Why Your Marijuana Leaves are Turning Yellow

If you grow cannabis and experience your marijuana leaves turning yellow, it’s time to do a bit of research into what’s causing it. It is rather alarming to start seeing yello[...]

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Sea Of Green (SOG) Marijuana Growing

Sea of Green, usually abbreviated “SOG,” is a method of growing marijuana that forces flowering at a young age. The plants will have only been in vegetative state for about tw[...]

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When to Harvest Autoflowers

For marijuana growers interested in growing autoflowers, there are a few things you should be aware of to ensure that you maximize their potential. Just like with photosensitive c[...]

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Mainlining Weed: How the Pros Get Higher Yields

Many cannabis growers want reliable ways to increase the yield and efficiency of their plants. Mainlining is a cannabis growing technique that increases yield. This article will d[...]

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Best Weed Strains for Sex

There’s nothing like adding cannabis to your sexual experience to enhance both your mental and physical stimulations. Marijuana is great for relaxation, and it also heightens th[...]

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Best Cannabis Strains to Mix

If you have been experimenting with mixing weed strains or craving the perfect effect from your marijuana, you may want to try mixing your strains. Blending your weed is a highly [...]

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Top Diesel Strains

Diesel is one of the most common flavors in weed, and for a good reason. Diesel genetics tend to have high levels of THC and powerfully energetic highs. The gassy citrus smell tha[...]

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Best Skunk Weed Strains

Skunk weed strains have an incredibly long history. The first skunk weed was bred in the 1970s, and today just about every strain has at least a little skunk heritage. There’[...]

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Best Autoflower Strains

Most weed plants require a certain amount of sunshine to graduate from the vegetative to the flowering phase. This process happens best during autumn because that’s when there s[...]

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