How Much Marijuana Can I Yield Per Plant? A Pound!

January 19, 2021

Many new growers wonder, “How much marijuana can one plant produce?” or “How much will a 600-watt HPS yield?” Unfortunately, there  are no simple answers to these questions. Every grow is different and has different variables.

Whatever your reasons for growing are, you care about the yield.  You want to know what to expect, and that’s reasonable. I can’t predict your experience, but I can give some reasonable numbers to strive for.

This article will discuss everything there is to know about marijuana yields. I’ve added some common questions at the bottom, but if you have more, place them in the comments below this article.

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How much marijuana can you yield indoors?

Lights are of the utmost importance when you’re growing indoors. Experienced growers can produce about a gram of marijuana per watt of light (1 gram = 0,035 oz). So, a 400-watt HPS grow light can potentially translate to 400 grams or 14 oz of dried, usable cannabis.

“Using your indoor space more efficiently can give you twice as much growing area.” ~ Jorge Cervantes

600watt HPS grow light with reflector
600watt HPS grow light with reflector

Likewise, a grow room with 1200 watts of light can yield 1.2 kilograms or 42 oz of cannabis. Having the right equipment, adequate nutrient solutions, beneficial air quality, and other valuable factors is important for producing the highest yields possible. Making sure the plants have space to grow is also key.

Download my free Grow Bible for more tricks on how to maximize your yield!

Although soil growing can potentially lower your yield, it also is easier to grow. This is because it not only creates a buffer for error, but it also holds nutrients within the soil. When growing in soil, there is room to make mistakes with pH and TDS and pay for it in yield. In terms of numbers, expect a maximum of 1 gram per watt. That means a 600watt lamp can produce 600 grams of marijuana or 21 ounces.

Yield even more when growing hydroponically

Growing hydroponically yields up to 20% more, as long as you do not make any mistakes. With hydroponic growing, there is no room for errors. You must be very careful about the TDS and pH levels because the roots are directly in water (and not soil) and incorrect levels can immediately affect the plants.

There are rarely small mistakes while growing hydroponically. Even the most minor error can ruin your yield. However, those who do it correctly will be rewarded. You can expect up to 1.2 gram per watt, which means a 600watt HPS lamp can give you 720 grams of marijuana or over 25 ounces.

The pictures below show that hydro plants and their roots grow faster than soil plants

Start With High-Yielding Strains

Ideal circumstances are very important when trying to maximize your crop. But there’s no fault in helping yourself a bit by getting decently yielding genes. These strains all fall under the category “extreme yielders“:

Blue Dream

If you like the exotic purple-ish look of your weed but don’t want to skimp on the yield, Blue Dream may be for you.

Blue Dream Strain
Blue Dream Strain
Buy Blue Dream Seeds

Big Bud

The name says it all. This strain grows huge buds which in turn yields great amounts of dry herb.

Big Bud Strain
Big Bud Strain
Buy Big Bud Seeds

Girl Scout Cookies Extreme

GSC is a very popular strain and nothing to sneeze at. This Extreme version of the strain yields huge flowers.

Girl Scout Cookies Strain
Girl Scout Cookies Strain
Buy GSC Seeds

Average yield per outdoor-grown  plant

Under perfect conditions, you can expect yields to extend to 500 grams or 17.5 oz of marijuana per plant. Space is a necessity (at least two meters) along with water, nutrients, and a dearth of pests and diseases. If you use containers, they should be at least 50 liters or 15 gallons in size.

It’s a good idea to germinate the seeds early on to allow the plants time to grow large. It’s best to germinate indoors where you can manage the humidity and the temperature for the seedlings. Again, 500 grams (17.5 oz) per plant is possible if everything goes as planned.

500 gram yield is posible
500 gram yield is possible

Aside from an adequate amount of sun, water, and nutrient quality, the actual genetics of the plant play a very important role. Seeds are vital, and you need to have some exceptional seeds at your disposal. Browse my seed selection to find the strain that’s right for you. It all starts with genetics….

How To Calculate Your Yield Upfront

Want to predict your field before you grow? It doesn’t have to be a guessing game.

How much weed does one plant produce?

Try using a cannabis plant yield calculator. This calculator by Yield O Rama lets you select your type light, the light intensity (lumen), your level of growing experience and your growing medium.

Annual Target & Consumption Projection
Target Production
(incl. safety margin)

Days Spent Growing Corps

Greater than 365: you will not meet your annual target (readjust your target settings or growing scenario).
Exactly 365: you will meet your annual target, growing continuous back-to-back crops for the entire year
Less than 365: you will meet your annual target, growing intermittently with some free time between crops.

When using the yield calculator, keep in mind that an HPS grow light produces around 150 lumens per watt. For the exact amount of lumen that your bulb produces, check with the manufacturer.

There are some limitations:

You cannot adjust it for the strain, and it’s only for indoor grows, but it is still quite handy. Check out the cannabis yield calculator here.

You can also measure your yield after you harvest but, keep in mind….

Wet and dry weed does not weigh the same

Drying your weed slowly (10 to 14 days) in a climate controlled dark and dry place with a temperature of around 64 degrees will get you more weed in weight.

You will get about 20 % to 25 % out of your wet weed after drying, depending on the strain, the density of the buds and the way of drying. Only weigh the wet buds and not the whole plant.

Drying your plants correctly will increase your yield
Drying your plants correctly will increase your yield

Here’s an example:

Out of a well cultivated Sativa you will get approximately 20% -22% dry weed and from an Indica about 22% -25%. So out of one-pound wet Amnesia Haze you will get approximately 7.4 ounces and if you dry one pound of White Widow you’ll get about 8.4 ounces. At a street price of $ 7 (Oregon) or $12 (Texas) this is very good profit.

On the other hand:

You will end up with approximately 12.5% if you weigh the entire plant, including stems and leaves, while it’s wet.

While these tips on increasing your yield are very helpful, choosing the top marijuana strains matters as much. Check out our highest-yielding strains here.

Buy High Yielding Seeds

Grow fewer plants to yield more marijuana

Indoor growing doesn’t bring a lot of certainty in terms of yield per plant. If you have only four plants per lamp, then you’ll yield much more than you would with a total of sixteen plants for every lamp.

Before deciding how many plants to grow, consider these facts:

  • If you’ve only got 4 plants, your yield will be 25% less if one gets a disease or dies
  • Vegetative growth lasts longer with only four plants. You should want to force flowering when the tips of the leaves are touching. If there are more plants, the leaves touch quicker
  • Four plants are easier to manage than sixteen
  • If someone catches you, you only have four plants to your name
Small grow room with seven plants under CFL grow light
Small grow room with seven plants under CFL grow light

Think about this:

Grow sixteen plants under a 600-watt HPS lamp and produce about 37.5 grams or 1.3 oz of marijuana per plant.

