Nosy Neighbors? Try These Less Smelly Weed Strains!

Are you worried about your growing operation being found out? Don’t want the smell of delicious, yet stinky cannabis plants seeping through your walls and alerting your neighbors? Try these less smelly weed strains! This is not to imply that these strains are odorless; they’re just a little less obvious than other indoor strains. You should always take the proper precautions to neutralize odors when growing cannabis.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights is an immensely popular strain for a number of reasons. It’s an easy strain to grow, thus making it a go-to strain for beginners, or people who simply don’t have the time to cultivate more difficult strains. It makes you feel amazing, and it’s one of the least smelly weed strains to grow indoors. The light sweet and spicy aroma of this strain when it begins to flower is closer to a scentsy aroma than a stinky bud smell. Your neighbors will most likely never notice it.

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NL5 Haze Mist

Northern Lights offspring NL5 Haze Mist is not completely odorless, but it’s certainly one of the least smelly weed strains you can grow. The smell of earth and berries is pleasant, light, and most importantly, not obvious. It’s also a relatively easy strain to grow and produces medium high yields

Orange Bud

Dutch Passion’s Orange Bud grows well both indoors and out. It has a somewhat strong smell of oranges and lemons, but it’s not nearly as pungent as its parent strain Skunk. As long as you use some kind of ONA (Odor Neutralizing Agent) and keep your grow room well ventilated, you should be just fine.

Kali Mist

Kali Mist, a sativa dominant with mysterious origins is a long time favorite of growers and people who just love smoking weed. It’s easy to grow indoors, and has quite a high yield. It’s also one of the less smelly weed strains to grow. This deliciously fruity and spicy strain is by no means “odorless”, but the aroma of the flowers is closer to sandalwood than skunk.

harvested cannabis buds in a container


Papaya grows in short and fat, making it a great strain for growing indoors. It smells quite pungent when the buds have been cured, but has very little odor when in the vegetative and flowering stages. You will love the spicy smell of fruit and cured tobacco that defines this strain.

Betty Boo

Betty Boo is a delightful little indica that is easy to grow and has a relatively low odor when flowering. Betty Boo plants grow in at 8-12 inches, meaning they are easy to grow in small spaces, and they hide easy. The cured buds have a sweet aroma, similar to a fresh cup of coffee.

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The name “Sharksbreath” probably doesn’t inspire much confidence when referring to smelly weed strains, but the smell is pretty weak when compared to other strains. On the other hand, Sharksbreath is quite potent. It grows best using sea of green and can yield incredibly high amounts!

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Are there any other less smelly weed strains you would recommend? Share with us below!

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