Maui Bubble Gift Strain

Maui Bubble Gift is truly a ‘gift’ to the medical marijuana community. It boasts a 2:1 CBD to THC ratio that is powerful enough to appease a wide array of mental and physical affliction. And, while therapeutic in purpose, it still retains enough THC levels to induce a subtle recreational high

Adding to its appeal is its excellent lineage, a cross of three mainstay strains: God’s Gift, Maui Waui (pronounced ‘Wowie’), and Bubble Gum. The first two influenced Maui Bubble Gift’s euphoric head high while the latter gave it its high CBD.

A product by Eco Firma Farms, users are assured of an all organic smoke cultivated using responsible fertilization practices in Oregon’s first farm fully operating on renewable energy.

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Maui Bubble Gift weed strain attributes:
ORIGINBubble Gum, God’s Gift, Maui Wowie
EFFECTSRelaxed – 10
Uplifted – 6
Euphoric – 5
Happy – 5
Hungry – 4
Dry mouth – 6
Anxious – 6
Dizzy – 2
Headache – 2
FRAGRANCEPungent, floral, earthy
FLAVORSTropical, berry, herbal, sage, sweet, citrus
MEDICALPain – 10
Stress – 9
Headaches – 5
Lack of appetite – 5
Nausea – 5
THC CONTENT %5% to 9%
CBD %7% to 11%
INDICA / SATIVA %60%/40%
INDOOR YIELD12 to 14 ounces per square meter
OUTDOOR YIELD14 ounces or more per plant
CLIMATEWarm climate

* 10 is the highest
* 1 is the lowest


Maui Bubble Gift contains an average of 9% THC. Hence, it should come not as a surprise to experienced marijuana users accustomed to more potent strains to feel nothing. Still, it induces a psychedelic high that only beginners, and those awaiting it, can notice.

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It takes quite some time for Maui Bubble Gift’s effects to manifest. But, though gradual, users do tend to notice a subtle euphoric rush clearing the mind. In the clarity, many find themselves feeling happier and upbeat. At this point, it is best to have some snacks prepared nearby for convenience’s sake. The mental stimulation is, after all, quite hunger inducing.

Maui Bubble Gift Effects
Maui Bubble Gift Effects

In most cases, users do not feel the onset of the Maui Bubble Gift’s Indica traits until one deliberately takes notice of the soothing body buzz coursing through the body. It relaxes the muscles and intensifies the calming effect of the bud. Some people may even feel their limbs seemingly heavier. Although, the herb itself has neither numbing or sedating effects. As such, it can be used any time of the day.


Whether one crushes the bud or not, Maui Bubble Gift has a pungent fragrance marked by a floral sweetness with earthy undertones.

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Maui Bubble Gift has a surprising tropical flavor that, once drawn in, bursts into pulps of berry. However, an herbal sage lingers in the palate when savored. On the exhale, it leaves a sweet citric aftertaste.

Adverse Reaction

Dehydration is a common reaction to using marijuana regardless the strain. Most likely, users end up with red eyes and a cottonmouth especially with cannabinoids interfering with the production of saliva. The symptoms are usually mild and often go away on their own. But, if symptoms persist, downing a glass of water should help rehydrate the body.

Maui Bubble Gift Adverse Reaction
Maui Bubble Gift Adverse Reaction

Some users, however, may experience a phenomenon called ‘greening out.’ It is characterized by dizziness, a keen awareness, and heightened levels of anxiety. Others may also feel a slight headache. This is rare, of course, as it is usually the result of using too much of Maui Bubble Gift. While individual tolerance is also a factor, so is one’s disposition before taking a hit. In such cases, it is best to either pace the strain or not smoking at all.


Maui Bubble Gift’s significant levels of CBD, combined with the therapeutic value of its THC and cannabinoids, provide a reprieve against various mental and physical ailments.

Its powerful analgesic properties, for example, relieves various kind of aches and pains beginning from the temples. In patients with anorexia or cachexia, the soothing buzz relaxes the sharp sting of sudden muscular contractions in the gastrointestinal tract. By relaxing the stomach and stimulating it, the body becomes more receptive to small increments of food. Meanwhile, its anti-emetic abilities eases nausea, making it indispensable for users who have just undergone chemotherapy.

Maui Bubble Gift Medical
Maui Bubble Gift Medical

Massive amounts of stress often exacerbate problems in both the mind and the body. For example, if left unreleased, it can accelerate the onset of depression and anxiety that often hinders the ability to live one’s their life. By using Maui Bubble Gift, users can temporarily appease symptoms of chronic stress and relax.

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Being a medical strain, Maui Bubble Gift guarantees aspiring growers a relatively difficult growing process. This is because it requires the expert care of a seasoned grower provide more stability for the plant. Thus, regardless of the batch being grown, the plants maintain their chemical levels. Despite this, Eco Firma Farms has chosen to make the seeds publicly available so beginners may try their hand at cultivating the strain.

Eco Firma Farms believes in sustainability. In fact, their dedication to green growing has turned them into the very first fully wind-powered farm in Oregon. As such, it is not surprising to see Maui Bubble Gift thrive in a growing space that mimics an organic environment. Indoors, a soil medium encourages the plant to produce flavorful buds. Grown outdoors, breeders will have to watch out for pests that can potentially ravage the batch.

As an Indica-leaning herb, Maui Bubble Gift is very receptive to the Sea of Green method. It helps the plant reach its fullest potential and yields bigger, denser buds.

Flowering Time


Unlike other Indica-leaning strains, Maui Bubble Gift takes 9 to 11 weeks to flower after it is exposed to a 12/12 light cycle. However, growers are rewarded for the long wait as the herb produces 12 to 14 ounces of buds per square meter.


Maui Bubble Gift blossoms anywhere between the second and fourth week of October. It yields at least 14 ounces of buds per plant.

Have you ever smoked or grown your own Maui Bubble Gift? Please let me know what you think about this marijuana strain in the comments below.


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