Neptune Kush Strain

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Neptune Kush is a 100% pew or Indica strain that is used both recreationally and medicinally. This plants effectivity is likely to have been inherited from the OG Kush family, serving as an ideal strain to be consumed at night, creating a soothing and healing high.

Neptune Kush is a pure Indica strain with somewhat mysterious roots. This rare hybrid has a strong earthy scent and comes in a dark green Color with chunky spots of crystals all over it. Connoisseurs are big fans of this hard to get Indica, for its relaxing effects and its exclusivity in availability.

This plant’s exact parentage is unknown due to breeders secrecy, but it is said that it is a direct descendent of the OG Kush family. Neptune Kush will keep you completely sedated and lull you into sleep if you continue to smoke it in high doses, serving also as a powerful stress reliever.

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    Information about Neptune Kush:

    EFFECTSrelaxed – 10
    uplifted – 9
    happy – 5
    hungry – 5
    sleepy – 5
    dry eyes – 2
    headache – 2
    paranoid – 1
    dizzy – 1
    FRAGRANCEearthy, pungent, skunky, spicy
    FLAVORScitrus, pine, honey, apple, spicy, sweet, tea
    MEDICALdepression – 10
    insomnia – 9
    stress – 4
    pain – 2
    lack of appetite – 1
    THC CONTENT %17%-19%
    CBD %1%
    INDICA / SATIVA %0%/100%
    INDOOR YIELD10oz/ m2
    OUTDOOR YIELD13oz/ plant
    CLIMATEwarm and dry outdoor climate
    RESISTANCE TO DISEASEresistant to common molds and mildew

    * 10 is the highest
    * 1 is the lowest


    Neptune Kush is extremely relaxing and once you have tasted it, you are likely to crave it in the evenings when you need extra help feeling more relaxed. You will want to kick back and release all of the things that I have waited you down throughout your day, prepping you for a good night’s rest.

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    This strain Will lift up your mood and you find year negativity disappearing and your self feeling uplifted and elated. Neptune Kush is perfect for sharing with your friends or any good company around you, as the good mood and good vibes will feel infectious, triggering fits of laughter among everybody.

    Neptune Kush Effects
    Neptune Kush Effects – Image powered by

    Neptune Kush can eventually make you feel hungry, so you should prepare for the oncoming of the munchies with your favorite snacks. Should you need any help falling asleep at night, this strain can help you solve that problem, rocking you gently into slumber, each time.


    Neptune Kush hasn’t sent that is extremely earthy and invigorating in nature. As soon as you come within its vicinity call my you will sends a pungent aroma marked with spices, making your nose tickle. This strain is quite skunky, and its aroma will be difficult to hide.


    Neptune Kush has a flavor that you want soon forget. It’s unique mix of hints of citrus and sweet pine will make your mouth water, and make you want more. This strain taste like honey and apples on the inhale, well on the exhale you will detect a sweet and spicy tea flavor in its smoke.

    Adverse Reaction

    Neptune Kush can be quite strong, and can display some side effects, especially in those were not used to smoking pure Indicas. However, you’re most likely to end up feeling slightly dry mouthed, with your eyes feeling dry and itchy as well.

    Neptune Kush Adverse Reaction
    Neptune Kush Adverse Reaction – Image powered by

    Other adverse reactions to the strain may include a mild headache at times, and even the possibility of feeling a slight paranoid sensation, although this is quite rare. Neptune Kush can also make you feel a little bit dizzy at times, especially if you forget to rehydrate.


    Neptune Kush is a useful medical strain that is often recommended for the treatment of mental health issues. It is very effective in treating depression, and can help the patient feel relieved of their usual worries is and negative thoughts, that may be haunting them regularly.

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    If you suffer from chronic insomnia, consuming this particular strain may help you reduce its symptoms. Neptune Kush can make you feel less jittery and less prone to overthinking, allowing you to slowly sink into a state of relaxation, which can then lead you to sleep.

    Neptune Kush Medical
    Neptune Kush Medical – Image powered by

    Neptune Kush is widely recommended for the treatment of chronic stress, as well as hard to manage pain. If you suffer from lack of appetite as an after effect of chemical treatments, you can help regain it by consuming this potent strain, which is known for inducing the munchies.

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      Neptune Kush is a strain that can be relatively easy to cultivate, even for novice growers. This plan takes an average amount of time to finish flowering and can thrive both in indoor and outdoor environments.

      Flowering Time


      Neptune Kush grown indoors can be expected to yield an estimated 10 ounces per square meter planted. This strain takes around 8 to 9 weeks to finish flowering and be ready for harvest.


      Neptune Kush grown outdoors should yield around 13 ounces per plan during harvest. This plant can be expected to finish flowering by the middle of October, which is when it will be ready to be harvested.

      Have you ever smoked or grown your own Neptune Kush? Please let me know what you think about this marijuana strain in the comments below.


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