Dream Lotus Strain

Blue Dream has been around in the West Coast scene for a long time. Considered to be one of the classics in the region, it is a direct descendant of the legendary Blueberry. Whereas the predecessor is mostly Indica, this hybrid retains the incredible berry fragrance but leans towards the Sativa side.

Like many premium breeders, Bodhi Seeds embarked on a project to improve the growing traits of Blue Dream. They did not have to look any further than within the varieties they have developed. By crossing their own Snow Lotus with Blue Dream, the result could not have been any better.

Bodhi named the offspring Dream Lotus. It is fitting in the sense that the fusion has allowed the new hybrid to retain much of the characteristics of Blue Dream with one difference. When compared, the plant itself is shorter and has a quicker flowering time.

Dream Lotus is a balanced hybrid. In moderation, it brings about an uplifting high and full body relaxation. However, it also has the potential to disorient beginners and experienced users who overindulge.

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    Information about Dream Lotus:

    ORIGINBlue Dream and Snow Lotus
    EFFECTSHappy – 10
    Uplifted – 7
    Euphoric – 7
    Energetic – 5
    Focused – 5
    Dizzy – 6
    Headache – 5
    Anxious – 5
    Dry eyes – 1
    FRAGRANCEBlueberry, wood, herbal, pine, spicy
    FLAVORSCitrus, berry, mint, pine, spicy, wood, butter
    MEDICALStress – 10
    Spasticity – 9
    Pain – 7
    Inflammation – 7
    Depression – 5
    THC CONTENT %15% to 19%
    INDICA / SATIVA %50%/50%
    INDOOR YIELD12 to 14 ounces per square meter
    OUTDOOR YIELD14 ounces or more per plant
    CLIMATESemi-humid to Mediterranean climate

    * 10 is the highest
    * 1 is the lowest


    It does not take long before a euphoric buzz fills the head. Almost after the first hit, its effects quickly materialize. At this early stage, Dream Lotus promotes mental clarity and increases the ability of users to lock in on tasks. It also inspires creative thinking making it ideal for brainstorming sessions. At the same time, it enhances the mood and as it kicks out the bad vibes, in comes the sense of happiness.

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    For a period, the hybrid also boosts the energy level of users. Hence, apart from the upbeat feeling, there is also the motivation to stay active and productive.

    Dream Lotus Effects
    Dream Lotus Effects – Image powered by Cannabis-seeds-bank.co.uk

    In time, the body starts to feel heavy. Some people may feel tingling sensations on the limbs too. It marks the start of the physical effects of Dream Lotus. As the uplifting buzz spreads all over the body, it causes the users to slow down. In most cases, it does not cripple users but can indeed cause laziness.

    As users settle into full relaxation, the cerebral effects now take on a dreamy quality. In higher dosages, not only is the body high somewhat sedating but users also fall into deep introspection.


    The Blueberry heritage is evident in Dream Lotus. Its flowers emit the same fragrant berry scent that contributed to its becoming a worldwide sensation. Apart from that, it comes with a woody undertone. And, once the bug is crushed, it reveals herbal scent of pine with a spicy note.


    Dream Lotus has a myriad of flavors that are just waiting to burst. Delight at the citric taste of sweet berries followed by a refreshing mix of mint and pine with a spicy aftertaste.

    Adverse Reaction

    Once the psychedelic high kicks in, it is possible that some people may feel a bit dizzy. And, after some time, may also have a headache. In cases when one ends up overindulging, the effects could become overwhelming. In this case, some people may end up feeling a bit anxious or paranoid.

    Dream Lotus Adverse Reaction
    Dream Lotus Adverse Reaction – Image powered by Theloud100.wordpress.com

    Although the stated adverse effects may or may not occur, one thing is for sure. Users are going to feel the throat and eyes dry. Such is common with the use of marijuana regardless of strain.


    Dream Lotus is not only food for recreational use. It is also adept at relieving symptoms of mental and physical afflictions.

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    It has properties that help manage the mood. Combined with its euphoric and uplifting psychedelic effects, not only is it efficient in wiping out stress but it also helps people deal with depression and anxiety. Ironically, excessive use may also raise the level of anxiousness.

    Dream Lotus Medical
    Dream Lotus Medical – Image powered by Reddit.com

    While the psychoactive compounds are celebrated for the happy and relaxing high, it is also a natural painkiller and muscle relaxant. For this reason, many people suffering from chronic pains and aches have sought out its use. For instance, it prevents muscles from continually contracting and tightening making it useful in controlling spasticity.

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      Dream Lotus, with all its qualities and benefits to both the recreational and medical users, is a gift bestowed upon home growers. It is not a delicate plant to cultivate but still would need some tender loving care.

      Dream Lotus grows exceptionally well outdoors and indoors. Its naturally short stature aids in its production of large chunky buds, a typical Indica trait. A week or two into the flowering phase, the plant forms dark forest green nugs with streaks of light blue. Amber hairs and small crystal trichomes cover it.

      One of the things that growers can do when cultivating it indoors is to stimulate more lateral growth. The plant itself is short and bushy by nature but applying Low-Stress Training can result in more flowers and, consequently, increase the yield. One thing to keep an eye out for when employing any form of stress-training is a plant that may change to a hermaphrodite. Unfortunately, Dream Lotus is not available as feminized seeds which would have eliminated that concern.

      Flowering Time


      Dream Lotus has an indoor flowering period of 9 weeks when grown from a cutting. Under the expert care of seasoned growers, yields are high and may reach up to 14 ounces per square meter.


      Outdoors, the plant thrives in a warm Mediterranean climate where it flowers by October and yields more than 14 ounces per plant.

      Have you ever smoked or grown your own Dream Lotus? Please let me know what you think about this marijuana strain in the comments below.


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