Rainmaker Strain Review

When you really want to make it rain, depend on the Rainmaker Strain. It is unmistakably potent and pungent. The head high hits hard, leaving you unfocused and happy about it for hours at a time.

Meanwhile, the body high is a smooth, peaceful relaxation designed to help you melt into the couch for the night.

Sativa/Indica % Indoor Yield Outdoor Yield Flowering Period
30% / 70% 8 ounces per square yard22 ounces per plant 9 weeks indoors, mid October outdoors.

The impressive Rainmaker strain genetics come from a savory combo of Mandarin Skunk and Citral Skunk. Ethos Genetics set out to develop a powerful strain with serious yields and succeeded.

The result is a 70/30 indica-dominant strain with a THC level that averages 25% and can reach as high as 32%. That makes Rainmaker weed a powerful experience for even well-experienced smokers. 

This high THC experience makes it great for therapeutic use, as well. High-powered strains excel at relieving pain and other medical symptoms like anxiety, depression, and chronic stress. When nothing else does the job of bringing you peace, the Rain Maker cannabis strain can.

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    Information about Rainmaker:

    ORIGINMandarin Skunk and Citral Skunk
    EFFECTSfuzzy and Peaceful
    ADVERSE REACTIONS (NEGATIVE)dry eyes, and cottonmouth
    FRAGRANCEsavory and complex (skunky cheese & mandarin Skunk)
    FLAVORSlemon, pine, fruity
    MEDICALanxiety or depressions
    THC CONTENT %25%-32%
    CBD %< 1%
    INDICA / SATIVA %70% / 30%
    INDOOR YIELD8 ounces per square yard
    OUTDOOR YIELD22 ounces per plant


    There’s no wait time for Rain Maker weed. The beginning of the head high kicks in within minutes of the first puffs. It begins at the top of the head, and then a tingly and unfocused feeling spreads downward.

    The head high is completely unfocused, leading to a cerebral, fuzzy effect that will last all night. Thoughts and worries wash away under Rainmaker, leaving nothing but chills times and happiness.

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    The body high is subtle but worthwhile. It’s a mild, relaxing tingle that melts down out of the head buzz to fill the rest of the body. Users will feel every muscle slowly relax as they naturally take some time to rest and unwind.

    The combination of the unfocused head high and peaceful body buzz is a recipe for true peace and quiet for the hours that the high lasts.

    Rainmaker Fragrance


    The Rainmaker weed strain is savory and complex. The first notes are the skunky cheese that its ancestors are known for. There’s also some sour citrus coming from its Mandarin Skunk roots.


    The flavor should not surprise you—the Rainmaker strain also tastes like cheese and skunk. However, they are accented by lemon and hints of pine, leading to a pungent and interesting flavor. The rich, fruity notes become evident in the taste, and the exhale is sweet and savory at once.

    Adverse reactions

    The biggest mistake that people make with Rainmaker is underestimating it. The intensely potent THC levels can lead to overindulging by even the most experienced users. Pay attention to how much you are enjoying, but don’t go too far.

    If you are new, be cautious, as this strain is potent enough to overwhelm people with a low tolerance in just a few tokes. Outside of Rainmaker’s sheer intensity, the biggest effects to watch out for are cottonmouth or dry eyes.

    Medical Marijuana


    Rainmaker strain is well-known recreationally, but since it’s a powerful mood booster, it has powerful therapeutic uses as well. Unfocused, euphoric head highs are great for people who suffer from anxiety or depressions.

    That makes Rainmaker perfect for dismissing dark moods, anxious thoughts, and daily worries. The fuzzy, happy buzz keeps the experience light and worry-free for everyone. 

    People with OCD or PTSD may find that Rainmaker weed helps with their repetitive and distressing thoughts. It also may help the chronically stressed.

    Those day-to-day problems just don’t have a chance once it starts to make it rain.  Say goodbye to muscle tension, stress, headaches, and sleepless nights. It’s all getting washed away

    Growing Rainmaker

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      The plants tend to be quite tall, too, so it’s just impressive all around. Expect tall colas that branch only moderately, with a sativa-heavy growth pattern.

      Indoor plants can easily reach six or seven feet, while outdoor plants can become true monsters at nine feet or more. 

      Because of this intense growth, the best option is to use low-stress training techniques to spread things out. When growing indoors, high ceilings or Screen of Green methods are mandatory.

      Otherwise, the plants will outgrow the space before they get to harvest. Options like monster cropping can also be effective if done carefully.

      Just make sure that humidity levels stay controlled and that the plants have enough nutrients to keep up with their own growth habits. That’s key to getting the incredible harvests for which the Rain Maker cannabis strain is known.

      Flowering Time


      With enough room, Rainmaker can provide incredible indoor yields. The plants reach six to seven feet in no time, and they’re ready for harvest in about nine weeks. Expect eighteen ounces per square yard indoors.


      Northern hemisphere growers should expect their unbelievable harvest in mid-October. These plants need lots of light, so they’re best cultivated in Mediterranean climates. In the right conditions, they’ll grow to 9 feet outside and provide yields of 22+ounces per plant.


      1. Mandarin Skunk
      2. Citral Skunk

      FAQ About Rainmaker Strain

      What is the Rainmaker strain yield?

      Rainmaker yields 8 ounces per square yard indoors and 22 ounces per plant outdoor.

      How much THC does Rainmaker have?

      From 25% up to 32%

      What are the origins of the Rainmaker strain?

      Rainmaker was created from a cross between Mandarin Skunk and Citral Skunk.

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