Melon Gum Strain

Melon Gum has an unassuming name in that it is harmless and suggestive of a kiddie treat. In a way, it is true because of its sweet and fruity taste except for one thing. It is not chewable, but something one can smoke. Unlike confectionaries, it does not only delight the palate but more so the mind and the body.

Dr. Underground Seeds, the breeder, wanted a plant that is not only beautiful but also fragrant. Furthermore, it should also have a delightful flavor. To do that, they picked two hybrids that have the traits they thought was the most ideal.

First is a male Lavender from Soma Seeds. Beautiful, fragrant, and most of all, it delivers a very nice body high. Dr. Underground then paired it with a female Bubble Gum from Serious Seeds. A very accomplished hybrid, the former two-time Cannabis Cup winner also boast of a delightful scent as well as balanced mental and physical high.

It appears though, in the beginning, that the offspring was not as good as it was thought out to be. Through succeeding development and possibly by backcrossing it to Lavender, Dr. Underground finally produced a hybrid that has the best traits of its predecessors.

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Melon Gum weed strain attributes:
ORIGINLavender x Bubble Gum
EFFECTSRelaxed – 10
Happy – 10
Relaxed – 10
Aroused – 8
Creative – 1
Euphoric – 1
Dry mouth – 10
Dizzy – 1
Dry eyes – 1
Paranoid – 1
Anxious – 1
FRAGRANCEFruity, sweet, bubble gum, strawberry
FLAVORSMelon, lemon, strawberry
MEDICALStress – 10
Stress – 10
Eye pressure – 10
Depression – 9
Pain – 9
Nausea – 8
THC CONTENT %15% to 23%
INDICA / SATIVA %70%/30%
INDOOR YIELD21 to 28 ounces per square meter
OUTDOOR YIELD35 ounces or more per plant
CLIMATEWarm climate
GROWTH LEVELSome experience needed

* 10 is the highest
* 1 is the lowest


Having such fragrant and fruity scent can be disarming. Beneath the aesthetics, the true nature of Melon Gum lurks – all 23% THC of it. With these much, it is indeed a very potent hybrid.

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At its onset, it takes a few minutes to creep into the mind. Once it does, it begins with a euphoric rush that sends users to the land of joy. Feeling upbeat, users often have a clear mind with a keen sense of focus. Melon Gum also promotes creative thinking.

Melon Gum Effects

As the physical effects begin to take over the body, most users feel a warm sensation followed by tension leaving. Used in moderation, most people also find themselves highly aroused. No doubt, this is one of the rare strains that enhances bedroom activity.

As mentioned, it takes a while before the full effects of Melon Gum manifest. As such, some people may misjudge its potency. Use a little too much, and it delivers a sedating body high which often leads to a couch-lock. With that, all the best-laid plans in the bedroom are likely to result in nothing more than visiting dreamland.


Melon Gum features a strong fruity and sweet fragrance, with an undertone of gum and strawberry. Cannabis users who have a sweet tooth on tasty strains should add this to their collection.


This hybrid is as tasteful as its smell is inviting. With its flavor profile of melon, strawberry, and a zesty lemon taste, Melon Gum can be considered a borderline dessert in the cannabis community.

Adverse Reaction

Unfortunately, consuming the strain comes with some possibly uncomfortable side effects such as dry mouth and dry eyes. However, these symptoms gradually vanish during the comedown. In some instances, it can cause lightheadedness and dizziness; this is especially true for people who are new to smoking weed.

 Melon Gum Adverse Reaction

It is also possible for a few people to feel anxious or paranoid. Presumably, the likelihood increases as one use more than moderate.


The stimulating cerebral high coupled with intensely relaxing body effects play a role in melting away stress. Consequently, it allows people with depression manage their condition better.

It has anti-inflammatory properties that help in soothing tired and aching muscles. Besides promoting relaxation, it also helps in pain relief. It has also been shown to be useful in helping people deal with gastrointestinal problems such as nausea.

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Melon Gum is a quick flowering strain that can produce beautiful hues of blue, red, and black. Its sticky white blobs of resin are indicative of a heavy-yielding strain whether grown indoors or outdoors.

Melon Gum Growing

The hybrid can grow very tall. However, it is not resistant to molds, fungi, and diseases. Hence, it is best suitable for cultivation by growers who already have the rudimentary knowledge and skills.

Melon Gum is a commercial growers’ dream in that it is such a beautiful strain with exceptional effects. More important, it is a voracious producer of buds.

Flowering Time


Indoors, the strain has a fast flowering period of 7 to 8 weeks. Once it is ready, the expected yield is around 21 to 28 ounces for each square meter.


Typically grown in a warm climate, growers can expose the plant to 10 degrees cooler temperature before it starts flowering. That is to induce a chemical reaction that results in purple hues. It flowers between September to October with each plant producing up to 35 ounces.

Have you ever smoked or grown your own Melon Gum? Please let me know what you think about this marijuana strain in the comments below.


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