Grow four plants using a 600-watt HPS lamp and yield about 150 grams or 5.0 oz per plant.

But grow one huge plant per 600-watt HPS, and you could produce a pound of marijuana per plant!

Be sure to check out aPotforPot for a one-stop solution for a small grow!

Yield More With Screen Of Green

The Screen of Green (SCROG) technique is an excellent way to increase your yield. The idea is to top your plants and place a screen at 15 inches above your plants. When a branch grows 4 inches through the filter, tie it to the screen horizontally. Continue attaching the branches until you get a nice ‘blanket’ of tops.

Now, three reasons why growing with a screen of green technique increases your yield:

  1. No wasted light

    Any light that hits the floor or walls is wasted energy. With the SCROG method, you create a thick ‘blanket of leaves’ out of your plant that prevents light from being wasted, and instead forces it to be absorbed by the leaves.
  2. All plants are the same height

    When every plant is the same height, each will receive the maximum amount of light. With this method, there are no plants or branches in the shade, and you can place the lamp as low as possible, as long as temperatures don’t exceed 77 Fahrenheit.
  3. No fluffy or soft buds

    Because you prune the bottom branches that don’t grow through the screen, the plant doesn’t waste any energy on developing the small, soft buds at the base of your plant. (FYI, they never ripen.) Your plants also don’t waste energy on leaves and branches it doesn’t need. All of its energy goes to the top colas!

Here is a quick photo guide on how to SCROG:

I’ve used the screen of green method for many grows, and I’ve always been satisfied with the results. If you use it, your yield can increase by 10 to 20%. Read my article How to scrog for more information. You’ll need to master the basic grow skills of watering and pruning, first, however.

Lights make the difference for indoor grows

Does a 1000-watt HPS yield more than a 600-watt HPS? Well, not necessarily. While a 1000-watt HPS bulb produces much more light than a 600-watt bulb, a plant cannot convert all that light into energy. It will need more CO2.

There is around 350-400 ppm of CO2 in the air. Indoor marijuana plants will use this CO2, combined with energy from the light to create sugars. If you grow in a closed grow room without an air inlet, the plants will use half of this CO2 within an hour and then slow down sugar production because CO2 levels are dangerously low. This is why you must continuously ventilate your grow room with fresh, CO2 rich air from outside.

Different HPS lamps with distance for best yield
Different HPS lamps with distance for best yield

With 350 to 400 ppm of CO2 in the air, your marijuana plants cannot create more sugars than the light from a 600-watt HPS bulb produces. So your yield will not be higher if you use a 1000watt HPS lamp under normal circumstances.

On the other hand, if you increase the CO2 levels, your plants will need more light, and in that case, a 1000-watt bulb can almost double your yield. It’s a large investment to buy the right equipment, but a 1000-watt grow light is worth it in terms of yield.

Want to learn more about CO2 and yield? Here is an interesting article about CO2 and tomato plants.

Average indoor yield with CFL & HPS

Grow room with 1 x 600 watt HPS and Adjust a Wing reflector
Grow room with 1 x 600 watt HPS and Adjust a Wing reflector

Keeping the impact of CO2 in mind, there are some numbers that you can expect when growing with CFL and HPS lighting:


1.5 to 2.0 oz average  (3.5 oz for advanced growers) with 200-watt CFL lamps in a grow cabinet measuring 3.5 x 1.5 x 6.5 ft.

3.0 to 5.0 oz average (9.0 oz for advanced growers) with a 250-watt HPS lamp in a grow cabinet measuring 3.5 x 1.5 x 6.5 ft.

4.5 to 9.0 oz average (14 oz for advanced growers) with a 400-watt HPS lamp in a 3.5 x 3.5 x 7 ft. grow room

5.0 to 10 oz average (21 for advanced growers) with a 600-watt HPS lamp in a 4 x 4 x 8 ft. grow room

9.0 to 18 oz average (36 for advanced growers) with a 1000-watt HPS lamp in a 5 x 5 x 8 ft grow room


40 to 60 grams average (100 for advanced growers) with 200-watt CFL lamps in a grow cabinet measuring 1 x 0.5 x 2 m

80 to 150 grams average (250 for advanced growers) with a 250-watt HPS lamp in a grow cabinet measuring 1 x 0.5 x 2 m

100 to 250 grams average (400 for advanced growers) with a 400-watt HPS lamp in a 1 x 1 x 2.5 m. grow room

150 to 300 grams average (600 for advanced growers) with a 600-watt HPS lamp in a 1.2 x 1.2 x 2.5 m. grow room

250 to 500 grams average (1000 for advanced growers) with a 1000-watt HPS lamp in a 1.5 x 1.5 x 2.5 m. grow room

LED grow yield

There has been much said about LED lights, with many manufacturers claiming super high yields, but I haven’t seen them yet. I’ve tried a 300-watt LED grow two years ago and generated less than half of what I usually produce. Many of my friends also haven’t received desired results.

LED grow yields will become higher in the future
LED grow yields will become higher in the future

An interesting fact is that commercial tomato growers haven’t switched to LED. For me, that’s a sign that they’re no better or more economical than HPS grow lights. With LED, the light intensity isn’t as strong as with HPS lights. Instead, the spectrum is more important.

So, I can’t tell you how much you will yield with a LED grow light. If anybody has some results, please share them in the comments. I can confirm that LED lights produce a lot less heat compared to HPS lights. This will cause the plant to evaporate less water, changing the water and nutrient requirements for growers.

You can save money by growing marijuana

A store-bought marijuana plant will cost around $10 to $15. It will be a clone of around 5 inches tall, and they’re only available in the states that have legalized marijuana. High-quality marijuana seeds cost between $8 and $15. They’re available all over the internet and of course in my my own store 😉

Clones for sale for $15,- each at La Conte's clone bar in Denver.
Clones for sale for $15,- each

But these figures do not cover the cost of producing weed. You need to buy equipment, nutrients and keep an eye on the electricity and water costs. Below are some estimates; read my article on costs and revenues for more details.

For example:

Growing 5 marijuana plants in a 2×2 foot grow tent with 2x100watt CFL will cost you around $1000 per year and yield 0.25 pound of marijuana per harvest. With 4 harvests per year, each marijuana plant costs about $50.

