Growing Marijuana In Mississippi

November 13, 2020

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The Deep South state of Mississippi may not be the first place you think to grow weed, but compared to other options it may be a better bet. This is because of two reasons- Mississippi currently has decriminalized marijuana, and cultivation is the same as possession. Since the possession laws are fairly relaxed, you could grow a small amount of marijuana, and if caught, only face a fine if it is within the decriminalized possession limits. Of course, you don’t want to get caught, (no one wants his or her weed confiscated), but not going to jail if you do is nice.

The state also recently passed Initiative 65, which legalizes the medical use of marijuana for certain conditions. Previously, Mississippi only allowed the use of CBD for certain types of epilepsy. The state plans to have its medical marijuana program running by the summer 2021.

Mississippi laws

cannabis law mississippi

Mississippi has decriminalized marijuana, meaning most weed related charges will not result in years of jail time. This includes possession of up to 30 grams of marijuana. If you have less than 30 grams, (including any plant matter if you grow weed in Mississippi), and are caught, you could pay a $250 fine.  Not a bad deal considering every state that borders Mississippi is a lot less lenient.

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Even though they have decriminalized marijuana, it is still a far step from being legal. The state still has mandatory minimums for second-time offenders. Whereas 30 grams would give you a fine before, the second time its five days in jail.  So Mississippi is not the most easy-going decriminalized state, but so far, it is the only decriminalized state on the Gulf Coast. That says something on its own.

Medical Marijuana

In November 2020, Mississippi passed Initiative 65, which established a medical marijuana program for qualifying conditions. The conditions include:

  • Cancer
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Glaucoma
  • Sickle- Cell Anemia
  • PTSD

as well as many others. They also distinguish marijuana as an approved alternative to opioids for pain management. Patients can possess up to 2.5 ounces which they must purchase. Home growing will not be allowed.

Mississippi’s medical marijuana program will begin the summer of 2021. The official guidelines will be available in July.

Growing marijuana in Mississippi

grow weed mississippi

Since it is still risky to grow weed in Mississippi, it is important to know how to do it without getting caught, if you plan to take that chance. Here’s what Robert Bergman recommends:

  1. Download and read The Marijuana Grow Bible. Read the entire book. Not only does it have advice on how to grow marijuana, it has clear instructions for how to do it and not get caught.
  2. Purchase Seeds. Do not buy cheap seeds. You will waste your time on low-quality buds that might not even grow. Instead, buy marijuana seeds at I love Growing Marijuana and know that your marijuana plant will grow good and strong.
  3. Grow Marijuana. If you’ve read the Grow Bible, and you have your seeds, you are ready to grow some weed! Since Mississippi has not legalized weed growing, do not grow multiple plants. Two plants are guaranteed to be more than 30 grams.

Tips & tricks

Here are a few other laws about marijuana you might want to keep in mind while in Mississippi:

  • When traveling, keep your weed in the trunk. Weed anyplace else is 90 days in jail.
  • Hash is not decriminalized. Even the tiniest amount of it is jail time. Grow weed in Mississippi and stick to the buds.
  • The medical marijuana program is not in effect until the summer of 2021. Until then, the current laws apply.

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  1. By Don Arnold ,27 May 2017
    hmmmmm decisions decisions
  2. By Samantha ,17 Nov 2020
    I am current Mississippi resident and people who are on any type of probation is allowed to go ahead and have a doctor write a letter saying the person on probation is getting prescribed medical marijuana and they will not […]Read More
  3. By Dr. FeeeeelGoooood ,04 Feb 2021
    This is new for MS.... DR's face alot of backlash from the Gov and many are scared to even write a steady dose of anything thats scheduled. They will send you to a "specialist" instead. So anyone on probo can […]Read More

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