Pineapple Purps Strain

Pineapple Purps is a perfect medical strain that is uplifting and energizing, with strong sativa dominant qualities.

A mysterious strain in origin, this bud is a potent psychoactive and contains THCV, making it a rare specimen in a world of CBD and THC strains.

Pineapple Purps, also commonly referred to as “Purple Pineapple” is a sativa dominant hybrid that is unique in its traits, as it contains a high THCV level mixed with average levels of THC.

This strain’s exact parentage is unknown but well-disputed, with many claiming that it contains Pineapple Express or Cheese genetics, with nothing being proven.

This strain is a potent smoke and should be reduced in dosage for less experienced consumers, in order to avoid being overwhelmed.

Pineapple Purps is a perfect medical strain that can soothe hard to treat conditions such as Parkinson’s termors, as well as chronic and complex panic attacks and PTSD.

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Pineapple Purps weed strain attributes:
EFFECTSrelaxed – 10
creative – 9
uplifted – 2
happy – 2
talkative – 2
anxious – 4
dry eyes – 1
paranoid – 1
dizzy – 1
FRAGRANCEfruity, earthy, grape, pungent, sweet
FLAVORSpineapple, sweet, earthy, citrus, skunky, berry, fruity
MEDICALinflammation – 10
depression -5
eye pressure – 5
fatigue – 5
headaches – 5
CBD %1.00%
INDICA / SATIVA %20% / 80%
OUTDOOR YIELD17oz/ plant
CLIMATEwarm and tropical outdoor climate
RESISTANCE TO DISEASEresistant to common molds and mildew

* 10 is the highest
* 1 is the lowest


Pineapple Purps is a bit of an energizer bunny, and is an ideal daytime strain, especially for people who are looking for a way to relax their minds, without locking themselves to the couch.

This strain is incredibly uplifting, and will allow you to breeze through your day with more gusto, and feeling inspired.

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This complex yet mysterious mix is a sativa dominant hybrid that is perfect for artist and musicians who like a little extra push of creativity, as it is incredibly inspiring.

Pineapple Purps will keep you in an elated state without lasting for longer than you need it to.

Pineapple Purps Effects

Pineapple Purps is an ideal way to lift your mood, leaving you feeling happy and content, and excited to get on with your day, making it a great wake and bake choice.

This strain will make you more talkative and social, which is especially fitting for those who are natural introverts and a little shy.


Pineapple Purps is a delicious smelling and fruity plant that will fill the room with its zest.

This strain is earthy and sweet aromatically, and will bring in a cloud of citrus mixed with a generally pungent smell, mixed with a shock of fresh and fruity grape.

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Pineapple Purps is truly as tasty as it sounds, and you will know instantly, as you get a whiff of it.

This sativa dominant hybrid tastes like pineapples and citrus on the inhale, while on the exhale you will notice a strong fruity berry sensation containing hints of earthy and skunky.

Adverse Reaction

Pineapple Purps is one of the more potent strains out there today, and can be a little more than a novice can handle, so it is recommended to go about the consumption of this strain with a little delicatesse, in order to avoid feeling too bowled over by its strength.

Pineapple Purps Adverse Reaction

Common adverse reactions when smoking this strain include a strong dry mouth sensation that will make you feel thirsty, combined with a chance of a little anxiety.

Pineapple Purps can also in some cases make you feel paranoid and dizzy, and leave your eyes feeling dry and itchy.


Pineapple Purps is unique medical strain, and is known for treating more than the usual conditions treated with cannabis.

Conditions that stem from chronic inflammation are very successfully treated with the help of this plant, and even hard to treat conditions such as Parkinson’s tremors and PTSD and reduced with the help of it.

This flower can also reduce feelings of chronic depression in most patients, making it easier for them to feel more optimistic and relieved of the weight on their shoulders.

Pineapple Purps can reduce chronic headaches and other aches, with effects that don’t last for longer than 1-2 hours on average.

Pineapple Purps Medical

Pineapple Purps can reduce the eye pressure in patients suffering from glaucoma by nixing both the inflammation and the consequential pain.

If you suffer from chronic fatigue then this energetic strain can help you combat that, allowing you to feel more vigorous and motivated both mentally and physically.

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Pineapple Purps is easy to grow and likes a tropical outdoor climate so it can thrive in the sun. This strain is an average yielder and grows into a tall plant with heavy branches and buds.

Flowering Time


Pineapple Purps grown indoors can be expected to yield an average of about 16 ounces of bud per square meter of plants. This strain can take around 8 to 9 weeks to finish flowering and be ready for plucking.


Pineapple Purps grown outdoors can yield around 17 ounces of bud per plant, and should be ready for a harvest around the middle of the month of October on average.

Have you ever smoked or grown your own Pineapple Purps? Please let me know what you think about this marijuana strain in the comments below.


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  1. I know so many people that this would help with diabetes. I would love to try it for that and weight loss.