Where to buy marijuana in Canada

Currently, medical marijuana is legal across the nation of Canada. Come this July however, recreational marijuana will be legalized, and a medical prescription for the herb will no longer be necessary. Until that day comes, it’s important to note where to legally buy marijuana while we wait for the summer rules to change.

In the meantime, assuming you’re 19 years of age or older, pick up your medical marijuana prescription and head out to the nearest medical marijuana dispensary! Most of the best dispensaries are located in British Columbia, but there are plenty of others to be found as well.

Besides of local dispensaries, there are many options online to get your marijuana. One of the easy and accessible options is Bulk Weed Inbox, where you can order your medical and recreational cannabis from home.

Rather go to a local dispensary? Check out some of our favorites below.

Eden Medicinal Society (Vancouver, BC)

Eden Medicinal Society (Vancouver, BC)
Eden Medicinal Society (Vancouver, BC) – Image powered by Vancouversun.com

The focal point of Eden Medicinal Society is community. Patients who walk in the doors will feel instantly at ease and cared for. At both locations in Vancouver, EMS has a doctor on hand to give patients the prescription they need, as well as the products they require. EMS prides itself on being available to help people understand what this natural form of medicine can do for various ailments. EMS was the original dispensary to pass the CAMCD (Canadian Association of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries) and be certified in Canada.

MMJ Canada (Vancouver, Nelson, Toronto, Hamilton)

When its doors opened in 2013, the owners of MMJ Canada had no idea that it would become such a huge success. It started off as a small dispensary and now has numerous locations in Vancouver, Nelson, Toronto, and Hamilton, with more locations planned to open elsewhere. MMJ Canada’s main goal is to ensure their members are all taken care of to the best of their ability. It is one of the top dispensaries in the nation and serves both Cannabis and Cannabis alternatives.

The Village (Vancouver, BC)

Back in 2016, the Village became well known when it was a nominee at the Canadian Cannabis Awards for “Best Dispensary” – and then took first place. It is best known for its helpful, caring staff members who are there for one primary purpose: helping customers find the best medicine. Their dispensary centers around the whole idea of wellness; not just healing physical symptoms.

Clinique la Croix Verte (Montreal, Quebec)

Clinique la Croix Verte (Montreal, Quebec)
Clinique la Croix Verte (Montreal, Quebec) – Image powered by Ici.radio-canada.ca

This Montreal clinic is more than just a one-stop shop for medical marijuana. They also provide guidance for a number of services, including advice on dieting and everyday lifestyle choices. Although their name is French, their staff can also speak English or Spanish without a problem. If you are looking for a recommendation for a strain that works best for a particular disease or sickness, Clinique la Croix Verte is the place to go.

Starbuds (Kelowna and North Kamloops, BC)

Starbuds is known for giving patients an excellent customer experience, due to the ambiance of the center (extremely clean as well as highly professional staff members). It has two British Columbia locations: Kelowna and North Kamloops. Both locations are highly rated for their top-rate service and expertise, as well as an overall welcoming atmosphere.

Cloud Nine (Victoria, BC)

Cloud Nine (Victoria, BC)
Cloud Nine (Victoria, BC) – Image powered by Cannasos.com

Upon first entering Cloud Nine, patients can expect to feel completely at ease. The owners have made an effort to give it a comfortable, relaxing vibe, allowing newbies to the scene to feel comfortable asking questions and getting the information they need. It is centrally located and has flowers that are potent and effective.

THC The Healing Center (Vancouver, BC)

THC stands out for its stylish aesthetic. Its dazzling white walls, shelves, and counters will delightfully blind you as you walk in. On top of that, THC has excellent know-how and products befitting of such a stylish locale. You can tell the staff is proud to work there, but that doesn’t take away from their friendliness at all.

Kelowna Compassion Society (Kelowna, BC)

The fittingly named Kelowna Compassion Society offers advice and experiences that cater not only to people’s medical Cannabis needs but also to other lifestyle elements, such as yoga. In fact, they offer “Ganja Yoga” sessions every day. When you walk in you’ll immediately feel one with nature, thanks to the society’s natural elements and comfortable lounge. Better yet, they have a huge variety of products to choose from.

