Grow Schedule For Soil Growers

November 10, 2020

This weed growing schedule is designed to be used starting in the first week of the vegetative phase for people who are growing in soil that was already fertilized when purchased. If you are at the very beginning stages (germination, for example), then you should start with this article about germinating and then return to this growing schedule.

It’s a good idea to read through the entire schedule so that you can see what to expect in the future weeks to come. If you are growing in a medium other than soil, check out our other grow schedule about Growing in Hydro

All images in this article are powered by, my online cannabis training course.

I used the following items for this setup:

  • 48” x 48” grow tent
  • 9 White Widow seeds
  • 4-gallon containers
  • Gold label special mix soil
  • Flower Power nutrients
  • One 400-Watt MH light (for the vegetative phase)
  • One 600-Watt HPS light (for the flowering phase)

If you’re looking to start growing or just want a nice windowsill set-up. Be sure to check out my friends from a Pot for Pot!

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This first week is all about your young plants getting acquainted with the strength of the light. If you have more than one lamp, only have half of them on for this first week. Using an MH lamp is best for the vegetative phase because they have more of the blue and white light spectrum than an HPS light, which is what plants in this stage need.

Be sure to always keep a close eye on the temperature and humidity, checking it every other day at minimum. The pH level should also be closely monitored, kept between 6.0 and 6.5. The pH level is how acidic or alkaline the water is, and it has a strong effect on how your plant’s roots are able to absorb nutrients. In other words, it is critical.

When watering your plants, give them enough water so that some begins draining from the bottom of the pot. Then stop watering and wait until all the water has been used up by your plants. If the pots are bigger than four gallons, make sure to feed them less water, as overwatering can happen very easily in a larger pot. More about this subject in my article “Watering marijuana plants

Water them every other day after that, but you will need to vary the amount of water according to a variety of different factors. This includes temperature, plant size, humidity level, and so on. Do not feed any nutrients to your plants yet because they are still using up the nutrients originally included in the soil. You should keep spraying your plants daily to maintain healthy humidity levels.

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Week Two of the vegetative phase

Amount of light: 100% of the lamps on (MH)
Light distance between lamp and plant: 20 inches
Light duration: 18 hours per day
Temperature during the day/night: 77/64 degrees Fahrenheit
Humidity level: 70%
Watering schedule: 500 mL per plant, every other day
pH level: 6.2
TDS/EC: 500/1.0 (FP Start)

Turn on all of your lights for the second week of your marijuana plants’ vegetative phase. Move them closer to the plants as well (20 inches above them instead of 40 inches), but hold your hand underneath the light to make sure it’s not too hot. If it’s too hot for your hand, it’s too hot for your young plants.

If need be, you can transplant your marijuana plants at this point. The bottom of your pots will be the indicator: if roots are poking out from the holes in the bottom, it’s time to move your plants to a bigger pot. Read my article “How to transplant marijuana plants” for more information

How to transplant – powered by

At this point in the vegetative phase, you can start giving your plants some nutrients. Use Flower Power Start or another type of nutrient that is high in nitrogen.

You can also start topping or fimming your plants during this week of growth since they are mature enough to handle it and young enough to grow significantly afterward. Do the proper amount of research before attempting any pruning technique and read my article “How to prune marijuana plants“. Pictures below are just an example, I didn’t prune these white widows.

During this week, you should also place a fan in your grow room and aim it right over the plants, so it’s touching the tops of them a bit. The plants should all be moving in the wind a little bit, as that helps to strengthen their stems.

You will know it’s time to begin the flowering phase when the leaves of your plants are touching each other, leading to a green blanket of sorts when looking at your plants from above. There should be no light hitting the floor (since that’s just a waste of light).

Week One of the flowering phase

Amount of light: 50% of the lamps on (HPS)
Light distance between lamp and plant: 20 inches
Light duration: 12 hours per day
Temperature during the day/night: 77/64 degrees Fahrenheit
Humidity level: 60%
Watering schedule: 1 Liter per plant, every other day
pH level: 6.2
TDS/EC: 600/1.2 (FP Grow)

“Cannabis is photoperiodic-reactive; flowering can be controlled with the light and dark cycle.”

Jorge Cervantes

You will begin the flowering phase by lowering the light duration from 18 hours per day to 12 hours per day. This makes the plant “think” that fall is on its way, causing it to begin the flowering phase.

