K2 Indoor – Marijuana Strain Review

Bred from the famed White Widow strain of marijuana, K2 is one of the most popular and well-known strands around the world. It often gets mistaken for a synthetic variety of marijuana that has “spray-on” THC, but, if you get legitimate K2 marijuana seeds, it’s the real deal. When it comes to “white” varieties, K2 is one of the easiest to cultivate, making it ideal for new growers. Obviously, if you’re looking to get your feet, K2 might be the best option for you.

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K2 smoking effects

K2 Bud

K2 is known for really kicking into gear within the first few puffs. Its sativa-dominant background means that you’re going to get a nice heady high that kind of clears your mind of any negative thoughts. It tends to be a very strong high, but it doesn’t leave you with any ill effects when the high has passed. While smoking, you’ll notice a subtle fruity taste and aroma that lingers. There is also just the right amount of skunk in the scent to make it perfect for any kind of smoker.

K2 plant features

K2 plant features

The K2 plant tends to be on the smaller side in terms of girth, meaning that it works very well in indoor gardens. This is part of the reason why many people say it’s ideal for beginners. The buds tend to be hard and well-formed, and the plants themselves are often white in color. The flowers are particularly white and the amount of THC crystals on the plant tends to emphasize that paleness.

Even though the plants are considered rather small, they still produce a lot in terms of yield. You can expect up to 18 ounces of usable weed per 10 square feet. The plants can grow as tall as 60 inches, but, for the most part they will stay down near 40 inches or lower. The smell of the plants themselves is generally one with fruity and citrusy overtones. It takes about 8 or 9 weeks for them to flower entirely at which point they will be ready to harvest. K2 marijuana seeds that are feminized are also available for purchase.

K2 medicinal use

K2 medicinal use

Pain relief is one of the major indications for the K2 strain. Muscle tension is the most frequent reason that medicinal users smoke K2. Because of the ultimately relaxing nature of the strain, K2 has also been used to treat anxiety and insomnia with some effectiveness. Read more about indoor K2 marijuana seeds or one of our other strains.

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