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Erez is a unique strain, in spite of a little confusion on some of its traits. Developed by an Israeli company, the intention of creating this hybrid is clear. It is not to induce a cerebral high while having a high CBD for medical use.

For now, it is clear too that this strain is proprietary. In other words, the company behind it has not made seeds available. Furthermore, they only provided vague details. Of course, it is understandable that there are specific details they have to keep in-house.

Tikun Olam is the name of the company behind Erez. In Hebrew, it means “Repair the World,” and that is their core mission. For more than a decade, they have also conducted scientific research on the use of cannabis in treating diseases. One of their first significant contributions is a strain named Avidekel. Acknowledged as the first of its kind, this cannabis that has negligible THC while having a very high CBD. It has been used in the treatment of epilepsy and quite successfully too.

Unfortunately, in the case of Erez, they have not disclosed its genetic lineage. As much as it would be a great addition to the line of Avidekel, Erez does come with some 20% THC content. As such, it will exert psychoactive effects on its users. Not that it is a bad thing because its Indica side delivers incredible benefits to medical users.

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    Information about Erez:

    EFFECTSRelaxed – 10
    Happy – 7
    Sleepy – 4
    Euphoric – 4
    Tingly – 3
    Dry eyes – 10
    Dizzy – 1
    FLAVORSHerbal, chemical, berry, blueberry, spicy
    MEDICALPain – 10
    Depression – 10
    Stress – 7
    Nausea – 6
    Insomnia – 5
    THC CONTENT %19% to 24%
    CBD %1%
    INDICA / SATIVA %70%/30%
    INDOOR YIELD12 to 16 ounces per square meter
    OUTDOOR YIELD12 ounces or less per plant
    CLIMATEMediterranean climate

    * 10 is the highest
    * 1 is the lowest


    One of the goals in developing Erez is a cannabis that can help put people to sleep. It is not the same as many other Indica-dominant strains though. In most cases, the others can cause either a hazy mind or an overwhelming cerebral high. The idea here is that even with a high THC content, it does not cause any effects that are not conducive to deep slumber. In other words, there should be less of the psychoactive effects.

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    To that, the company has done a remarkable job. Users of Erez describes its effects as smooth and gentle. A tingling sensation sweeps into the body which, in turn, helps uplift the mood. Although possible that some may feel euphoric, most end up feeling more cheerful.

    Erez Effects
    Erez Effects – Image powered by

    But the most significant benefit of using Erez is in the way it induces body relaxation without the numbing buzz. It does not seem to cause people to feel lethargic too. More important, its Sativa effects do not cause mental confusion.

    Erez does not make people hyperactive, both mentally and physically. Instead, users tend to feel relaxed in a soothing way that is conducive to sleeping.


    Most people should find Erez unassuming yet pleasant. There are none of the weird concoctions. The odor it emits is reminiscent of an herbal scent which, in itself, sets the tone for an aromatherapy like experience.


    Like how it smells, Erez has a pleasant flavor with a twist. On top of its herbal base, a note of blueberry enhances it. Also, the lingering spicy note as one exhales makes it smooth to use.

    Adverse Reaction

    Even if the strain was meant for medical use and a lot of effort was put into having less of the psychoactive effects, it is still cannabis. Hence, dry mouth and eyes are adverse reactions that one can expect with its use.

    Erez Adverse Reaction
    Erez Adverse Reaction – Image powered by

    Considering its medical benefits, these are little prices to pay in exchange for the comfort it provides. In fact, most people who use it in moderation is not even likely to feel these effects.

    Perhaps one other possible effects that a few people may experience is dizziness. In this case, it is dependent on individual tolerance. Even using only a small amount may be enough to cause some people to feel dizzy.

    Other than the side effects mentioned above, there is nothing else of note to be concerned with the use of Erez.

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    Where Erez excels in its use is the medical benefits it provides. The primary goal of using this strain is as an aid to getting quality sleep. Although many other strains can do the same thing, it is hard to argue against Erez in the gentle manner in which this hybrid does it.

    Before falling asleep, there are also other benefits. For instance, because users feel relax and happy, it follows that it helps in reducing or eliminating stress. It then also follows that such effects can help people manage depression better.

    Erez Medical
    Erez Medical – Image powered by

    Even though it does not overwhelm the body with a numbing sedative-like effect, Erez can also help with pain relief. Patients who have arthritis, as well as other pains and aches, can appreciate the comfort it brings.

    Finally, Erez helps give comfort to people with gastrointestinal disorders including nausea.

    Erez, when it comes to medicinal benefits, is hard to beat. Tikun Olam has done a splendid job in breeding this unique strain that justifies the legalization of cannabis use, especially among medical users.

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      Erez is a proprietary strain and is not available in seed form or cloning. As such, the closest one can get the flowers processed for using already.

      However, we can almost imagine how the company grows this strain in their state-of-the-art facility. It is likely grown in a greenhouse, an environment where it was specifically designed to thrive in best.

      Flowering Time


      If this plant is available in the market, the chances are high that it has a flowering time that is typical of its kind that falls between 7 to 9 weeks. Most likely, too, it has a yield of 12 to 16 ounces per square meter.


      Because it is a proprietary strain bred for medical use and not meant for cultivation by individuals, making Erez thrive outdoor is not likely to be a priority during its development. Still, it is a plant, and it will probably grow in a Mediterranean climate. However, the yield outdoor is likely to be much lower 12 ounces.

      Have you ever smoked or grown your own Erez? Please let me know what you think about this marijuana strain in the comments below.


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        1. Hello I am a very big fan of Erez because I have Crohn’s disease. I have experienced nothing but bloating which causes a lot of pain. Well on the VidaCann website they said it was perfect for Crohn’s, so I tried i. I smoked it in a blunt and I swear to you I could of cried because I actually felt Normal. Bloating went COMPLETELY AWAY. Im just very disappointed because Its no longer available. I really wish it was more available because I could surely use it now. As my symptoms are returning. Thank you for tour discovery .