Growing 5 marijuana plants in a 4x4foot grow tent with a 600watt HPS light will cost you around $2000 per year and produce 1 pound of marijuana per harvest. With 4 harvests per year, each marijuana plant will cost around $100.

Time your harvest right so you can maximize your yields with my free mini Harvesting Guide.

The basic equipment like filters, timers, and exhaust fans are very expensive. The price difference between a setup for 2 or 4 lights is only 20% higher, but the yield doubles. Again, learn more about the revenues and costs of growing marijuana on my blog.

You could be saving money, especially if you yield a pound per plant. Want the most yield for your effort? Grow one plant.

If you want to grow a one pound marijuana plant, you need a 4 x 4 foot grow tent or other similar sized space, and a 600 – watt HPS grow light. Under ideal circumstances, a 600watt light can produce well over a pound of cannabis. If you limit your grow to just one plant, it can produce over a pound of weed. The picture below shows one plant under 600watt

One plant under 600 watt can produce a pound of weed. Picture by Rolling Stoned
One plant under 600 watt can produce a pound of weed.

You have to prune and trim your plant a lot otherwise it will grow through the ceiling. Scrogging is the way to go to cover 10 square feet with one plant.

Growing a one-pounder is a fun project, but there are some downsides. You need to veg the plant for very long until the entire floor is covered with leaves, so no light goes to waste. Plus, if your plant gets sick or anything, you don’t have replacements. But it can be done!

Want to feature your 1-pounder indoor plant on our blog? Send me a picture!

Whether you are growing indoors or out, you can effectively plan for how much weed you’ll yield. In some cases, you can even grow a pound per plant. It’s all about planning your grow setup and using the right grow techniques. You can predict your yield with a calculator or wait and weigh it after the harvest. However you decide to grow, you’re likely to save money over buying it at a dispensary.

So, How Much Does Gold Leaf Yield?

Gold Leaf is my very own, proudly bred, strain, and I must say; it is a very decent yielder!

bergmans gold leaf

As you now know, topnotch-conditions should apply but I’ve managed to cut about a pound of the plant grown indoors and it has even treated me to almost 21oz when I had it growing outside! Learn more about my precious 🙂

FAQ About Marijuana Yields

Are there any other ways to increase yield?

Yes, there are other techniques that can increase optimal yield. Read this article to learn more.

I want big yields, but I have a small space, what do I do?

You can try a variety of plant training techniques such as scrogging as well some other tips mentioned in this article.

Are the estimates in this article reliable?

Your final yield depends on a variety of factors; too many to develop a reliable equation. The estimates in my article are the best-case scenarios for the average or beginner grower.

What about fluorescent lights? Can I use them throughout my grow?

You can, but you will not yield as much. They work best during the vegetative stage. For more on fluorescent lighting read these articles.

Inspired to grow your own? Read from some comments from these happy customers and hopefully see you soon!

Happy growing!


The founder of I Love Growing Marijuana, Robert Bergman, is a marijuana growing expert that enjoys sharing his knowledge with the world. He combines years of experience, ranging from small-scale grows to massive operations, with a passion for growing. His articles include tutorials on growing... [read more]

