Snowball Strain

If you are a fan of the OG variants, then the Snowball cannabis strain is one that you should try.

This strain boasts flowers with a distinctive scent that its fans adore, and its nugs are no slouch either.

The purple flowers and white trichomes make for an eye-catching combination of colors. 

Snowball is an indica-dominant hybrid with a 70% indica to 30% sativa split.

Its creators, Ethos Genetics, made this strain by cross-pollinating “The White” with “Chem 4 OG.”

For those not familiar with Chem 4 OG, this legendary hybrid has San Francisco Valley OG Kush and Chemdog parentage.  

As for the name “Snowball;”  it describes the hybrid’s appearance as well as its effects.

Once cured, the thick trichome blanket gives the buds a snowy look. And more trichomes mean better potency, as is evident from the 23-30% THC content for various cuts of this hybrid.

The marijuana flower’s effects build up slowly and steadily. So, if you do not feel the high immediately, be careful not to dismiss this strain’s powers right away! Give it time.

You will be rewarded with an intensely relaxing high that is just as blissful for the mind as it is for the body. 

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Snowball weed strain attributes:
ORIGINThe White and Chem 4 OG
Hunger pangs
ADVERSE REACTIONSSleeplessness (if smoked too much)
Dry eyes
FRAGRANCECitrusy, creamy, a hint of diesel, light earthy, acidic, zesty
FLAVORSCitrusy, creamy, pungent, earthy
FLOWERING TIME6 to 10 weeks indoors, early September outdoors
INDICA / SATIVA %70%/30%
INDOOR YIELDbetween 50-100 grams per square foot
OUTDOOR YIELDup to 150 grams per square foot

Snowball Strain Effects

When stress and fatigue get the better of you after a long hard day at work, you need a pick-me-up strain like Snowball.

Its attributes make it ideal for evening use when you need help unwinding and relaxing.

Like the name, the Snowball high also starts small, and slowly but surely, the effects grow on you.

You typically don’t realize the high has crept up on them until an hour after the last toke.

Many say the buzz from the Snowball cannabis strain starts as a euphoric head high that will have you floating like a buoy in an ocean of serenity.

Once the high settles in, sedation begins to take effect – the best time for you to hit the hay!

Experienced users generally prefer smoking this strain a couple of hours before bedtime.

This helps calm the mind and body, promoting a good night’s sleep.  

If you aren’t sleepy,  you could find yourself gleefully rummaging through your fridge (and kitchen cabinets) for something to munch on.

Snowball’s rich terpene profile lends to many therapeutic properties such as fighting chronic pain, insomnia, inflammation, cramps or muscle spasms, and chronic fatigue.

The happy, euphoric, and “chilled out” feeling is what makes the hybrid a popular choice for calming anxiety and balancing moods. 

Snowball Strain Fragrance 

Citrusy, creamy, a hint of diesel, and light earthy tones – these terms best describe the snowball fragrance.

If you like the smell of salad with yogurt-based dressing, then you will recognize those familiar notes in this hybrid too.

The acidic, zesty aroma is said to intensify as each nugget is pulled apart and crushed. 

There is a characteristic, almost dairy-like cream fragrance towards the end.

Pay attention, and you should be able to pick these creamy hints once the stronger notes give way.

The hybrid’s pleasant yet unique scent is not too overpowering on the nose.

Instead, it fills the air with a terpene-rich aroma that is enticing for most marijuana users.  

Snowball Strain Flavors 

Matching the citrusy whiff of the strain is its flavor, which has a subtle sour citrus feel.

Along with it is a creamy, pungent taste of earthy undertones.

On the whole, it might make you feel like you are in a lemon orchard after it has just stopped raining. The exhale is smooth.

Those creamy flavors do leave a good impression on your taste buds as they exit the mouth!  

Snowball’s citrusy and creamy flavor profile along with its euphoric and relaxing effects will make you always look forward to your next smoke. Find seeds with similar properties in my shop.

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Snowball Strain Adverse Reactions  

Snowball strain is not known for producing adverse reactions. But, smoking too much of this hybrid might put you in a carefree (leaning towards careless) state.

If you are new to smoking marijuana, do not expect to maintain focus after toking on some Snowball nugs. As the high tends to get users into a low-key state, most will not enjoy this strain for daytime use.  

Users who have smoked this hybrid right before bed have found themselves awake for longer than they would have liked.

So, if it’s sleep you need, then you may want to take the weed at least a couple of hours before going to bed. This way, your mind has time to relax, and you’ll be in sleepy land in no time. 

Other common effects of Snowball (or any strain)  include cottonmouth and dry eyes. So, be prepared with a hydration solution and a good amount of food before you start smoking.  

Growing Snowball Strain 

Perfect for all levels of growers, Snowball strain seeds are easy for most people to grow. Find them as feminized seeds and grow them either indoors or outdoors. 

Home growers also prefer Snowball strain seeds because of their high yield and dense flowers.

On average, this strain’s yield is about 50-75 grams of bud per square foot of plant (if cultivated right).  

While the plants get to about 3 feet tall, Snowball buds also take on quite the size.

They can get just as big and dense as those seen with the Critical Mass and Amnesia Haze strains in some cuts.

The flowers themselves are quite eye-catching. Their purple hue sits well against a backdrop of green water leaves. 

Being a strain that is susceptible to mold and plant disease, it is vital to stay vigilant during the latter phase of vegetation.

Adequate ventilation, light, and nutrition during the Snowball strain flowering time can further enhance the prospects of a good yield.  

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The Snowball strain flowering time indoors can be anywhere from 6 to 10 weeks. This will, of course, depend on whether the strain is grown indoors or outdoors. Outdoor growing typically takes longer and tends to harvest in early September.



Growers can expect indoor yields that range between 50-100 grams per square foot. Focus on keeping your grow environment low humidity to prevent mold, and you should see a good harvest.  

Cold temperatures after heavy rains can lead to mold in your cannabis plants. Check out our collection of mold-resistant strains so you won’t lose your harvest to bud rot.

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Outdoor yields can be greater than indoors, especially when grown in a greenhouse setting. Expect yields of up to 150 grams per square foot.   


  1. The White
  2. Chem 4 OG

FAQs about Snowball Strain

What is the Snowball strain yield?

Snowball can reward you with yields of between 50-100 grams per square foot when grown indoors, and up to 150 grams per square foot if grown outdoors.

How much THC does Snowball have?

Snowball contains between 23-30% THC.

What are the origins of the Snowball strain?

Bred by Ethos Genetics, Snowball strain was the result of cross-pollinating The White with Chem 4 OG.

You only need practice and learning to grow marijuana like a pro. Let my blog help you get started.

Have you smoked or grown your own Snowball strain? Please share your experience or leave questions in the comments.

Happy growing!


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