You won’t see any flowers or major changes for a few weeks still, but be sure to stick to the schedule because changes are happening.

It is at this point that you should switch to the HPS lights. As opposed to MH lights, HPS lights have more red and orange light, which is consistent with the right light spectrum for the end of summer and beginning of fall season. Therefore, they are best for this stage of your plant’s growth.

Even though your plants are now in their flowering phase, they will still be growing and using lots of nitrogen, so make sure the nutrients you give them are the same as before — highest in nitrogen. Once the flowers begin developing in future weeks, you can change up the nutrient regimen.

Aim the fan so it’s blowing the space between the plants and the lamps. This helps the hot air dissipate around the room. Before you water your plants again, make sure the soil is a bit dried out first.

Feed your plants from below by spraying an inch of water onto the base, where the roots will reach and grow faster.

Keep a close eye on temperature and humidity. Check your plants often for any leaf changes (discoloration, damage) as that could mean there is an infestation, a nutrient issue, or a watering issue. All of these issues need to be addressed as soon as possible, so it’s crucial you keep a close eye on your plants.

Week Two of the flowering phase

Amount of light: 100% of the lamps
Light distance between lamp and plant: 20 inches
Light duration: 12 hours per day
Temperature during the day/night: 79/67 degrees Fahrenheit
Humidity level: 60%
Watering schedule: 2 Liters per plant, every other day
pH level: 6.2
TDS/EC: 650/1.3

At this point, you should stop topping your plants, but you can still do other forms of pruning, such as removing the side shoots from the bottom of your plant, allowing the plant to maximize its resources on the other shoots, leaves, and buds.

You have likely noticed that your plants are growing very quickly. For that reason, be sure to measure the distance between your plants and the lamps every other day and adjust as necessary. You can see signs of your plants getting too warm when their top leaves are curling or becoming discolored. If that happens, raise up the lamps or turn up the extractor.

The TDS should increase by 50 every week, and the EC by 0.1. Watch the plants’ reaction when you make these changes, and rinse the soil after this week so you can switch to a nutrient regimen that is highest in phosphorus at the beginning of week three of the flowering phase. To rinse the soil, simply water your plants with water that is at a 6.5 pH level and has no added nutrients.

Week three of the flowering phase

Amount of light: 100% of the lamps
Light distance between lamp and plant: 20 inches
Light duration: 12 hours per day
Temperature during the day/night: 79/67 degrees Fahrenheit
Humidity level: 60%
Watering schedule: 2 Liters per plant, every other day
pH level: 6.0
TDS/EC: 700/1.4 (FP Bloom)

You should start seeing the beginning stages of flowers developing on your plants during this week. They will start as little hairs that will develop into balls with hair on them — these will eventually turn into actual buds. The plants are now using all their energy and resources for bud development.

Keep the temperature, humidity, water, and nutrients all at the right levels. Monitor all of this closely, since this week is when the number of buds is determined — that makes it a very important week.

Healthy plants will produce more buds.

Your plants are going to need more phosphorus now that their buds are starting to develop. Use a bloom fertilizer (like Flower Power Bloom) after rinsing out the soil. This allows your plant to absorb lots of phosphorus right away, which leads to a good foundation of growth for their buds.

Your marijuana plants are now at the point where they are consuming the highest amount of water. For that reason, be sure to keep the soil moist at all times, and feel in the middle or bottom to see that it’s remaining moist there as well.

Hopefully you have already removed the male plants (if you’re growing with feminized seeds); otherwise, they will fertilize the females and cause those female plants to develop seeds rather than buds (therefore lowering the quality of buds).

Download my free Grow Bible for more more troubleshooting tips

Week Four of the flowering phase

Amount of light: 100% of the lamps
Light distance between lamp and plant: 20 inches
Light duration: 12 hours per day
Temperature during the day/night: 79/67 degrees Fahrenheit
Humidity level: 50%
Watering schedule: 2.5 Liters per plant, every other day
pH level: 6.0
EC: 1.5

You will start to notice the hairy balls starting to increase in size, perhaps beginning to resemble actual buds. You will also see little buds forming at the base of the marijuana plants. Keep an eye on the distance between the lamps and your plants, ensuring that your plants are getting tons of light but not so much that they burn. Use your hand to check the temperature.

