35 – How to fertilize the soil for marijuana plants

Marijuana soil fertilization

Only use liquid fertilizers if the mix of soil isn’t good enough, the pot is too small or there are symptoms of low-development (yellow leaves for example). The fertilizers can be added to the irrigation water before supplying the marijuana plant with it.

Liquid fertilizers are absorbed instantly. This can have a drawback as well as an advantage. If there is added too much fertilizer the plant can burn, but on the other hand: the minerals are used immediately at the moment the marijuana plant needs them. It is thus of vital importance that you carefully use liquid fertilizers.

There are different kinds of liquid fertilizers. Chemical or biological, for seedlings, grow and flowering. Make sure that the salesman assures the quality of the product.


Biological ones work well, are not aggressive and don’t harm the soil. But they are made of algae and so they don’t smell very nice. Chemical fertilizers are more difficult in use. When you use too much, the marijuana plant can burn away or taste really bad after harvest.

Fertilization via the leaves

Another way of fertilization is via the leaves. The pores of the leaves (stomas) can absorb fertilizers. It’s a quick way to solve problems with a plant and when the roots are not at their best you can still feed the cannabis plant.


This way of fertilization has to be done with a hydroponics solution. Spray this solution onto the leaves with five times the normal amount of water (this against leaves burning away). When this is done, rinse the leaves with water against suffocation by minerals. By adding a drop of dish soap the bending strength of the leaves reduces so most of the water doesn’t drip of, but is absorbed.

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