Purple Crack Strain

Purple Crack is the popular sativa hybrid that is known for its floral aroma, and its ability to allow patients to manage their mood conditions. This train takes effect almost instantly, and allows for you to feel uplifted come out without feeling too strung out.

Sativa/Indica % Indoor Yield Outdoor Yield Flowering Period
85% / 15% 17oz/ m2 18oz/ plant8 – 9 weeks indoors, mid-October outdoors.

Purple Crack is a strong sativa dominated strain that was created out of to top notch and popular standalone strains. This specific breed is the result of the combination of Green Crack with Blackwater, creating a lush and 85% sit TiVo hybrid that is known for being a powerful stress reliever.

The strain is said to be ideal for the treatment of patients who struggle to manage their social anxiety, posttraumatic stress disorder and other mood related conditions. Purple Crack is perfect as a morning smoke, as it can be energizing and uplifting, avoiding the heavier effects that Indica strains provide.

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Information about Purple Crack:

ORIGINGreen Crack mixed with Blackwater
EFFECTSrelaxed – 10
euphoric – 9
uplifted – 9
energetic – 8
dry eyes – 4
headache – 4
paranoid – 3
dizzy – 2
FRAGRANCEcitrus, earthy, fruity, pine, sweet
FLAVORSearthy, pungent, sweet, fruity, grape, pine
MEDICALmuscle spasms – 10
stress – 4
insomnia – 3
headaches – 3
pain – 3
THC CONTENT %14%-19%
CBD %1%
INDICA / SATIVA %15% / 85%
OUTDOOR YIELD18oz/ plant
CLIMATEwarm and dry mediterranean outdoor climate
RESISTANCE TO DISEASEresistant to common molds and mildew

* 10 is the highest
* 1 is the lowest


Purple Crack is a strain that is known for being the perfect mood enhancer, and is guaranteed to leave you in a much lighter state and before. This plant it’s perfect for those days when you need a bit of a boost in order to feel happy and more relaxed, as it can make you feel elated and motivated.

This hybrid is fun to share with friends, especially if you are in the mood to share your good vibes and good energy. Purple Crack we will first take effect with a solid state of euphoria that can change and turn into a mellow and the lingering feeling of being in an uplifted state.

Purple Crack Effects
Purple Crack Effects – Image powered by Medicaljane.com

Purple Crack will make you more sociable and talkative, and you will find yourself wanting to share your creative ideas and thoughts with those around you. If you have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning, then this strain can help you with that, as it will provide to you with just enough energy to get on with your day without feeling tired.


Purple Crack is known for being a really fragrant bud, and as soon as you come within its vicinity you will notice a very strong citrus and earthy sent hanging in the air. Gentle notes of fruity and sweet pine will complete its presence and leave your mouth watering.

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Purple Crack it Is supremely flavored, which you will notice as soon as you take your first drag. This strain Will taste like sweet fruits and fresh grapes on the inhale. Before exhaling, you will notice a very pungent and earthy note that will make your tongue feel sticky and remind you of sour pine.

Adverse Reaction

Purple Crack can be quite potent, with its THC levels Austin reaching 19%, so you can expect some minor side effects to go along with its high. This strain will make your mouth feel dry and do your eyes feel dry and often irritated, so it is best to keep hydrated.

Purple Crack Adverse Reaction
Purple Crack Adverse Reaction – Image powered by Weedy.com

Sometimes, you may feel slightly paranoid when smoking this bud, and this may also come with a slight headache at times. Purple Crack can leave you feeling dizzy, although this does not happen very often, or does not last for a very long time.


Purple Crack is a very useful medicinal strain that many doctors have recommended for the treatment of hard to manage illnesses. This strain is especially useful for the treatment of muscle spasms, and other related chronic conditions that may cause them.

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If you suffer from chronic stress, you may benefit from the regular use of this strain, especially because it is energizing, and can be consumed during the day. Purple Crack is also used for the treatment of insomnia in some cases, as it can make you feel more relaxed, and therefore more ready to fall asleep.

Purple Crack Medical
Purple Crack Medical – Image powered by Medicaljane.com

Purple Crack is ideal for the treatment of chronic and recurring headaches, as well as other chronic forms of pain. If you suffer from joint aches, back aches, migraines, you may benefit from the regular use of this strain, especially at the start of every day.


Purple Crack can be easy to grow and produces relatively generous yields, making it popular I’m on veteran as well as novice growers. This strength grows into a large plant and may need to be trimmed as it can branch out where it is planted.

Flowering Time


Purple Crack grown indoors can yield an estimated average of about 17 ounces per square meter, and can be expected to be ready for a fruitful harvest around 8 to 9 weeks into flowering.


Purple Crack grown outdoors should be ready for a harvest around the middle of October on average, and can be expected to yield around 18 ounces of bud per plant.


  1. Green Crack
  2. Blackwater

FAQ About Purple Crack Strain

What is the Purple Crack strain yield?

Purple Crack yields 17oz/ m2 indoors and 18oz/ plant outdoors.

How much THC does Purple Crack have?

From 14% up to 19%

What are the origins of the Purple Crack strain?

Purple Crack was created from a mix between Green Crack and Blackwater.

Have you ever smoked or grown your own Purple Crack? Please let me know what you think about this marijuana strain in the comments below.


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    2 comments on “Purple Crack Strain”

    1. I’ve only smoked purple crack. This my first time growing it. I really enjoy the flavor profile and the high. I came up on some seeds from the flower that I bought si figured what the hell I’ll give it a try. I live in northern California where it is about 100 degrees all summer. I started it inside but I put it outside when the wheather got hot enough. It definitely can handle the heat.

    2. I absolutely love the smell as it is growing,I manage to get about two dozen seeds from the smoke I bought. I am diagnosed bi- polar the high is excellent for clear mind extreme energy get your shit done.The taste is delicious. I have started 8 plant 1 and half ago they need to be tamed if you have restricted space,they grow real easy. Great for everyone to grow and smoke. I also have severe joint problems this strain has great anti-inflammatory properties RECOMMENDED FOR ALL TO ENJOY