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    My first indoor grow I harvested a lil over an lb on 6 plants, for second run I used clones from exact same plants, but bought a water tester and was testing at over 800ppm! I spent $80 on a […]Read More
  36. By latewood ,24 Jun 2015
    Sometimes plants do not grow as tall under intense light. Buds get tighter though. Clay is generally full of nutrients and drains fairly well. You should be OK. Please join our support forum if you want faster responses, and more […]Read More
  37. By Select Seeds Based On THC Level And Genetics ,03 Aug 2015
    […] more than putting a seed into the ground and watering it. To successfully accomplish your desired yield of cannabis, a much greater understanding and involvement is required. Do not be surprised if your first yield […]
  38. By Greg ,19 Aug 2015
    Have you used LED lights? What is your opinion on them, besides cost.
  39. By kbk420 ,20 Aug 2015
    My grow space is 25'' deep 88'' wide 65'' tall. Im getting 4 300 watt led grow lights. Completely white, great for reflection however I can not decide if I should grow five plants and train them or grow several […]Read More
  40. By latewood ,21 Aug 2015
    Hello Greg, My opinion on LED lamps is: I do not use them. I use digital ballasts. I know growers i respect who love LED lamps and claim they grow just as much yield as HID lamps. I am not […]Read More
  41. By latewood ,21 Aug 2015
    Hey kbk420, Sorry my friend. This is a choice you have to make. It is a concerted opinion of most old school growers, that no matter what method you use, the yield will be close to the same, unless you […]Read More
  42. By Otubu ,28 Aug 2015
    Very great post. I simply sbtumled upon your blog and wanted to say that I've truly loved browsing your blog posts. After all I'll be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write once more soon!
  43. By mallik ,27 Sep 2015
    Hi rob,cheers for looking after us,I downloaded one of your book and it's a pleasure,so keep up the good work
  44. By 420ZSX ,14 Oct 2015
    Don't hyperventilate over not getting the indoor quantities mentioned here. They are top end estimates if you are an expert grower and everything goes off without a hitch. These are yields to shoot for but not get all disappointed if […]Read More
    1. By Pete ,15 Nov 2015
      Thanks for the heads-up on the maths. I like maths, but I forget to do them sometimes. That should be especially enjoyable for North American brethren, who don't say maths very intuitively.
  45. By Dennis ,26 Oct 2015
    Hey Robert! Thank you for your emails...I'm gathering information to do my first grow...being on a fixed income I have to do it in steps. It is truly amazing how the marijuana helps me cut back on my pain killers […]Read More
    1. By Pete ,15 Nov 2015
      Your comment really made me laugh, because for some reason I couldn't help imagining you as a seventeen year old pretending to be a senior to cover himself for self-incrimination or something. Read at face value, though, your comment also […]Read More
  46. By latewood.ILGM ,29 Oct 2015
    Hey Dennis, Robert is always glad to help. As far as how many plants you should grow in your tent You did not mention what genetics you planned on growing. If I get your dimensions correct you have a 3'x3' […]Read More
  47. By Pete ,05 Nov 2015
    Does anybody have experience with using a "Earth Box" for their grow?
  48. By Pruning Tricks To Increase Your Marijuana Yield ,09 Nov 2015
    […] If you use the SCROG (Screen of Green) method you also have to prune your marijuana plants. Place a screen at 50 cm above your plants. Take the top out of every plant when it’s 10 centimeters from the […]Read More
  49. By latewood.ILGM ,09 Nov 2015
    Pete, I have not used the Earth Box. However; If you sign up to our Support forum, I am sure you will find many members with experience with that product.
  50. By Stop Leaf Septoria On Marijuana Plants Now! ,24 Nov 2015
    […] cause the crop to die off. If for any reason this is not properly cared for it will lessen the marijuana plants yield. The affected leaves will become dry where the spot is and overtime break and produce a […]Read More
  51. By Stop Nitrogen Deficiencies In Marijuana Plants Now! ,24 Nov 2015
    […] Don’t worry if you notice your plant is displaying signs of nitrogen deficiency later in the flowering phase. Low amounts of nitrogen is actually a good thing during the later phase of the flowering stage to encourage good bud […]Read More
  52. By Nelz ,28 Nov 2015
    Nice video. Very informative. Ive been growing legal medicine for the last seven years. I recently was forced to switch to a 10x10x8 grow tent. Im currently running 3000 watt hps lamps with three plants per lamp that were veged […]Read More
    1. By Nelz ,28 Nov 2015
      I actually have a fourth 1000 watt lamp in the room, just haven't fired it up yet.
  53. By latewood.ILGM ,30 Nov 2015
    Not at all. I have to assume you are using 3 - 1000 watt lamps. Max. coverage for those lamps in general are 6'x8', but overlapping the footprint would give you better results; As long as you can control the […]Read More
  54. By latewood.ILGM ,30 Nov 2015
    Nelson. I do not see a reason to add a 4th, but if you fell the need, go for it.
  55. By greg ,17 Dec 2015
    I am new to this and plan to plant my first crop I have been reading a lot of information on growing and I have 1question be for I start germination what is the best way to germinate for indoor […]Read More
  56. By latewood.ILGM ,19 Dec 2015
    If you are growing indoors in soil; Use a jiffey pellet to propagate your seed If you are setting up a hydro system, then use 1.5" rockwool cube.
  57. By EDOG ,19 Dec 2015
    Generally, 0.5 grams per watt is more realistic. Also, you get a better ratio of yield/wattage as you go up in wattage, i.e. you're more likely to hit 1 gram per watt under a 600W or 1000W HPS than a […]Read More
  58. By A Few Misconceptions Reconceptualated | RHDefense: The Law Office of Rick Horowitz (559) 233-8886 ,04 Jan 2016
    […] not a farmer! It’s always been my understanding that a conservative estimate would be a little less than one pound of marijuana per plant. I have heard of people getting as much as two-to-five pounds per plant, but […]
  59. By Marijuana Per Plant Yield « HempNEWS TV ,10 Feb 2016
    […] How Much Marijuana Can I Yield Per Plant? A Pound! – Grow a pound of marijuana per plant! How much does one marijuana plant produce? The average marijuana plant yield is between 2-4 ounces with 600 watt HPS […]
  60. By JAH ,06 Mar 2016
    In regards to outdoor potted plants, If you plant in 1 yard of good quality soil, get them vegging early inside before planting outside and then keep on top of nutrient input and overall health and training, with plenty of […]Read More
  61. By devon ,11 Mar 2016
    Hi i am a first time grower, i have a 3x5 grow box that i made... I also have a 250w CFL, i plan on growing 3 or 4 plants..... My question is do i have good lighting for a […]Read More
  62. By Mike ,09 Apr 2016
    I have a 60×60×80 size grow tent. 1 300 watt led light 1 45 watt led light and a 400 watt hps light. With 5 plants out of 6 remaining after take the male out.i am a first time grower […]Read More
    1. By latewood.ILGM ,12 Apr 2016
