K2 Outdoor – Marijuana Strain Review

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Although this strain of marijuana is generally confused with synthetic, non-natural, fake marijuana version, it is actually real. You can certainly find some high-quality K2 marijuana seeds. It’s one of the easiest strains to cultivate and makes sense for those just starting out. It’s also a rather common strain of marijuana that you’ll find in many locations throughout the world. Still, it produces some of the best highs that money can buy.

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    K2 smoking effects

    K2 outdoor grow smoking effects

    As a sativa-dominant hybrid, the effects of the smoke are naturally going to be quite cerebral. With K2, the high comes on really strong and hits you with a quick spacey high. It has a mostly unobtrusive fruity taste and aroma that is lightly tinged with some skunk undertones. Again, it doesn’t take that much to get you feeling blissed with K2. Perhaps the best thing about this particular strain, however, is that it will not leave you with any kind of hangover. So, you can kind of smoke it to heart’s content.

    K2 plant features

    K2 outdoor grow plant features

    K2 counts the White Widow strain as one of its forebears, so, naturally, the flowers that K2 produces are white. In fact, a lot of the plant tends to be white. Another defining feature of the K2 strain is that it is relatively compact in size. This is ideal for outdoor gardeners who want to limit the space their plants take up. The buds are hard and compact and ideal for smoking. The plant itself releases a fruity, almost citrusy aroma.

    Although the plant is technically small, it can still reach middling heights of around 40 to 60 inches. They are covered with an 18% THC level, and you can expect about 18 ounces of bud from each plant. Flowering takes about 8 to 9 weeks and you generally harvest in the month of October. Feminized K2 marijuana seeds are also available for those wanting more female plants.

    K2 medicinal use

    K2 outdoor grow medicinal use

    K2 has several different uses in the medicinal world. First of all, it’s ideal for relieving pain associated with muscle tension or other issues. It also works well as an anti-anxiety medication because of the relaxed state that it can put you in. That relaxed state is also solid for treating insomnia. The fact that it doesn’t leave you with any after effects is also a plus if you’re looking for relief for any of these issues. Read more about outdoor K2 marijuana seeds or one of our other strains.

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