MMJ Total Health Care (Vernon, BC)

MMJ Total Health Care (Vernon, BC)
MMJ Total Health Care (Vernon, BC) – Image powered by Cannabislifenetwork.com

This is one of the best spots in its region for accessing medical marijuana. MMJ Total Health Care is an impressive dispensary because it has it all: strains of all kinds (with different levels of THC and CBD), concentrates, topicals, and more. MMJ Total Health Care also will ship any of its products to you — assuming you live in Canada, of course.

Tilray (Nanaimo, BC)

Tilray is a dispensary with an added interest in scientific research. It prioritizes the studies of medical marijuana and the best way to administer medical marijuana. Its selection of medical Cannabis is wide indeed, and it is always looking to improve and innovate. It doesn’t hurt that its service is reliable and high quality, either.

Sunrise Wellness Foundation (Vancouver, BC)

Sunrise Wellness Foundation is all about the highest quality products. There is no such thing as any kind of pest or mold damage on any of their products, and the same goes for pesticides or other potentially harmful contaminants. Despite all the competition for dispensaries in Vancouver, Sunrise Wellness is consistently ranked one of the top.

Ross’s Gold (Kelowna, BC)

Ross's Gold (Kelowna, BC)
Ross’s Gold (Kelowna, BC) – Image powered by 420.reviews

Besides providing high-quality medical marijuana, Ross’s Gold is known for being artsy and informative. This dispensary doesn’t just want to learn about the newest products on the market, but they want to make sure their patients learn about them too. The interior is so jaw-dropping that it’s worth a visit even if you’re not a medical marijuana patient.

The Farmacy (Victoria, BC)

The Farmacy’s main focus is accessibility for medical marijuana patients. They make their dispensary as welcoming and helpful as possible, and they have recently starting the shipping some of their products. Now, thanks to the Farmacy, anyone in Canada who needs it can get medical marijuana. This distinguishes them from the other numerous dispensaries in Victoria, BC.

Canna Clinic Medicinal Society (Nelson, BC)

Canna Clinic Medicinal Society (Nelson, BC)
Canna Clinic Medicinal Society (Nelson, BC) – Image powered by Cbc.ca

Quality and medicine are what make Canna Clinic special. Patients have been known to help wean themselves off of pharmaceuticals (such as painkillers or opioids) with Canna Clinic’s products. Their number one concern is safety, followed closely by quality. Visitors to Canna Clinic, based in Nelson, BC, will certainly not be disappointed.

Mary Janes (Edson, Alberta)

Mary Janes is a company that has been working in the Cannabis world for more than two decades. It has a large variety of products in the medical marijuana department that are geared to suit just about anyone who comes in. Mail order is possible online as long as you can verify your age and qualification.

Ocean Grown Medicinal Society (Victoria, BC)

With a fittingly dreamy ocean-like color scheme in the interior of this dispensary, Ocean Grown Medicinal Society is like a peaceful oasis near the city center of Victoria, BC. Its customers are particularly loyal, proving that membership here pays off. Pricing is reasonable, and every patient is treated with the individual attention they need.

Buds and Leaves (Victoria, BC)

Buds and Leaves (Victoria, BC)
Buds and Leaves (Victoria, BC) – Image powered by Weedmaps.com

Buds and Leaves, another dispensary based in Victoria, is a dispensary that caters directly to their membership base. They keep a fresh set of options available, giving their members the highest quality bud they can. In addition to flower, they also offer shatter, tinctures, and edibles. The staff here are passionate and excited to have the opportunity to tell you all about their products.

Okanagan Medicinal Society (Vernon, BC)

Named for the region of British Columbia with the same name (as well as the lake and river also called Okanagan), the Okanagan Medical Society has a simple but effective display of top quality medical marijuana. It focuses primarily on being discreet, putting patients completely at ease to make the best selection for their medical needs.

Karuna Health Foundation (Vancouver, BC)

Looking a bit like a buffet of bud, Karuna Health Foundation is all about quality combined with affordability. Its medical marijuana products sit behind glass displays for you to peruse through, and there is always a doctor there to help you in your decision making. You can really talk to the staff about the specific preferences or problems you have, and you can leave feeling assured that you made the right choice.