      Mike, Different strains grow at different intervals. There is no perfect formula. You will need to keep lamps 24-36" from canopy depending on how hot the air space between the lamp and canopy is. Best to think about training your […]Read More
  63. By latewood.ILGM ,12 Apr 2016
    devon, You will do OK with a 250w CFL. It is a bit under powered but, will allow you to grow successfully without heat issues. If you want a bigger harvest; You will need to invest in more lighting, and […]Read More
  64. By Marilu Femat ,19 Apr 2016
    I'm planning on buying the set to grow along with seeds and I read that you can get more from one plant than you can with 4. Which would you recommend?
    1. By Chris ,20 Jan 2017
      I have yet started my grow,but I have a question. I built a 24×24×36tall grow box made of wood. How many plants can I put in there using a 250 watt HPS bulb
      1. By latewood_ILGM ,23 Jan 2017
        chris. Only one plant would fit in that box and you would have to do a SCROG grow to make it work/. 36" minus a pot, and a lamp barely leaves enough space to veg 1 plant for a month; […]Read More
  65. By latewood.ILGM ,21 Apr 2016
    Marilu, growing is a series of personal choices. This is one of them. It all depends on how much space you have. It also depends on your grow experience; The quality of environment you produce for your plants, and many […]Read More
  66. By rj ,05 May 2016
    What about led lights. Any thoughts?
  67. By stephen ,09 Jun 2016
    I'm a first time buyer and grower,so much great info here, I'm filling up a small note book. Just ordered Fem. white widow and plan to grow out doors upstate N.Y. wont even be able to plant until late June […]Read More
  68. By fishhead ,29 Jul 2016
    Im limited on my hieth for my light & can only grow (space enough for 2 plants). my question is how can I make it work with a 3x3x4 or 5?? reduce the 600 watt to 250 & try to […]Read More
  69. By latewood.ILGM ,01 Aug 2016
    stephen, Place them in a cool dark place or in the door of you "fridge" behind the salad dressing. :)
  70. By latewood.ILGM ,01 Aug 2016
    fishhead, You need to read up on LST or SCROG method of growing. Download and read our Free Grow Bible. Or; Join oursupprt forum. :)
  71. By tharealcoasta ,10 Sep 2016
    Hey i downloaded the bible & plant care guide, but just curious on what the support forum is and how to join, thanks
    1. By Roy ILGM ,12 Sep 2016
      Growers experienced and new come together to learn from eachother as well as from our expert grower. You can have a look around here and sign up with the top-right button.
  72. By Juana ,16 Sep 2016
    Im scared to buy seeds -_- how can i trust you sir?
    1. By Roy ILGM ,16 Sep 2016
      Hi Juana, we guarantee shipping and germination as you can read here. And you can read what other people are saying about our customer service over here. Hope to see you soon! :D
    2. By Jason Mack ,08 Dec 2016
      they trustworthy, fast and have great genes
  73. By Troy Roach ,10 Nov 2016
    Are the led grow lights worth using? Just starting my grow operation though they might use less electricity. Heard they were very good but not sure this person knows what he's talking about. Thanks
    1. By Roy ILGM ,11 Nov 2016
      Hi Troy, from what we've seen they may yield a little bit less than HPS but it's almost negligible when grown right.
  74. By Mark ,20 Nov 2016
    Just set up my grow room with a 1.5m2 x 2.4m2 x 1.8m2 tent, it's got 2 600w hps lights, an outside air source located at the bottom left hand side and a 147mm extraction vent fitted with a 24omm […]Read More
    1. By Schöneny ,04 Dec 2016
      I plan on growing with leds for the next time can you refer a cost effective one and if you have one kind goind and getting ready to flower is it unwise to add more light of a different kind? […]Read More
  75. By Mark ,20 Nov 2016
    Should of said also that I'm going to lollipop them and supercrop them as well as top them, they are on a 18hr light sequence at the moment then switching them to 12/12 hr.
  76. By latewood.ILGM ,22 Nov 2016
    Mark, Yield is not predictable unless you have an established benchmark that would be needed to make an informed guess. Otherwise; It is just a guess. The yield depends on the skill of the grower, and the methods, time, and […]Read More
  77. By JMBG ,27 Nov 2016
    What about the LED Full spectrum reflector?
  78. By Mark rigg ,30 Nov 2016
    I think I have over feed my and I am struggling to get them back will they come back or not can you tell me please
    1. By Roy ILGM ,01 Dec 2016
      Hi Mark, best get on our support forum. People there can help trying to save your plant
  79. By Lou ,28 Dec 2016
    Hi, is there any info on growing your seeds with a Miracle-Gro AeroGarden unit??
    1. By Roy ILGM ,29 Dec 2016
      Hi Lou, not on the blog but you may find someone on te forum with experience with the unit
    2. By latewood_ILGM ,16 Jan 2017
      Lou, An aero garden is not big enough to grow big marijuana plants to finish. I believe this unit was meant for growing herbs on you kitchen counter. Why don't you join us at We have an excellent support […]Read More
    3. By Todd McCurry ,07 Jul 2017
      I use one to start my seeds and it works end up with some very strong roots to start your plants with
  80. By Drew ,16 Jan 2017
    My question is about yield. When you say "an average of around 5.0 to 10 oz (21 for advanced growers) with a 600-watt HPS lamp in a grow room that measures 4 x 4 x 8 ft." is that at […]Read More
    1. By leventis ,16 Jan 2017
      Thats a good question.. I wanted to make this question but my friend here did it already...If anyone can please help us out.. what they mean with auto seeds when they say you will get 500g/m2 (they mean DRY OR […]Read More
    2. By latewood_ILGM ,16 Jan 2017
      Drew, Usually when someone tells you they yielded X" amount; It means dry
      1. By Drew ,17 Jan 2017
        Thank you, latewood_ILGM, for the quick reply.
  81. By Leventis ,16 Jan 2017
    i need also a little help if anyone can do it...i am new to practice growing.. i have been reading for more than 5 years but i didn't had the chance to fulfill my dream until now.. anyway , i […]Read More
    1. By Roy ILGM ,17 Jan 2017
      Hi Leventis, the blog isn't really set up to answer these types of questions but if you hop onto our support forum our experts can help you out there.
  82. By latewood_ILGM ,16 Jan 2017
    leve, I find that most autos take 110 days minimum to finish properly. I suggest that you join our support forum where we can all discuss your plans and give you sound advice. When you join, post an @latewood so […]Read More
  83. By latewood_ILGM ,16 Jan 2017
    Autos generally take 110-120 days to finish in my experience. I harvest by monitoring trichomes for potency. I suggest you join our support forum and we can help you bring your plan to life. Just @latewood when you get there, […]Read More
  84. By John lamb ,22 Jan 2017
    But ain't the most determining factor is the strain your growing. Some strains just don't produce as much as others do they ?
  85. By Frank Cassianna ,27 Jan 2017
    Thank you Robert, I owe my education to you.... This is the best site on the subject on the planet, I enjoy your articles and for free or a few bucks one can develop a serviceable skill. I got to […]Read More
    1. By Roy ILGM ,27 Jan 2017
      Good to hear Robert's information is helping you Frank! Happy Growing!
  86. By Daniel ,27 Jan 2017
