Super Skunk outdoor – marijuana strain review

Super Skunk is for fans of Skunk that just couldn’t get enough. It’s obviously an indica-dominant strain that is one of the most common varieties throughout the world. Many people have tried Super Skunk whether they realize it or not. Super Skunk marijuana seeds are certainly prized possessions for any grower and they are well worth their weight in gold. Indeed, there’s a reason why Super Skunk has consistently won awards at cannabis festivals around the globe.

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Super Skunk smoking effects

Super Skunk outdoor grow smoking effects

One of the most obvious things about Super Skunk is its aromatic, skunky aromas. You’ll catch the smell before you even start smoking. It’s often described as a very heavy high that can produce couch-lock in some of its users. But, the slight sativa characteristics also provide a clear-headedness that makes it less introspective than you might imagine. So, you might feel lazier, but you’ll also feel more talkative or willing to engage. It is one of the most pleasant, relaxing experiences that you can have with a strain of marijuana.

Super Skunk plant features

Super Skunk outdoor grow plant features

Super Skunk is quite famous for its distinctive aroma. Just brushing the plants will produce a sort of contact high in some people. The smell effuses through the garden, which can sometimes be a bad thing. Your garden should definitely be placed downwind from any potential human sniffers. The plant maintains a light green color with small brown hairs on the buds. The stems and branches are sturdy in order to hold up the weight of the thick buds.

Super Skunk marijuana seeds will produce short plants, rarely gaining heights above 40 inches. They will flower in 7 to 9 weeks and be ready for harvest in October. The yield is relatively high for such a small plant. Indeed, you can expect around 21 ounces of usable weed per plant. In addition, the THC content sits at around 21%, so you know you’re going to get a unique high. You can also use feminized seeds to get the most out of your crop.

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Super Skunk medicinal use

Super Skunk medicinal use

The heavy nature of the buzz that Super Skunk produces makes it ideal for those suffering from insomnia. Indeed, it’s almost impossible not to doze off when you’ve just smoked some Super Skunk. The relaxing nature of the plant also makes it good for headaches or cramps of any kind. It’s also known to produce munchies in those who are struggling with appetite loss. Read more about outdoor Super Skunk marijuana seeds or one of our other strains.

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7 comments on “Super Skunk outdoor – marijuana strain review”

  1. I planted 2 ilgm super skunks temps reaching 115 degrees for close to three weeks in California 1 died the other thrived super dark green about four feet tall every branch just loaded with frosty buds and I mean every branch super excited for outcome beginner grower third grow

  2. I have three of these outside in my garden. I only planted them five weeks ago and they are at least forty inches already. I hope I see flowers before the month (it’s August) is out.

  3. I am growing Super Skunk outdoors this year and they’ve been growing since mid March started indoors moved outside early April have 7 plants total they all are right around 6 foot tall and super bushy most of the information about this strain say they don’t grow over 50 inches so I’m interested in seeing how much taller they will get

  4. Just checked on my superskunk seeds that I planted 4 days ago now I have all 5 of my girls going outside and it’s the 11th of march.I am in s.calif and they are reaching for the sky and very healthy I do expect them to do very well in my back yard I can watch out for my baby’s at all times….
    Thanks I.L.G.M. for the seeds and will be getting more soon…..

  5. My Super Skunk was planted in early June this year, around the 8th– and she is 5’9” at this time and the top kola is 18 inches long so far. Last year I had two of them that got 9-10 feet tall outside so… ENJOY!!!

  6. I have one super skunk plant growing outdoors and it is already 40 inches tall and it’s only June 27th. At this rate I expect it will be over 8 feet tall before it’s ready for harvest at the end of September.