South Asian Sativa Strain

The term South Asian Sativa does not actually refer to a single strain. Instead, it refers to any pure Sativa native to that part of the world. Though the region covers a vast area, all the Sativas there share common similarities – including their fruity and diesel scent, preference for sunny weather, as well as long flowering periods and abundant yields.

Information about South Asian Sativa:

While THC levels usually vary, indigenous strains from South Asia almost always reach 10% or go beyond that. Even so, people have been using them for thousands of years either recreationally, medically, or as part of a religious ritual.

Regardless of the variety, South Asian Sativas are typically energizing and mood enhancing. Their cerebral-focused effects leave users happy, contented, and mentally stimulated. Hence, they’re great for daytime use as a wake-and-bake strain. They can even be smoked hours before work to help with productivity or during social engagements.

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    Information about South Asian Sativa:

    EFFECTSEnergetic – 10
    Euphoric – 10
    Giggly – 10
    Happy – 10
    FRAGRANCEPungent, woody, earthy, sweet, spicy, fruity
    FLAVORSEarthy, pine, fruity, sweet, citrus, spicy, woody
    FLOWERING TIME INDOORS10 to 12 weeks
    FLOWERING TIME OUTDOORSMid-October to early November
    THC CONTENT %10%
    INDICA / SATIVA %0%/100%
    INDOOR YIELD12 to 16 ounces per square meter
    OUTDOOR YIELD16 ounces or more per plant
    CLIMATESemi-humid to warm climate

    * 10 is the highest
    * 1 is the lowest


    Regardless of the variety, South Asian Sativa kicks off with a surge of energy all through the body. Its initial onset, however, is largely cerebral. Its invigorating and euphoric rush leaves users feeling happy. Freed of every problem, some are struck by a fit of giggles for even the slightest of reasons. It may even pave the way for cheerful conversations. Because of this, smoking the strain is best with friends around.

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    The body high is a little different from that of modern-day hybrids. Replacing the heaviness, what courses through the muscles is an energizing buzz that does not lock users in place. Instead, it loosens the muscles and allows users to move freely. If at all, some variants make users a little relaxed.

    South Asian Sativa Effects
    South Asian Sativa Effects – Image powered by

    For this reason, it’s best to use these landraces a wake-and-bake or afternoon smoke. Toked in the evening though and it can keep users up the whole night.


    Regardless of the variety, South Asian Sativas have an attention-grabbing fragrance. Besides being very pungent, they are infused with overtones of woody pine and fresh soil. Once combusted, they emit a sweet and spicy aroma that can get quite fruity.

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    Drawn in, South Asian Sativa surprises users with a pleasing earthy richness complemented by a dash of pine. When savored, the once mild notes of fruit become a sweet but zesty citrus. On the exhale, all the flavors blend together into a spicy yet woody aftertaste.

    Adverse Reaction

    There is no such thing as the perfect marijuana strain, including the landraces. Almost always, cannabinoids in the green herb strip away moisture from both the tear ducts and the salivary glands. The result is users experiencing a cottonmouth and red eyes. Though mostly unavoidable, users can still rehydrate by having a drink. Preferably a glass of water since alcohol and coffee tend to exacerbate the problem.

    South Asian Sativa Adverse Reaction
    South Asian Sativa Adverse Reaction – Image powered by

    Heightened anxiety levels or, perhaps, a mild bout of paranoia are also possible. However, because of the low THC levels of South Asian Sativa, the chances of experiencing both are slim. Often, they are a result of toking too much in so little time or overindulging in the strain. Whichever the case, marijuana should always be paced or moderated.


    South Asian Sativas were among the first strains to be used for alleviating certain mental and physical conditions. Today, even with the advancement of modern technology, its therapeutic value remains indispensable to the modern medical marijuana community.

    Landrace Sativas are truly remarkable when it comes to uplifting spirits. Their pure genetics make them natural mood-enhancers with the ability to clear minds and zap away negativity. For those dealing with certain mental issues like depression, anxiety, or PTSD, the cerebral effects can be a great way to ease worries and reclaim self-confidence. However, the level-headed high can also release accumulated stress and help those with ADD/ADHD focus.

    South Asian Sativa Medical
    South Asian Sativa Medical – Image powered by

    Besides its behavioral effects, South Asian Sativa also has significant physical impact. For one, its energizing buzz takes away fatigue and reinvigorates the body. In a similar manner, it provides a reprieve against gastrointestinal discomfort and appeases symptoms of nausea.

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      Generally speaking, landraces thrive best in climates similar to their place of origin. For South Asian Sativas, this means being cultivated in areas that are either tropical, dry, or temperate. And, because their native countries are near the equator, sunlight is intense and days have little variation between the number of hours for days or nights.

      With that said, growing South Asian Sativas is not a difficult task. Flourishing despite being exposed to thousands of years of harsh conditions, landraces have built great immunity against problems brought about by humidity and temperature. Moreover, each plant is sturdy enough to resist diseases brought about pests.

      Grown indoors, breeders should mimic the long growing periods of equatorial regions. This means following an 12/12 light cycle once the plant hits the flowering stage. Another factor to look into is space. After all, pure Sativas often grow as tall as they want and, depending on the variety, a single plant can reach up to 15 feet or more. This is especially true for the Thai Sativa. For this reason, each germinated seed should be far apart from each other to accommodate the growth spurt.

      Truly limited areas, however, necessitate shorter vegetative periods or early topping. Either way, both will keep the plant short and encourage even higher yields. Applying techniques like bending or super cropping will have the same effect.

      Currently, there are multiple dispensaries that claim to sell seeds of South Asian Sativas. As such, it is imperative that aspiring growers verify the authenticity of the seller and their product.

      Flowering Time


      South Asian Sativas are not for the impatient grower. It typically takes the herb anywhere between 10 to 12 weeks to blossom. Thankfully, at the end of its long flowering period, it produces an abundant yield of 16 ounces per square meter.


      South Asian Sativa may have problems growing in the northern hemisphere, where days and summers are short. Cultivated in such conditions, its already long flowering period can extend up to the first week of November. However, late bloomers usually reward growers with the best yields. Once mature, each plant produces more than 16 ounces of large buds.

      Have you ever smoked or grown your own South Asian Sativa? Please let me know what you think about this marijuana strain in the comments below.


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