    Hey guys. Just wondering a little more info on grow lights and room sizes. I am currently using a tent that is 800mm x 800mm x 1600mm with a 250w hps and mh globes for flower and veg. My question […]Read More
    1. By latewood_ILGM ,31 Jan 2017
      Daaniel, It is posted in the article above that the approx. range of yield for a 250w hps grow is 80-150 grams. The size of tent and plant count is moot. We shoot for a gram per watt. Most growers […]Read More
  87. By David Rhamey ,27 Jan 2017
    I grow indoors using a combination of LED and CFL lights. My 5' x 5' grow tent is lit with 2 165 watt led lights, a 250 watt CFL and a 125 watt cfl. I don't really know what I […]Read More
  88. By Mike ,11 Feb 2017
    Hi new here. I have always growing outside so new to indoor growing. My plan is to start indoors and move to outdoors with clones. Have a tent 27x27x63 inches with a mars 300.Is that enough light? Using soil I […]Read More
    1. By latewood_ILGM ,14 Feb 2017
      Mike, That is a small tent, and it will work for veggin clones. As far as mixing compost or manure with Miracle Grow; That soil might be too HOT. Be careful.
  89. By mike good ,25 Feb 2017
    Great article, especially for the newbies you are teaching, Robert. Advice like this will keep them from making all the mistakes most of us made starting out. You are really giving a lot of value with your free lessons. Wish […]Read More
    1. By Roy ILGM ,27 Feb 2017
      Thanks Mike, I'm glad we're helping out!
  90. By Dan Steen ,16 Mar 2017
    Actually more of a question. Before I found you and your site I bought a Sun System DIamond 315 watt LEC light for my 3x3 tent. I am brand new to the hobby but I am doing it because I […]Read More
  91. By latewood_ILGM ,17 Mar 2017
    Dan, Although LED lamps systems have made great strides. Many expert growers still consider HID lamp systems superior. The cost per watt is vastly different. LED lamps matched in watts are approx 5 times as expensive. As far as the […]Read More
  92. By Kb ,22 Mar 2017
    I have had good results with household led bulbs in a small grow cabinet. My box measures has 3.25sq ft of floor space (18x26inches) and 60 inches of height. I have yeilded over 5oz with 2 plants in deep water […]Read More
    1. By latewood_ILGM ,28 Mar 2017
      Hey Kb, Great stuff. Thanks for sharing.
  93. By RSB ,28 Apr 2017
    4/28/17 Hey Rob first time grower. Got autoflowers in February and by April they are blooming. I germinated & grew them indoors under 24 hour light, in Miracle grow Garden soil. When I replanted them I added used Coffee & […]Read More
    1. By Roy ILGM ,01 May 2017
      Hey RSB, that's some great work! Best hop onto our support forum. Our experts there are able to answer all these questions and more! – I❤️GM
  94. By King ,17 May 2017
    How many seeds should be placed in each container? For example one seed per bucket or two seeds per bucket and so on?
    1. By Roy ILGM ,17 May 2017
      Hey King, place one seed in each container, that way the roots stay out of eachother's way. – I❤️GM
  95. By Elaine ,05 Jun 2017
    I have 4 plants (2 different strains) in my 4x4 tent. I grow hydroponically. All plants are in a 20 gallon cooler. I have a water chiller keeping the water at a constant 70 degrees. I have a Mars II […]Read More
    1. By Money85 ,05 Jun 2017
      Hello elaine. Do you have experience with soil? Could u maybe help me out with my grow quick?
      1. By Elaine ,06 Jun 2017
        I've never grown in soil. Hydroponics is the way for me. I get bigger yields with water rather than dirt. What seems to be your problem?
  96. By Money85 ,05 Jun 2017
    Hello all, can someone please help me out with my grow? Advise, anything?
  97. By Elaine ,10 Jun 2017
    Hello Money85. I could give you some advice but I don't know what you want to know. I've been growing hydroponically for two years and I've had a few hiccups along the way. But I do learn from my mistakes […]Read More
    1. By Johnniebeebad ,07 Jul 2017
      I am a first-time grower in soil in pots outside my plants get sun from the morning from about 8 a.m. till 3 p.m. and then get little spurts through a tree after that... 4 of my plants are going […]Read More
  98. By Edward Baumbach ,07 Jul 2017
    I am having problems with getting my plants to get beyond the sprouting stag The germinated seeds grow to small plants with two to four leaves on top and then just die. I folowe the grow bible but the pants […]Read More
    1. By Roy ILGM ,07 Jul 2017
      Hi Edward, best hop onto the support forum and explain the steps you take in detail. Our expert growers there can analyse your case and will help you improve the process :D
  99. By Johnniebeebad ,07 Jul 2017
    I am a first-time grower outside in pots in soil I have five different strains co Kushage. Cinderella 99. grape Escape. sweet tooth. and Bubba Kush. Are these good strains to grow outside
    1. By latewood.ILGM ,11 Jul 2017
      Johnniebeebad, I have to smile. Imagine an old grower wanting to help you learn the things you need to know in order to grow successfully. I am smiling. Do you wan to know why? You are already outdoors and you […]Read More
  100. By BlueStu ,07 Jul 2017
    Ive just finished a Hydro Ebb and flow grow with one Royal Critical Auto Autoflowering plant. I used a 400W Led Two COB lamp. The final dry yield was 130 Gram(4 1/3 Oz). Not too shabby for a first time […]Read More
    1. By Roy ILGM ,10 Jul 2017
      Awesome story BlueStu! I know people on the grow forum love these kinds of stories, maybe you can create a grow journal one day :D
    2. By latewood_ILGM ,11 Jul 2017
      COB LED is the way to go. 4 oz from an auto" is excellent. Great job! :)
    1. By Roy ILGM ,20 Jul 2017
      Hi James, nice platform you're building with CAN! You can syndicate the article but pls give proper credit to Robert Bergman including link back to the original content.
  101. By Jim Bates ,15 Sep 2017
    Thanx Robert this is the most awesome free growing website That I've ever seen I suggest it to all first time growers. Listen I've been doing this for 15 years and still downloaded this free growers bible E-book I love […]Read More
  102. By ChrisDawg ,01 Oct 2017
    I've been killing it with LED lights! It's the way to go!!!! The problem is all LED lights aren't created equal. The ones that work have red only for flower and blue spectrum only for flower;dont use mixed spectrum. Think […]Read More
    1. By ChrisDawg ,01 Oct 2017
      ***Correction: RED LIGHTS FOR VEG AND BLUE FOR FLOWER. Happy growing!
  103. By ChrisDawg ,01 Oct 2017
    Ok, so I'm retarded. I reread my post and obviously red and blue doesn't make green but the red,white,and blue lights mix the spectrum so you do get green light from it. The specs mix all the way down the […]Read More
    1. By Dave ,08 Oct 2017
      Red and Blue make Purple. The only Green is your plant. Not to mention that Blue is more vegitation, and Red is for your flowers. Your success is a miracle.
    2. By latewood_ILGM ,10 Nov 2017
      ChrisDawg and Dave, Full spectrum lights are the best spectrum and being proven everyday. Yes Blue MH HID is generally used for Veg and Red HPS HID in flower. HOwever; Higher terpine levels, and THC% Using Metal Halide or Full […]Read More
  104. By tom ,13 Oct 2017
