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trellising cannabis plants

Trellising cannabis

Trellising cannabis is one of many ways for growers to increase their yield. Like learning optimal watering schedules and nutrient feeding, trellising helps produce healthier …

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pgr weed

PGR weed

PGRs weed is marijuana boosted by plant growth regulators to create larger and tighter buds.  But, while PGRs do help produce big buds, it’s not …

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Trichome Harvesting

Trichome harvesting chart

If you ask any grower which part of the cannabis contains the most cannabinoids, they’ll say it’s the trichomes.  Cannabinoids aren’t produced in the flowers …

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cannabis grow supplies

Weed growing supplies

Weed thrives anywhere there’s soil and light. However, you will need the skills and supplies to grow the best weed indoors.  These weed growing supplies …

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CFL and marijuana plant

How many CFLs per plant?

Compact fluorescent lighting (CFL) bulbs are one type of lighting method to use when growing cannabis plants.  CFL bulbs are cheap, like incandescent lights, but …

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foxtailing marijuana

Marijuana foxtails

Despite being hardy by nature, cannabis plants are responsive to the environment they grow, meaning a double-edged sword for growers.  On the one hand, they …

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marijuana fimming

Fimming cannabis

‘Fu$k I missed’, or fimming is a trimming method that you can apply to cannabis plants during their vegetative stage to increase the number of …

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