September 17, 2018

Say you’re growing your first or second ever crop of plants, and things seem to be going along pretty well. Then you notice something alarming: the leaves of your Blueberry Kush plant are turning yellow. Oh no! Why is this happening? More importantly, what can you do to save your plants?

You Might Have a Nitrogen Deficiency

A nitrogen deficiency is one of the most common causes of leaves turning yellow. There are times when this is a normal thing, and there are other times when yellowing leaves are a cause for concern and require immediate action.

Nitrogen deficiencies cause leaves to turn yellow because cannabis plants use nitrogen to extract energy from the light and keep the leaves green. You’ll notice that the leaves and stems at the top are more green than the leaves on the bottom of your plant. Obviously this is because the leaves at the top are getting more light than the leaves on the bottom of the plant.

In the case of a nitrogen deficiency your bottom leaves will start turning yellow. This is because the newer growth is using all of the light and sucking up all of the nitrogen from the lower plants. This is a fine and normal thing for a plant to do. Think of it like a mother giving her starving child her share of a small portion of food, so the kid has a higher chance of survival. If your new growth is turning yellow, then you may have a serious problem on your hands.

why your leaves are turning yellow part 1 2
Don’t let this happen to you! Image Source: denverpartyride.com

If Your Leaves are Turning Yellow During the Flowering Stage

If your leaves are turning yellow during the flowering stage, then there’s no reason to fret or fear. This is perfectly normal for your plants to do when they’re in the flowering stage and are about ready to harvest. You want your nitrogen levels to be low when you’re close to harvest so your buds will grow nice and fat. Nitrogen levels that are too high can prevent your plants from budding. Yellowing leaves are what you want at this point!

If They’re Turning Yellow at the Vegetative Stage However…

If your leaves are turning yellow during the vegetative stage on the other hand, this is something to worry about. An untreated nitrogen deficiency during the vegetative stage will end up engulfing your plant from the bottom up, eventually killing it. If you see that your leaves are starting to turn yellow during this stage, you need to fix it quickly.

How to Treat a Nitrogen Deficiency

Nitrogen deficiencies are fairly easy to correct, as long as you get to them quickly. The best way to fix a nitrogen deficiency is to purchase premixed nutrients, focusing on those that contain a lot of nitrogen.

For more reasons why your the leaves of your cannabis plant are turning yellow, stay tuned for part 2!

Featured Image Source: High Times

Got anything to add? How have you dealt with a nitrogen deficiency? Tell us in the comments!

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