    hi this is the first time i have ever been here i have searched other sites but this one has already taught me alot i have grown out doors twice first time they had buded but got blown over so […]Read More
    1. By latewood_ILGM ,10 Nov 2017
      Hey Tom, You can get some excellent guidance; Here:
  105. By Newfie ,08 Nov 2017
    Is it possible to do a large Scrog, out doors, using natural light. Seems it would be fun to try. Wonderful website. Thank you
    1. By latewood_ILGM ,10 Nov 2017
      Newfie, Of course you can. Although most growers do not find it necessary due to having unlimited light; You could SCROG outdoors if you want to build it and work it. :)
  106. By Geoff ,28 Nov 2017
    I reckon the "scrog" method is great outdoors, since it's possible (and desirable) to keep the growth with as low a profile as possible. One plant with the branches pinned down as they grow is a lot safer than simply […]Read More
    1. By latewood_ILGM ,11 Jan 2018
      SCROG is great technique Indoors or Outdoors. Most indoor growers using grow tents use SCROG for their grows. It is definitely not an outfoor only method. Peace
  107. By Anthony Murray ,02 Jan 2018
    Gday Robert, I'm planning my first crop but just plan to stick a few plants in pots in my lounge room without getting a setup, is this a good idea?
    1. By latewood_ILGM ,11 Jan 2018
      Anthony, What do you mean; Without getting a set up? If you put nothing into your grow, then you can expect as much return. Temper your yirld unless you plan on doing it right. God luck :) Perhaps you should […]Read More
  108. By Xandy ,23 Jan 2018
    Hey, I was wondering if clones need to be a certain distance apart from each other when growing outdoors. If so, how far apart should I plant them?
    1. By latewood_ILGM ,26 Jan 2018
      The distance between plants is determined by the grow method, and size of clone when added tot eh garden. As a general answer with little input to go on, I suggest 3-5' apart.
  109. By Charles Gray ,07 Feb 2018
    I started off with 2 large plant pots and got about 1/2oz max. Then I got a mega bag from sports direct and planted one plant and got 3oz.I recycle the compost to.
  110. By Marc Ferraro ,03 Mar 2018
    Sorry Robert. You are focusing Too Much on the larger indoor grower. I have two plants that I grow in my basement. I don't have 400 - 1000 WATT grow lamps nor can I afford all these set ups you […]Read More
    1. By Stacy ILGM ,05 Mar 2018
      Thanks for your feedback! We do have some articles for smaller growers, like this one: We also have some articles about setting up a small grow room/closet or cabinet! :)
  111. By Robert Young ,13 Apr 2018
    this is my first time to grow I am having a lot of problems out of 9 different plants I have germinated the seeds fine planted them had the seedlings come up the stems are so small they cant even […]Read More
    1. By Harley Grower ,20 Jun 2018
      I'm a first time grower, 800w cob led, living soil from roots organics, fertilized with only Papa's perfect poop. Nitrogen gains were with white dutch clover. Would love to send pics.
  112. By Robert Young ,13 Apr 2018
    another question when you harvest your plant you only talk about buds can you also harvest the leaves and smoke them or is it only the buds???
    1. By latewood_ILGM ,20 Apr 2018
      Robert Young, First; IN order for us to help you; We need you to join our support forum. The instruction you need is beyond the scope of a Blog comment, so I invite you tro join us here for expert […]Read More
  113. By Anonymous User ,15 Apr 2018
    Hello, i am planning on growing some 'Black Widow' and just wanting some feedback please. These are the following equipment that i will be using. - How much yield can i expect? 1. Grow Tent - 120cm W x 120cm […]Read More
    1. By latewood_ILGM ,20 Apr 2018
      Anonymous User, No one can truly guess what your yield will be. There are so many variables that go into growing high yields. First; Experience. Learning how the plant reacts to your methods will help you grow stronger higher yielding […]Read More
  114. By K Erickson ,19 Apr 2018
    The questions below will sound like questions with obvious answers. But within my circle there are different interpretations of your yield comments. I know yields can vary. But for the questions below let’s use your proxy yield of 25 ounces […]Read More
    1. By latewood_ILGM ,20 Apr 2018
      K Erickson, 25 oz. per plant could only be accomplished outdoors. Indoors it would take a high level high $$$ grow to make that. Top yield indoors as a benchmark is a LB. Most indoor growers may acheive 5 oz. […]Read More
  115. By Jamie ,01 May 2018
    I bought the autoflower mixpack that has the Amnesia Haze auto, the Blueberry auto, and the Northern Lights auto. I plan on planting them in pots with high quality soil. I was wondering about how much yield I can expect […]Read More
    1. By latewood_ILGM ,03 May 2018
      Jamie, No one can predict what you will yield. I can tell you this. Auto flowers yield less than feminized or feminized seeds. Much less. Happy growing
  116. By scott sarli ,03 May 2018
    I just grew a blue rino under a '600,it looked close to you pics.been doing it a long ,have a card.I'm 60.I got 6.5 of beautiful nugs. no small shit.I dont't buy getting a lb out of a 4x4 tent,just […]Read More
    1. By latewood_ILGM ,03 May 2018
      scott sarli, I am sorry to say you are incorrect. Wn experienced grower can get over aLB. in a 4x4' tent. In fact; I once got 1.5 LB. from 2 Gold Leaf plants in a 4x4' space. Now; One might […]Read More
  117. By Dean Wood ,03 May 2018
    I have a 2.5ft tent running 2 x 250watt HPS light over a 4 clone scrogg, skunk #1 how close to 1 pound of weed will I get??
    1. By latewood_ILGM ,03 May 2018
      Dean Wood, Yield is directly proportional to experience, grow methods, and maintaining a healthy environment. With that said; I cannot predict how well your grow will go. That is a small tent and maybe you will be able to fit […]Read More
  118. By Andy K ,20 May 2018
    I have a 2000w led light.. do you think its a good light for growing indoor.. i have a green room of 4x4. Can you guide me about at what distance I should keep the light from the plants..
  119. By Dale P ,30 May 2018
    1st time grow...using 300 watt led in a 2x4x5 tent. I have one set up for vegetative and another for seedlings/early vegetative plants. Currently, I am growing 2 orange og in separate bushel laundry baskets. One is in fox farm […]Read More
  120. By latewood_ILGM ,06 Jun 2018
    Dale, 24/7 is a bad idea. I am surprised you learned that at ILGM forum. The plant needs rest. Expert growers never use 24/7. I personally use anywhere from 14/10-18-6 depending on the experiment but, never over 20 hours of […]Read More
  121. By pbiddah ,28 Jun 2018
    so far learning a lot and enjoying reading everything ILGM has to offer as I am beginning to start my own journey. Quick question, i'm looking at getting a tent big enough to grow 4 babies, using 4 600w hps […]Read More
  122. By Jamie ,28 Jun 2018
    so far learning a lot about what it takes and what you need etc for a successful grow and loving all the information ILGM has. Quick question; I'm wanting to maximise yields growing 4 singles (want to try achieve 1pb+ […]Read More
    1. By latewood_ILGM ,02 Jul 2018
      Jamie, You need a 7' foot tent. You need air and air flow. 1 -2 plants in a 4'x4'x7' ternt would probably fill it. 1 600 for this size tent. I advise you to join and start learning from […]Read More