Hemp and Wellness (Vernon, BC)

Hemp and Wellness (Vernon, BC)
Hemp and Wellness (Vernon, BC) – Image powered by Hempandwellness.com

This woody space (it is literally covered in wood) has a cabin in the woods kind of feeling with interesting displays and a homey vibe. The staff here have found the perfect mixture of being friendly and caring while still maintaining their top-notch professionalism. Their curing process is especially effective, according to their patients.

Greenworks Medicinal (Ottawa, ON)

Greenworks Medicinal has products that include dried bud, concentrates, topicals, and edibles. They are well known within Ottawa, and their budtenders are more concerned about the well-being of their patients than how much money they can make. This dispensary also offers online orders to anyone located in Canada, even if it’s hundreds of miles away. Simply send them an email to get started.

Canadian Cannabis Clinics (Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia)

You would be hard-pressed to join the medical marijuana scene without hearing about Canadian Cannabis Clinics. With a whopping 26 locations, this clinic is all about informing the public (as well as patients and medical professionals) about laws, myths, facts, and other information surrounding medical Cannabis. They hold events, provide patients with care, and partake in research. This extremely professional dispensary is sure to take good care of any patient who walks in the door.

S.W.E.D. Society (Vancouver, BC)

S.W.E.D. Society (Vancouver, BC)
S.W.E.D. Society (Vancouver, BC) – Image powered by News.lift.co

S.W.E.D. stands for “smoke weed every day,” and that goes hand in hand with this dispensary’s philosophy. While some of the older dispensaries are extremely focused marijuana being strictly for medicinal purposes, SWED Society has a focus on remaining casual and accessible. Their goal is to relieve pain, enhance their customers’ lives, and give their customers a large selection of clean, safe medical marijuana. Customer service is everything at SWED; there is a reason they have such high customer loyalty.

The Toronto Dispensary (Toronto, ON)

The Toronto Dispensary’s philosophy is that medical marijuana is one of the healthiest, safest medicines out there, and their goal is to share this medicine with the public. That said, they are very clear that patients must provide a valid ID issued by the government before they may purchase any medical marijuana. The staff at The Toronto Dispensary take their concern for patients seriously, and you can expect to be treated very well here.

Apollo Cannabis Clinic (Toronto, ON)

The first impression of a new visitor to Apollo Cannabis Clinic’s website is a resounding feeling of professionalism. Apollo is as accessible as possible, allowing potential patients to call in to see if their symptoms are eligible, or even to have a video appointment with one of their medical professionals. They also offer individual free consultation sessions with each patient to ensure that they are getting the best possible treatment for their ailment(s).

Natural Health Services (Calgary, AB)

Natural Health Services (Calgary, AB)
Natural Health Services (Calgary, AB) – Image powered by Cbc.ca

Natural Health Services allows patients to book a service appointment for free, meet with a physician in the dispensary, and even select their favorite producers of medical marijuana to ensure that each patient gets exactly what they need. They will suggest the best way to administer marijuana for various patients’ needs. They are a popular dispensary in a large city, so don’t be surprised if you have to wait for a little while on the phone or in person at the clinic.

Whyte Cross Dispensary (Edmonton, AB)

Whyte Cross comes from one of its owners’ experience with his mother and his friend (now co-owner) and their pain. Their solution was medical marijuana, at which point Bob and Paul realized the public needed to learn about and have access to the same kind of solution. Thus, they founded Whyte Cross. This dispensary offers flowers, tinctures, edibles, and all sorts of concentrates. Get a free consultation at the dispensary, order your marijuana online (as Canada requires), and then you will receive a lovely discreet delivery of your new medicine.

The Farm Assists (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Farm Assists strives to provide availability, accessibility, safety, and education to their patients and customers. They have a wide selection of options available, and everything is displayed clearly and helpfully on their website to order. Patients with a med card may browse the options without even stopping in, many are equipped with photos of the buds and strain information. One gram of bud here will cost less than $10.

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