The White Strain

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What does the white color make you think of? For some, it could be the white snow. Such thoughts are quite amazing when you think about throwing snowballs to unsuspecting passersby. Oh, does it remind you of White Christmas too? You’ve heard of that, right? It’s that time of the year when everyone feels joyous?

Sativa/Indica %Indoor YieldOutdoor YieldFlowering Period
15% / 85%12 to 16 oz/ m220 ounces per plant8-9 weeks indoors, End of September to early October.

Speaking of joy, that is what this strain does. Simply called The White, this is one hard hitting cannabis that knocks out the weight of the world off your shoulder and leaves nothing else in your mind except for mind-blowing happiness and elation.

It may be Indica-dominant, but the crazy THC level that could be up to 29%, the White sure packs a big punch.

Just to clarify, this strain is called the White because of the insane amount of white crystals that covers its buds.

We know what it looks like and what it can do, but what we do not know is where it originated from. Based on its other name, Triangle Kush, was based on three areas in Florida known for cannabis – Jacksonville, Miami, and Tampa. For that reason, some people think the White is a 3-way cross of undisclosed strains.

There are some speculations that this strain may be a cross of Purple Kush, Master Kush, and OG Kush, but that is only a speculation.

Unfortunately, the White remains clone-only at this time.

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    The White weed strain attributes:
    EFFECTSRelaxed – 10
    Happy – 10
    Euphoric – 10
    Uplifted – 7
    Sleepy – 5
    Dry eyes – 5
    Dizzy – 4
    Paranoid – 2
    Headache – 1
    FRAGRANCESweet, fruity, skunky, earthy
    FLAVORSSweet, woody, pine
    MEDICALStress – 10
    Depression – 7
    Insomnia – 7
    Pain – 6
    Nausea – 5
    FLOWERING TIME OUTDOORSEnd of September to early October
    PLANT HEIGHTMedium to tall
    THC CONTENT %18% to 29%
    CBD %0.15% to 0.25%
    INDICA / SATIVA %85%/15%
    INDOOR YIELD12 to 16 ounces per square meter
    OUTDOOR YIELD20 ounces or more per plant
    GROWTH LEVELSome experience needed

    * 10 is the highest
    * 1 is the lowest


    The White is a potent strain that is absolutely not recommended for beginners. It acts quite fast in rushing in a numbing cerebral high, but not the kind that would turn you into a zombie. On the contrary, your mind remains clear and active. It’s Indica side kicks in to bring a calming effect over the whole body but not leaving you lethargic.

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    When we were bringing up the joyful spirit of Christmas earlier, it is no exaggeration to say that the White is one joyful strain. In moderation, you are going to feel the tensions swept away from your body and you become enveloped in an uplifting sensation that leaves you extremely happy and relaxed.

    The White Strain Effects
    The White Strain Effects – Image powered by

    After an hour or two, you might also feel tired and sleep. While it might be used during the day, it is best used in the evening at the end of the day. In that way, should you feel sleep, you might as well go to sleep.

    There are many popular strains that are direct descendants of the The White. Read our full review on White OG Strain and White Lightning


    With all the crystals covering the buds, you’d think it would have a stronger pungent odor. But in reality, the White has an underwhelming fragrance. It has a mild sweet fruity smell with a skunky and earthy undertone.


    Not to be outdone by its fragrance, it also has a mellow seductive taste that without a doubt, you would find quite agreeable. The White has mild sweet pine taste with a hint of wood that leaves no aftertaste. Even if the taste is underwhelming, users still find the mild taste delightful and pleasant.

    Adverse Reaction

    The White is like all other cannabis strains in that it also gives you dry mouth and dry eyes. To avoid or minimize that, drink water and stay hydrated.

    If you are new to smoking cannabis or have a low tolerance, you might also experience dizziness especially as the White starts to hit you hard at the onset. On rare instances, some might experience a mild headache or feel paranoid.

    Smoking in moderation takes care of that. In other words, know your limits and stay well within your tolerance level.


    In a short time after you start using the White, holiday season begins in your head and then to the rest of the body. This is a potent strain that works great at relieving stress. In fact, the most popular medical use of this cannabis is in managing stress and anxieties.

    We don’t currently sell The White Strain. Check out other indica dominant seeds in our marijuana seed bank.

    Due to its strong Indica side, the after effects of total physical body relaxation is drowsiness or feeling sleepy. If you have a problem with falling asleep or getting a good quality sleep, then the White may be a good strain for you to use in the evening.

    The White Medical
    The White Medical

    Some other medical uses of the White include relief from nausea and other gastrointestinal issues. It has a low CBD, so the best it could do in terms of relief from pains and aches are for mild cases only.

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      Not a lot is known on the White, but the little that we know is that it could be grown outdoor and indoor. We also know that this plant is not the easiest in the sense that there are works that need to be done such as supporting the branches, topping, and trimming.

      The Growing White
      The Growing White – Image powered by

      Flowering Time


      The White has a flowering period of 8 to 9 weeks. While it is a heavy feeder, it does not give an insane yield with around 12 to 16 ounces per square meter.


      This plant should be ready for harvest by the end of September to the early parts of October. The estimated yield size should be in the range of 20 ounces or more per plant.

      Origin (Speculations)

      1. Purple Kush
      2. Master Kush
      3. OG Kush

      FAQ About The White Strain

      What is the The White strain yield?

      The White yields 12-16 oz/ m2 indoors and 20 ounces per plant outdoors.

      How much THC does The White have?

      From 18% up to 29% THC.

      What are the origins of the The White strain?

      The White was created from a mix between Purple Kush, Master Kush and OG Kush (Speculations)

      Have you ever smoked or grown your own The White? Please let me know what you think about this marijuana strain in the comments below.


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