  123. By Pam ,25 Jul 2018
    I want to grow a personal amount on my tiny deck, in Missouri. I want Jack Herer and Harlequin. Is this even possible? Can you please reply via email?? TYVM!
      1. By Art Crowmonger ,18 Nov 2018
        Back in the 1970's a friend and I grew a Colombian gold plant in the los angeles national forest. It was 12" tall and produced six and a half pounds of sensimilla!
  124. By B ,09 Sep 2018
    Whats the average amount you get your first harvest per plant if you're growing indoors any advice because im wanting to get a dealzer grandma secret grow box that grows nine but im gonna grow just give any advice?
  125. By Joey Marsh ,12 Sep 2018
    Where did you find that SCROG screen? I want that one.
  126. By Darius Ramsey ,13 Sep 2018
    For some reason i cant download the book, please help
    1. By Stacy ILGM ,13 Sep 2018
      You can get the PDF file here: If you still have trouble receiving the bible, please get in contact with our customer support team and we will help you out!
  127. By Marc Briggs ,29 Sep 2018
    1st time grower and doing everything natural , no growing lights or special nutrition , how much should I expect
    1. By latewood_ILGM ,04 Oct 2018
      Marc Briggs, Not much...Sorry :( You get out of a grow what you put into it. Happy growing
  128. By Timothy ,13 Oct 2018
    1st timer, can you tell me how long seeds are viable before unable to germinate?
    1. By Stacy ILGM ,15 Oct 2018
      As long as you keep them cold, dark and dry the seeds will be viable indefinitely :) We've heard of seeds laying in a corner for years that still popped up! We do advise to use them within 12 months […]Read More
  129. By Lou the derelict ,24 Oct 2018
    Hi Lou aka the derelict here ? I'm wondering what properties the male plant adds to a strain when crossed reason I ask is that I crossed a sativa with female kush kush l now have two females growing 1 […]Read More
  130. By rick kusterer ,28 Oct 2018
    started germ. seeds will not sink so far 0-10 in paper towel at 75 degree temp 48 hours nothing!!!! other seed co 25-25 hit. whats wrong with yours WHITE WIDOW FEM AUTO
  131. By Trevion D. Beck ,01 Dec 2018
    Just curious. Not sure if it was heavily mentioned we can't forget strain and genetics also make up for a large majority of the harvest/yields. For example no special lights, spacing, nutrients, training techniques, Co2, etc matters if the genetics/strain […]Read More
  132. By Jeff ,05 Dec 2018
    Robert, thanks for thw books, forums and support you have I am a new customer just completed my first purchase from you yesterday. However I am not new to growing two years ago I was forced into retirement for health […]Read More
  133. By donna ,05 Dec 2018
    Thank you about Scroggins, I planted outside for my first time growing this past spring, guess what happen to them when they reached ten feet tall yup some stole them. All summer I kept saying there has to be a […]Read More
  134. By Denise ,11 Jan 2019
    Great piece with great, crisp and concise, easy to read and understand while still chalk full of facts and information. Thank You
  135. By john ,12 Jan 2019
    Great article very knowledgeable for beginners and Pros
  136. By Paul Henry ,16 Jan 2019
    I have a grow space of 3.3 X 3.5 X 8 Foot & 600watt HID Light and Ballast. I Intended to grow just one plant. I will be following the advice in Your Various And excellent posts. I'm an absolute […]Read More
  137. By peter ,30 Jan 2019
    robert can i add your link to my website it is very Informative And exactly what i need to educate my clients
  138. By Jim ,22 Feb 2019
    I have a ? about lighting. I am currently growing auto flowering Feminized plants. I'm using a 600 W HPS. How far above the plants should the lght be? Also, I'm using a 2: X 2 x6 Tent
  139. By Larry ,18 May 2019
    I love this site !!! So much us Info!
  140. By Mike ,29 Jun 2019
    Plants are two weeks old one sativa the other is hybrid sativa/indica. In 2x2x5.5 tent using LED 600w using fox farms happy frog and ocean forest potting soil, growth rate is good maybe top them to training them next week
  141. By Ed ,03 Aug 2019
    Hi Are are two 300 watt led lights as good as a single 600 watt light?
  142. By latewood ILGM ,05 Aug 2019
    JIM, MIKE, ED, I Suggest You Go Here: Support.Ilovegrowingmarijuana.Com Our Members And Staff Can Help Give You Informed Advice. We Have A Lot Of Topics That You Can Research.
  143. By Beverley ,06 Aug 2019
    Hi I have a plant that has grown only 30 inches tall and it looks like seeds it does not have buds. Can you tell me what it is. I have no name for the plant.If you need pics I […]Read More
  144. By Kevin ,16 Aug 2019
    Robert I just bought a black dog 1,000 watt led grow light and I have to say these plants are beast! Of course there your seeds! I will send pics around harvest...
  145. By Michael Laird ,10 Feb 2020
    How are you measuring yield? Dried trimmed buds, wet untrimmed buds, or some other way. It just appears your #'s are high. Thank you.
  146. By Abe ,11 Feb 2020
    HPS is old news, along with whatever BLURPLE LED you were Comparing hps to. New Samsung diodes on Quantum Boards produce better yield than hps per watt. Im sure cobbs arent bad either but i have no exp with them. […]Read More
  147. By Jeremiah ,12 Apr 2020
    Under a "400" watt led I have had 3 runs. 1 st run had no environment problems and was sea of green almost 12 oz in a 36x36. Second run and 3rd run had environmental problems. 2and run got chopped […]Read More
  148. By Corey ,22 Apr 2020
    "Growing 5 marijuana plants in a 2×2 foot grow tent with 2x100watt CFL will cost you around $1000 per year." .I ran 6 100 watt cfls in a 8 x 6 and it cost me 12 dollars a month. How […]Read More
  149. By Best Grow Room Temperature For Marijuana Plants (According To Science) ,29 Apr 2020
    […] the temperature drops below 60°F (15°C) during the dark period, plants will grow more slowly, and yields will not be as abundant. This won’t be readily apparent if you aren’t particularly familiar […]
  150. By Johnny ,10 May 2020
    I just started growing and I want to know how much my plant will produce
  151. By Britney ,22 Jul 2020
    I’m growing using LED lights in a grow tent. Originally I purchased HPS lighting however it caused the temperature in the tent to be too extreme. Any suggestions for that?? I dnt want my yield to suffer because of the […]Read More
  152. By Samuel Jo ,01 Oct 2020
    This is a life saving article for people like me who's interested in growing cannabis. Thank you. [ ]
  153. By Rob B ,01 Nov 2020
    All grown using your guides with LED lights, yields vary depending how long I stay in the veg stage 5 week average.
  154. By Scott kojo ,22 Jan 2021
    Hi, can a seed from a grower germinate or the sold seeds are special? I'm Scott- Ghana
  155. By Mick ,07 Feb 2021
    Hi just want to let you know I have received my goods iv got 4 good sprouts
  156. By Leo ,15 Apr 2021
    300 watt LED? Are you joking? If you are not using 2000 watt or above you do not know what you're doing.
  157. By Brandon ,15 May 2021
    My led is yeailding a lot and I know my other friend is getting a pound of a plant on led and electric bill is way cheaper no cooling for the lights more room to grow taller .check out black […]Read More

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