6 of the Fastest Flowering Strains You Can Find!

Sometimes you need your weed to grow fast. Perhaps your supply is running low, or maybe your growing location won’t support a lengthy grow. Whatever your reasons, you should start with fast flowering strains and add proven growing methods for the quickest harvest. 

This article explains how to grow cannabis the quickest way possible, while also highlighting some of the fastest-growing cannabis strains. 

How Quick Can Cannabis Grow?

There is a lot of variation in how long it will take a given cannabis plant to grow. Luckily, most of the time, the grower will have received this information when they chose a strain and bought it from a seed bank. Still, it’s good to know the basics before jumping in.

Indicas generally grow a little faster and have a higher yield than other strains. They flower in about 8-12 weeks. Sativas have longer flowering times, more like 10-12 weeks total. Their yields are usually smaller, and the plants are taller.

Hybrids can go in many directions, which is mostly determined by their most dominant genes. They often have a combination, such as a shorter vegetative stage and a longer flowering phase

Lots of factors besides the strain itself, can make a difference. Growers can influence this through their growing techniques as well as where and how they decide to grow their marijuana plants (indoors vs. outdoors, hydroponics vs. other mediums, etc.). 

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Best Fast Flowering Strains to Try

OG Kush

og kush weed strain fast flowering
og kush weed strain fast flowering
Flowering Period IndoorsFlowering Period Outdoors
8 – 9 weeks Early October

The one, the only, the original OG Kush is one of the fastest flowering strains there is. This hybrid strain flowers in roughly 8 weeks, and is easy to grow indoors or outdoors.

You’ll tend to see the best results if you use a hydroponic setup. OG Kush is fairly susceptible to powdery mildew but should be fine as long as you prune it regularly. This is an excellent strain for beginner growers.


Jamaican Dream

jamaican dream cannabis strain
Flowering Period IndoorsFlowering Period Outdoors
6 to 7 weeksLate September

Jamaican Dream is a delightful little treat that typically flowers after only 45 days, which I don’t need to tell you is quite fast. This strain possesses all of the best qualities of both indica and sativa.

Jamaican Dream also grows equally well both indoors and outdoors. This hardy plant is perfect for new growers because it can withstand things that would destroy other plants.

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Critical Kush

Critical Kush marijuana Strain
Critical Kush marijuana Strain
Flowering Period IndoorsFlowering Period Outdoors
9 – 10 weekslate September to early October 

Critical Kush, an offspring of Critical Mass and the classic OG Kush, is an indica that requires a great deal of room to flourish.

If you decide to grow Critical Kush, then make sure that you’re growing in a large enough area your plants can breathe in! This flowers in only 8 weeks and is one of the fastest flowering strains there is, so you can expect a quick harvest. Critical Kush is one of the fastest flowering strains you can find!


Purple Cheese

Purple Kush weed Strain
Purple Kush weed Strain
Flowering Period IndoorsFlowering Period Outdoors
9 – 11 weeks July and October

This autoflowering indica dominant strain is known for its sweet and fruity aroma, and being generally less cheesy in flavor than other varieties of cheese strains that are out there. Purple Cheese is best when grown in cooler climates (to bring out the purple colors of the flower), growing 50-80 cm.



Hobbit marijuana Strain
Hobbit marijuana Strain
Flowering Period IndoorsFlowering Period Outdoors
65 DaysApril – September

The sweet and fruity tasting hybrid strain Hobbit is another strain that will bring a quick and relatively large harvest. This isn’t the fastest flowering strain, as it flowers in just over 65 days, but it’s still pretty fast, in my opinion. People love Hobbit for its sweet taste and pungent, earthy aroma.


White Ryder

White Ryder Strain
White Ryder Strain
Flowering Period IndoorsFlowering Period Outdoors
8 to 12 weeks from seed to harvest8 to 12 weeks from seed to harvest

The indica dominant hybrid White Ryder, was supposed to be similar to White Widow, but by combining the auto-flowering strains, White Dwarf and Lowryder, to make this awesomely potent treat.

This strain flowers in under 80 days, and tends to stay pretty short. This makes it easy to grow on the down low and even hide, should the need arise.


Of course, there are other strains that flower fairly quickly, but if you’re in a real rush, then you can’t go wrong with one of these!

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Useful Tips for a Quicker Harvest

Besides selecting a specific strain that is known for its fast flowering, there are some choices you can make as a grower to speed up the process. 

Indica vs sativa vs hybrid

There are many indica strains (or indica-leaning hybrids) that have quite short flowering periods just by nature. Sativas generally take a longer time. If you want to harvest quickly, it’s a good idea to start with an indica or an indica-leaning hybrid.

Settle for smaller yields (choose a high yield plant)

Sometimes growers get greedy, and that’s why their harvesting time takes a long time. They want to maximize the size and yield of their plants, but any amount of growth takes lots of time.

If your main priority is to get a decent harvest in a short amount of time, you will be happier if you settle for a smaller yield. Choose a high-yield strain so you can shorten the grow time while still getting a decent harvest at the end.

Try different grow methods

Try growing indoors instead of outdoors, where you have complete control over the lighting, and therefore do things like initiate the flowering phase sooner than would happen naturally outdoors. On top of that, your grow medium can make a big difference, too — go for hydroponics instead of soil to speed things up during the vegetative phase.

Alter the lighting

Lighting is everything, and grow time is no exception. Give your plants more light during the vegetative phase (we’re talking 24 hours of light), so they can soak in as much energy to grow faster. Then, start up the flowering phase sooner (only possible for non-autos) by giving them only 12 hours of light and darkness every day.

Pollinate your flowers (lowers potency)

About a week before you would want to harvest, you can pollinate your buds to increase their rate of maturing in their final week of flowering. The buds will form seeds but won’t have time to harden their shells, making them tolerable. 

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Which are your go-to’s when you’re looking for the fastest-flowering strains? Tell us about it in the comment section!

Happy growing!


FAQ About Fastest Flowering Strains

Do plants with problems take longer to grow?

If your plant ends up with some kind of health problem, it could take longer to reach your target  yield. You may have to reduce the lighting during the vegetative phase for it to recover, which slows down growth a little bit. Weed plants are hardy by nature; however, so all is not lost if your plant has some issues!

How long does marijuana usually take to grow?

The length of time from germination to smoking can vary widely with different types of marijuana and different growing techniques. It can take anywhere from 8 weeks to three months or more, so be sure to read the information about your seeds, so you know what to expect. Most marijuana plants fall within the 12 to 16-week range.

Where can I find the best fast-flowering marijuana seeds?

ILGM offers an entire collection of seeds for fast-flowering strains: These seeds have lots of information and reviews, so you can pick whatever strain works best for you while knowing it will have a short flowering period.

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