Cotton Purple Chem Strain

Creating an award-winning strain is one of the goals of every breeder. After all, it’s only natural that one should want recognition for their hard work. But, more than anything, it cements their product as a staple in the industry and that’s exactly what happened with Cotton Purple Chem.

Information about Cotton Purple Chem:

CPC, as it is known, is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that took home the People’s Choice Award during the 2015 DOPE Cup. What distinguished it from all the others was its delightful aroma and its insanely potent THC levels. Averaging at 20%, it induces a unique cerebral psychedelic that energizes users almost immediately. Moreover, the high is complemented by a mellow body buzz that does not stop users from being productive throughout the day.

One may find themselves asking, ‘What led to such genetic excellence?’ To this day, the answer remains a secret but some speculate the herb is a cross between Purple Cotton Candy and Chemdawg. After all, many breeders do name their buds after its parents. However, this remains up for debate. Hesperides Gardens never disclosed their herb’s backstory.

Regardless, Cotton Purple Chem remains a powerful breed with high recreational and medical value. For this reason, both recreational and medical users can come together and consume CPC to their liking.

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    Information about Cotton Purple Chem:

    EFFECTSRelaxed – 10
    Euphoric – 10
    Tingly – 6
    Uplifted – 4
    Happy – 4
    FRAGRANCEPungent, cotton candy, chemical, earthy
    FLAVORSCandy, berry, sweet, citric, butter, skunky
    MEDICALStress – 10
    Depression – 5
    Fatigue – 5
    Headaches – 5
    Muscle spasms – 5
    THC CONTENT %18% to 20%
    INDICA / SATIVA %40%/60%
    INDOOR YIELD12 to 16 ounces per square meter
    OUTDOOR YIELD16 ounces or more per plant
    CLIMATEWarm climate

    * 10 is the highest
    * 1 is the lowest


    Cotton Purple Chem hits fast and hard. Its THC content ranging from 18% to 20% ensures a Sativa experience like no other. After taking a hit, the full cerebral effects of the bud induce an intense cerebral blast. Coupled with an Indica buzz, users are in for a fun-filled psychedelic trip.

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    At the onset, a tingling rush of mind-numbing euphoria swarms the head. It simultaneously clears the mind and stimulates it. Mentally uplifted, users find themselves feeling cheery. Woes are out the door and become a distant memory. As the high intensifies, a sense of happiness allows itself to well inside.

    Cotton Purple Chem Effects
    Cotton Purple Chem Effects – Image powered by

    Gradually, the creeping physical effects manifest itself. First, a buzzing sensation loosens constricted muscles and works its way down to envelop the user in relaxation. Settling in the limbs is a heaviness that can possibly incapacitate users. However, what keeps it from doing so is the herb’s mental stimulation.

    Overconsuming the bud, however, puts the senses in overdrive. Not only will it undo all the good it has provided, it will hamper functionality as well. Though extremely rare, it will glue users to their couches and fill their head with anxiety-inducing thoughts.


    Alluding to Cotton Purple Chem’s potency is its strong aroma. In fact, just opening the lid to its airtight container spreads its pungent cotton candy and chemical fragrance to the rest of the room. Breaking up the herb, on the other hand, causes the bud to emit the soothing scent of wet earth or, perhaps, damp pavements.


    Truly experiencing a strain is toking it. In a single puff, Cotton Purple Chem reveals its candied flavors of crushed berries. It is sweet and quite citric. Enhancing its fruity profile is a buttery taste that, when savored, smoothens the harsh smoke. Once exhaled, CPC leaves a strong skunky aftertaste which may take beginners some getting used to.

    Adverse Reaction

    One of the main reasons why people appreciate CPC is because of its minimal side effects. As a matter of fact, the only adverse reaction this bud causes is a cottonmouth. This may extend to the throat and cause a bit of itching but definitely nothing out of the ordinary.

    Cotton Purple Chem Adverse Reaction
    Cotton Purple Chem Adverse Reaction – Image powered by

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    Because of its chemical make-up, Cotton Purple Chem provides a myriad of medical benefits for both the mind and body. For one, its psychoactive compounds promote tranquility and positivity. By clearing the mind, it eases symptoms of depression and PTSD.

    The sweet citric fragrance caused by CPC’s terpenes also fortify its cerebral effects. Its energizing psychedelic mitigates stress and all the problems that come with it including mental and physical fatigue.

    Cotton Purple Chem Medical
    Cotton Purple Chem Medical – Image powered by

    Cotton Purple Chem also induces a relaxing physical buzz. Beginning from the temples, it soothes all knots in the muscles that cause tension and aches. Meanwhile, its anti-spasmodic properties lessen involuntary muscular contractions and the sharp, stinging pain that come with it.

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      It is true what they say, the best buds do come from the mysterious backgrounds. Despite their success, seeds from Hesperides Garden’s strains are almost nowhere to be found even for their award-winning Cotton Purple Chem. With such little to go on, aspiring growers will have to brace themselves.

      Cotton Purple Chem’s olive green nugs are not sizable. This is no secret. Yet, its small tapered buds are covered in pistils of various colors ranging from orange to purple. Alluding to its potency is its heavy coat of trichome and resin dripping calyx.

      There is no reason to suggest that the candied hybrid does not grow well outdoors. However, growing the strain in an artificial environment helps keep grounds covered. Growers can easily adjust temperature, humidity, and lighting settings. Not only that, greenhouses keep pests and bugs out.

      Flowering Time


      Typical of Sativa leaning strains, CPC has a long flowering period that can reach up to 11 weeks. The wait is worth it as its buds are heavily frosted in trichomes. Each square meter will produce up to 16 ounces of buds.

      With that said, the plant may require some extra love and attention. Its Sativa structure and potency means that it grows tall and has a strong pungent aroma. As such, it warrants early topping and carbon filters.


      Cotton Purple Chem blooms by October, with each plant producing more than 16 ounces of buds.

      Have you ever smoked or grown your own Cotton Purple Chem? Please let me know what you think about this marijuana strain in the comments below.


      Robert Bergman

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        1. It’s Late night and I just ran across this. And wanted to say thanks for the review! At the moment cPC is a clone only in Washington st on the rec market but 1 day I will release seeds.. I want to make sure it’s solid and stable. However, it is an indica Dom strain and flower time is 58-65. All I. All spot on. Insta @hesperides_gentics hope all is well