Small buds grow bigger – powered by

Keep monitoring the humidity and temperature, the leaf color and shape, and any indications of bugs. Anything at all that seems strange should be checked right away with my online symptom checker.

Week Five of the flowering phase

Amount of light: 100% of the lamps
Light distance between lamp and plant: 20 inches
Light duration: 12 hours per day
Temperature during the day/night: 79/67 degrees Fahrenheit
Humidity level: 50%
Watering schedule: 2.5 Liters per plant, every other day
pH level: 6.2
TDS/EC: 800/1.6

You will see significant bud growth during this week. Make sure there is still plenty of water for your plants (they will still be using tons), and that all the other environmental factors are kept perfect.

Your plants may start to need some external support, such as plant sticks. This is because their buds will get so heavy that it might start affecting the plant itself. Don’t let them fall over!

Keep the fan going (rotating) to keep the flow of air constantly moving. You don’t want any spots of hot or cold air to be stuck anywhere, as diseases and mold can easily develop in those places. Air flow also aids in the movement of carbon dioxide, which your plants need plenty of.

Flush your plants with water that is at a pH level of 6.5 at the end of this week. Don’t include any nutrients. You will begin boosting your plants with a new nutrient regimen next week.

Week Six of the flowering phase

Amount of light: 100% of the lamps
Light distance between lamp and plant: 20 inches
Light duration: 12 hours per day
Temperature during the day/night: 79/67 degrees Fahrenheit
Humidity level: 50%
Watering schedule: 2.5 Liters per plant, every other day
pH level: 6.2
TDS/EC: 850/1.7 (FP Bloom + FP Booster)

Your plants are going to need more potassium to ripen and harden their buds, so you should add in Flower Power Booster to increase the amount of potassium they have access to. This will have a positive effect on the marijuana quality and quantity as well.

You will begin to notice the pistils turning from white to orange or brown in color. Keep an eye on these, as they will indicate when you should harvest your plants. Once about 80% of the pistils are brown or red in color, the harvest time has come.

Besides that, you won’t notice too much happening from the outside. You need to maintain the environmental aspects to keep the perfectly healthy environment for your plants. Also, keep a close eye on your plants for any signs of mold, diseases, or pests.

Week Seven of the flowering phase

Amount of light: 100% of the lamps
Light distance between lamp and plant: 20 inches
Light duration: 12 hours per day
Temperature during the day/night: 79/67 degrees Fahrenheit
Humidity level: 40%
Watering schedule: 2.5 Liters per plant, every other day
pH level: 6.2
TDS/EC: 750/1.5

The buds will still be increasing in size, and they will also be ripening more. You can expect lots of resin, as well as dense, heavy buds to come out of this week’s growth. The pistils will continue browning but remain patient, so you don’t harvest too early (as that would have a negative effect on the quality of your weed).

You might begin noticing that the bottom leaves start to yellow and die, but that’s normal and nothing to worry about. Keep feeding your plants the normal amount of water. Lower the amount of nutrients you’re feeding them by a bit, then flush your plants out with water (pH 6.5) towards the end of the week. Don’t give them too much in the way of nutrients next week.

Download my free Grow Bible for more more troubleshooting tips

Week eight of the flowering phase

Amount of light: 100% of the lamps
Light distance between lamp and plant: 20 inches
Light duration: 12 hours per day
Temperature during the day/night: 79/67 degrees Fahrenheit
Humidity level: 40%
Watering schedule: 2.5 Liters per plant, every other day
pH level: 6.2
TDS/EC: 250/0.5

This is the week your plants are going to be harvested. More pistils will be browning, and your plants will be absorbing less and less water — both are indicators of your plants being ready for harvest.

Our free little Harvest Guide will help you determine the best moment to cut your plants. Download it here.

Lower the EC dramatically, so your plants won’t have the nutrients in them at the time of harvest. For the last few waterings, only give your plants pH 6.5 water without any nutrients at all. This helps rinse out the soil as well (meaning it could be used for another round of plants).

Keep a close eye out for bud rot. Brown leaves will be growing from buds with bud rot, and they will come off extremely easily if you pull on them gently. Open the buds gently to look inside. If there is rot, take the bud off of the plant right away. Be sure you’re wearing gloves and make no contact with the other buds (since it spreads very easily).

