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Anti-Cannabis Group Presents False MMJ Claims According to Congressmen

Anti-Cannabis Group Presents False MMJ Claims According to Congressmen

June 30,2017

A recent incident has seen Congressmen Rohrabacher and Blumenauer fighting against the false claims that have been presented by Kevin Sabet on Twitter. Kevin is the leader of Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM), which is a group that testified to a House subcommittee removing the protection offered in the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment.

The anti-cannabis group wrongly reported that the marijuana industry has lost its current protection from federal enforcement in the proposed spending bill for the next year. Sabet declared that this position should freak out pot investors and the situation is great for those who detest marijuana protection.

Legalization advocates, on the other hand, have collectively responded to these false claims. Tom Angell, who leads the Marijuana Majority group, responded to Sabet on Twitter that they are extremely ignorant and do not understand how the Congress works in terms of presenting bills and amendments.


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Angell argued that the federal spending provision which stops the Department of Justice from using resources against state legalized cannabis is never presented in the base bill. He further presented that Sabet was blowing the situation out of proportion. Meanwhile, Sabet responded that Angell was wrong in this matter. A debate of words escalated on Twitter after these two went for each other.

When reporters asked Blumenauer’s office to make an official comment, a spokesperson responded that the cannabis amendment has never been a part of the base appropriations bill. The language only appeared in the 2017 bill to show its continuation from the previous year, which included the famous amendment.

In fact, Blumenauer and Rohrabacher jointly stated that there have been false claims that show that medical marijuana protections are not approved by the Congress. They further stated that there is no new development and the legislative process is occurring in the desired manner. The bill will be amended again this year to provide protection to state backed medical marijuana programs.


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Although the debate should have stopped after this clarification, SAM and Sabet continued to argue. They sent out a press release in which they claimed that the Congressmen were wrongly presenting the situation since they had asked the House subcommittee for the amendment to be included in the bill.

Sabet said in the press release that Rohrabacher and Blumenauer have been funded by illegal marijuana operations and asked for their appropriations to be included in the base spending bill for the next year. Since they did not succeed, they are misrepresenting the situation.

Another SAM member tweeted to a reporter that the two Congressmen are profiting from illegal cannabis sales, but failed to produce any evidence when the reporter asked for it. Political observers report that it is a common practice to send formal request letters, although it may already be known that they will not receive any support. The US Attorney General has already done so in the past.


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This situation has allowed different prohibitionist groups to make fun of the propositions. Sabet, on the other hand, is proud to have irked Congressmen who support cannabis legalization practices. The claims of SAM though, are without documented evidence and therefore, are in line with their previous claims that also occurred without substance.

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