogen Chloride will be 2. This means that water will have a pH equal to 7 and Sodium Hydroxide will be with an alkali pH of 14.

    The knowledge we have on pH is vital for the nutrients we will use for our soil to grow marijuana. Knowing the pH is probably one of the first things one must know before beginning gardening. pH determines what cares the soil will need and this is why it is important to know it.

    In conclusion, the lower pH is, the more is the concentration of Hydrogen ions in the solutions’ dissolvent and it is acidic. On the contrary, the higher pH we have, the lower the concentration of Hydrogen ions there is or there are no such ions whatsoever. However, there are neutral solutions like water whose pH equals 7 and is in the middle of the scale. Such solutions are neither acidic nor alkali.

    More on pH for marijuana plants and how to measure it here

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