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Magnum PI

Magnum PI is not at all a potent strain. Yet, it remains equally sought after. Its smoke is invigorating – exuding hints of apricot and citrus. Enhancing the overall flavor is a sweet earth, hinting at what is to come.[…]

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Robert Bergman

August 30, 2019
Goji Diesel

Goji OG is one of the more popular strains from Bodhi Seeds. It has a uniquely flavored terpene profile that blends together the taste of various hints of fruit and licorice to create the sought-after goji berry taste. However, this[…]

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Robert Bergman

August 29, 2019
Ghost Ship

Colorado Seeds brings together Purple Kush and Gupta Kush into powerful Indica strain – Ghost Ship. It boasts a strong Kush profile that indicates the upcoming heavy-limbed [...]

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What is Bubble Hash? An Ultimate Guide

Do you consider yourself a cannabis concentrate connoisseur? Perhaps you are looking for a unique way to use the fruits of your harvest. Either way, you should try a making Bubble[...]

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Don Shula

Don Shula is a professional football player and coach who has more games than any other NFL coach in his 33-year track record. He keeps his players in motivated and clearheaded th[...]

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Sapphire Scout

Modern strains often boast high THC levels, but few ever go beyond the 25% range. One of which is Sapphire Scout, a robust bud that produces a powerful head and body high that cou[...]

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Mekamika Haze

It is rare to find a pure strain in the cannabis industry. Most of the time, users will come across hybrids that will lean toward one side. In this regard, alone, Mekamika Haze is[...]

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Frank’s Gift

There is a bittersweet but touching story to Frank’s Gift. It starts with Frank, a cancer survivor who relapses again despite already battling the dreaded condition. His tre[...]

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