How Can I Get Smoother Hits Off My Bong?

Everyone loves taking bong hits, well at least I know that I do. One of the complaints I hear most often is that the hits are too harsh.

When I started smoking weed bongs were pretty simple, and as such they were pretty harsh.

A stale bong hit was likely to make you cough so hard you literally lost your lunch.

So, how so do you go about making your hits smoother? or how to make bong hits less harsh?

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Throwing Some Ice In Your Bong

This is the tried and (mostly) true method for making giving yourself smoother hits, but this is not the best method.

For one, ice melts pretty quickly, and then you have all this extra water that you have to dump out of your bong, which is hasslefest.

You’ve got things to do after all! This will work in a pinch, but we can definitely do better.

Try Glycerin Coils

Glycerin coils are a relatively new take on the traditional ice bong. Glycerin coils are simply put, coils are a detachable glass addition to your bong that you put in the freezer prior to using your bong.

These consist of a glass chamber filled with glycerin, which contains additional coils that allow the smoke to pass through as you inhale.

These keep your bong cooler for a lot longer than ice, and are a lot less, well, messy than ice can be. You can usually find bongs that come with glycerin coils, or you can find them separately.


Use a Precooler

Precoolers are something that I really wish had been around when I first started smoking weed.

Precoolers are nifty little attachments for a bong that cool your hit before you inhale it. They attach to your downstem in lieu of a regular slider bowl and have an attached bowl.

You fill them with a slight amount of water prior to usage, then attach it to your bong.

As you pull, the precooler effectively cools your hit and filters the smoke. The resulting effect is a lot less harsh on your lungs!

Percolators, Of Course!

Percolators are amazing inventions. At the time that I started smoking they were primarily in expensive bongs that were way outside of the price range of the average 16 year old.

Luckily, now they are everywhere! There are so many different types of percolators too!

You can start simple with a diffuser downstem, which is a downstem with holes that diffuse the smoke as you pull and inhale, or you can go super complicated with a triple layer perc bong.

I find that more percs does not necessarily work better for getting smoother hits off of your bong. Usually one well placed one is enough to do the trick. But, that’s just me.

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Grind Up That Herb!

One thing that you definitely should be doing is grinding up your herb real fine. Make sure that you don’t grind it up into dust though!

The finer it is, the smoother hits you will have. Your bowl will smoke faster, but hey, that’s what loading another bowl is for, right?

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Faq about bongs and smoother hits

How do you make a bong toke hurt less?

The best way to make a bong toke hurt less is either use ice cubes or glycerin coils. Simply put, coils to your bong that you put in the freezer prior to using your bong. It keeps the bong cooler for long and makes your inhale less hurtful.

Is it bad to hit a bong without water?

Using a bong without water is directly inhaling smoke which is very bad for your lungs. Water aids in filtration and purification of smoke, hence yes, it is bad to hit a bong without water

Do Precoolers make your hit smooth?

Yes, Precoolers definitely make your hit smoother. You fill them with a slight amount of water prior to usage, then attach it to your bong. As you pull, the precoolers effectively cool your hit and filters the smoke

Got any other tips for getting smoother hits off your bong? Tell us in the comments!

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2 comments on “How Can I Get Smoother Hits Off My Bong?”

  1. Skip the ice. I read this tip in High Times magazine about 40 years ago. Warm (not hot) water. Ice causes the molecules to clump together. I didn’t believe it, but I tried it. I never used ice again. Much smoother.

  2. Your calling one of them a precooler! They have been around for longer than you may think! I made one when I was 15 and that was in 1976! I And it was professional looking! I made them out of plexi-glass and sold them at Rock Concerts for $20.00 a pop which was about a $13.00 dollar profit at the time!