Here is a little picture gallery from the harvest. The yield was 18 ounces (505 grams) so not bad at all. Please leave questions or comments below in the comment section.

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How much do you yield on average? Do you trim wet or dry? Share your tips, comments or questions in the comments below…

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      I always trim before drying. To me, it's much easier when the leaves are full of water and stiff. The dry trimming is way too diffacult to get a real nice liiking bud. Plus, I leave about a 3/16" on […]Read More
  47. By J ,28 Jul 2017
    I never trim before I dry found it's easier to trim after it's dry. One question any one here ever grow nitro express I'm having a hard time with it and when to harvest after 4 grows of it the […]Read More
    1. By Roy ILGM ,31 Jul 2017
      Hi J, you probably have more luck finding someone with experience using nitro express on the support forum. Best hop on there and ask around :)
  48. By J ,28 Jul 2017
    With that bud you take one hit and you become the couch
  49. By CRAIG Malone ,31 Jul 2017
    People who have 2 or 3 different plants going at the same time, problem, distance of lights, you may cause stretching, and a lot of grief trying to keep all the plants somewhere even in height.
    1. By Ray ,06 Oct 2019
      How to tell when its the first week veg stage?
  50. By Bartelby ,13 Aug 2017
    I was curious as to what size pot you started them in and transplanted into?
  51. By Lisa Kemp ,12 Sep 2017
    Is it ok to start hydroponically then transfer to soil.
    1. By latewood_ILGM ,20 Sep 2017
      Lisa, You can start hydroponically, and then transfer to soil. I am not sure why you want to go that route. It seems ludicrous to start in hydro and then remove plant from such a nice sterile environment only to […]Read More
  52. By Rod ,14 Sep 2017
    I noticed on weeks 2 and 6 of Flowering, when I flush the Ph coming out the bottom is usually around 6.7--6.8. It takes a lot of water to bring them down to 6.0 and 6.2 respectively. Even though I […]Read More
    1. By Rod ,19 Sep 2017
      I use Ph Down and buy it by the gallon. But it still takes at least an hour and approximately 25 gallons of water, or more, to bring the Ph down to 6.0 or 6.2. This seems to be a […]Read More
      1. By latewood_ILGM ,20 Sep 2017
        Rod, Your comments are very confusing. IN soil PH should be 6.5-7.0 You do not need to flush in flower. Why are you wasting so much water and nutrients by flushing all the time? You need to join our forum. […]Read More
        1. By Rod ,20 Sep 2017
          I'm following the instructions on Ph and flushing. It calls for flushing the 2nd week of bloom and the end of week 5 with Ph at 6.2 and 6.0 respectively with a 6.5 during the last days of bloom. I […]Read More
  53. By Rod ,20 Sep 2017
    I'm just going by the instructions above, which calls for those Ph's and it has eliminated all my problems from when I was adjusting Ph to 6.5
    1. By latewood_ILGM ,25 Sep 2017
      Rod, I ti sounds to me like all is well in your grows. As far as when you adjust PH. An hour is a benchmark for stability as ling as you are using water that cooperates. Happy growing. Join the […]Read More
  54. By kimmie ,28 Sep 2017
    well first wanna thank you for having me. love your work and teaching i have a 4x4x8 tent have the 400watt system also400 watts of cfls before got my tent was trying very hard but only got males or hermmies […]Read More
  55. By Rich ,16 Nov 2017
    I usually get a solid 1lb from 6 plants in my room
  56. By Patricia Byers ,17 Nov 2017
    Thank you for all your tips about growing. I've grown outside my whole life, 30 years, but I live in a place, where, as you said, you are 100% sure what it is you smelled! It it an altogether different […]Read More
  57. By mohsen ,18 Nov 2017
    i want aouto flower light cycle and life cycle and watering pleaseeee🙏🏻
  58. By Terry ,26 Nov 2017
    Hi all im a new grower im usin a 300w roleado full spectrum dimmer grow light in a small handmade closet 2 chocolate chunk plants wk3 of flowering usin 3gal fabric pots with new horizon compost and my roots are […]Read More
    1. By latewood_ILGM ,29 Nov 2017
      Are you using plant saucers to keep water from flowing on the floor? If you are in a saucer and can keep light off the root ends, you should be fine. Otherwise; Get a bag of soil, compost, whatever, andcut […]Read More
  59. By Brian ,11 Dec 2017
    Hey I think you harvest too soon. My experience with my setup is 8-9 weeks flowering after the stretch and white hairs start forming. Not right at the 12-12 switch
    1. By latewood.ILGM ,29 Dec 2017
      Brian, Actually; To be real, the time expressed 8-9 weeks is only a guideline. You harvest by monitoring the trichomes and the % of clear, cloudy amber trichomes; Which is a matter of taste and desired affect. There is not […]Read More
    2. By Herbhive ,04 Feb 2018
      I agree, week 3 in his flowering phase was more like week 1 of true flowering. It takes anywhere from 3-14 days (typically 5-8 in experience) to fully transition into flowering. At week 8, these plants were harvested before the […]Read More
  60. By Popfoul ,22 Dec 2017
    I’ve introduced automation CO2 to my grow. Will the co2 kill critters in my tent? Gnats nutes etc..?
    1. By latewood_ILGM ,29 Dec 2017
      Popful, Co2 can kill critters. You have to seal off the tent to allow the Co2 to envelop the entire air space, and push all air out. Some people do plants indivually in big blakc garment or contractor bags. Bag […]Read More
  61. By John Richards ,04 Jan 2018
    Awesome article, saved it to my bookmarks
  62. By J ,15 Feb 2018
    What exactly do you mean when you say, "Feed your plants from below by spraying an inch of water onto the base, where the roots will reach and grow faster." Are you saying fill the overflow trays with an inch […]Read More
    1. By latewood_ILGM ,16 Feb 2018
      J, Many growers "bottom feed", a method that allows the solution to be leached up into the pot instead of top watering. Another matter of personal choice.
  63. By Brian ,17 Mar 2018
    Great guide! My only question is how to you get that much growth between week 3 day 5 to week 4 day 1? Looks like another week or 2 worth of growth to me.
    1. By latewood_ILGM ,20 Mar 2018
      Brian, Optimum grow methods and environment. During different cycles, we can expect different growth rates.
  64. By New Grower ,16 Apr 2018
    Is the TDS & EC & pH rating after adding nutrients?
    1. By latewood_ILGM ,18 Apr 2018
      It is alweays and everywhere. Water has a TDS/EC value and after adding nutrient it get stronger (higher TDS/EC value TDS = total dissolved solids EC = electro conductivity These are merely 2 different methods for measuring solution strength. PH […]Read More
  65. By Bull Earwig ,08 Jun 2018
    Imagine using RO water with a nutrient system and never having to check or adjust pH or TDS. You guys who have been doing this for a long time are mired in the past. You don’t mention LED lights, or […]Read More
    1. By latewood_ILGM ,26 Sep 2018
      Using RO water does not give you a guaranteed PH in any way, shape, or form. You will always need to check and adjust PH, unless you have been using the same water over time and have determined by properly […]Read More
  66. By Robert Logan ,06 Sep 2018
    Please send more information on growing outside. Not able to grow inside at this time.
    1. By latewood_ILGM ,26 Sep 2018
      Robert, Join our forum to learn to grow outdoors. The forum is a learning environment. We are not set up here in the blog to do grow mentoring. Thanks
  67. By Shaun ,16 Sep 2018
    Can I flush me girls with Black strap molasses right to the end as you’ve said no nutrients at all ? I would appreciate your advice. Thank you
    1. By latewood_ILGM ,26 Sep 2018
      Shaun, NO. Molasses needs to be broken down in order to be available to the plant. The only thing you will get by doing this is "bugs"
  68. By latewood_ILGM ,26 Sep 2018
    For grow mentoring; All here should join our support forum. Happy growing :)
  69. By Ranay ,29 Nov 2018
    I have super skunk from auto.6 atemps a phototron. This plant takes about 13 weeks to harvest. Never looked the same as yours. Used super soil. Doesn't require nutrients. Your detailed illustrated guide is Best. How can I adjust for […]Read More
  70. By Ranay ,29 Nov 2018
    I have super skunk from auto. 6 atemps and phototron. This plant takes about 13 weeks to harvest. Never looked the same as yours. Used super soil. Doesn't require nutrients. Your detailed illustrated guide is Best. How can I adjust […]Read More
  71. By Ranay ,29 Nov 2018
    I have super skunk from auto. 6 atemps and phototron. This plant takes about 13 weeks to harvest. Used super soil. Doesn't require nutrients. Your detailed illustrated guide is Best. How can I adjust for my conditions?
  72. By Catherine Springer ,09 Jan 2019
    Robert, Thank you so much for giving me confidence to try this. I'm 4 weeks into my first Grow's Flower stage and everything has gone perfect, just how you said it would by following your instructions. my plants look just […]Read More
  73. By Luc ,04 Apr 2019
    You mention the amount of water To be feeding but dont mention anything about pot size or transplanting into bigger pots( starting and end pot sizes).
  74. By michelle ,23 Apr 2019
    im very confused. i am growing an autogrow and i began with 2 plants on the same day. and that "sister"plant has since grown flowered and im currently in my 2nd week of smoking said plant. NOw this plant is […]Read More
  75. By latewood ILGM ,26 Apr 2019
    michelle, Best way to help you, is to have you join our support forum where we can clarify your issues through pictures and a daily discussion.
  76. By Erv ,05 May 2019
    What is your take on the defoliation during flower during veg
  77. By Marco ,02 Jun 2019
    I'm on my first full canopy with a 3/4 canopy beside it. Total of 7 plants. 4 in 15 gallon organic soil. Preliminary true living soil in 3 pots. Added night crawlers and red wigglers, some beneficial insects and nematodes. […]Read More
  78. By latewood ILGM ,19 Jun 2019
    Erv, Defoliation can be harmful to your yield if you do not know what you are doing. I assume your are talking about stripping the whol;e plant. I do not agree with this method; IMO. Make sure you do a […]Read More
  79. By latewood ILGM ,19 Jun 2019
    Marco, Adding Molasses is not helping much unless you use it in a compost tea, or a tea. So many experiments going on these days. Good Luck with your grow.
  80. By Rich ,03 Sep 2019
    Thank you brother for shar the love of grow i have bee away from it since 1993 and words cant Describe the love. Your bus plan rocks with the website etc. not sure if i can post pic but want […]Read More
  81. By Ray ,09 Sep 2019
    A room 4.5 x 5.5 . Batwing adjustable fixture. Which way to mount fixture?
  82. By latewood_ILGM ,01 Oct 2019
    Rich. you can join and post here after you develop your menbership Join Us Here: Support.Ilovegrowingmarijuana.Com
  83. By latewood_ILGM ,01 Oct 2019
    Ray, Place the fixture any way you want. Use common sense, and; I Advise You To Join Us Here: Support.Ilovegrowingmarijuana.Com
  84. By Mike ,22 Dec 2019
    Hi, i was wondering what changes would i need for a auto grow as they start flowering long before others do.
  85. By AlienGirl ,13 Apr 2020
    nice article,, Please note that is is the time schedule for ruderalis (auto-flower) Veg stage is atleast 4 weeks. clone or seed. This article totally skips over the aeon where you scrog and LST the plants..
  86. By Nick ,23 Apr 2020
    It would b helpfull to know if where it says “watering schedule”,(every other day) if this means water with nutrients added(feed)or just water? I personally I feed then water, feed then water, sometimes feed, feed then water and try to […]Read More
  87. By Boolean ,05 Sep 2020
    What kind of yield can you get from a plant that has vegged for two weeks? I have indoor plants that are 90-120 days old from seed or cutting clones before I even consider transitioning to flower. Granted, they are […]Read More
  88. By Luke ,06 Sep 2020
    18oz? You are saying the entire plant was 18oz before drying? The plant in the picture produced more close to 1.5-2 dry ounces right?
  89. By Jamie ,06 Sep 2020
    Hi! Im answering your questions..i wet trim and I average about 5 ounces per plant. More if I keep up with my co2 tank in veg.
  90. By John Terry ,17 Jan 2021
    On an average I harvest 16 grams or 1 oz. per 150 watts of light. So, with a 600 watt hps lamp I'm producing 4+ oz. with a 2 plant grow in 5 gallons of soil.
    1. By John ,17 Jan 2021
      ... 5 gallons of soil (per plant).

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