Growing Marijuana In Massachusetts

Growing marijuana in Massachusetts has never been more easy, especially now that it has been legalized. That said, it’s still important to know the rules to be sure you’re staying within the limits of the law.

Please note: ILGM is NOT a legal adviser. Information contained in this website is intended as general introductory information only. The information contained on this website is not legal advice. It should not be construed as legal advice and should not be relied upon as such.

Here are a few things that are not allowed:
Growing some place other than your home
Selling your harvest
Storing your harvest any place other than home

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    There is also a section on parenting while growing. Although the state clearly says you can parent and grow, it also says it is for those aged 21 and up. If you have children in your home, it may be a good idea to invest in a lock or have a designated grower outside of your home.

    If you have more questions or comments about growing in Massachusetts, leave them below in the comment section. I will update this article as needed to add the most frequently asked questions as well as any other interesting information.

    Find the complete Massachusetts initiative here.

    In 2015, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health began accepting applications on a rolling basis from non-profit organizations that wish to apply for a state license to operate a Registered Marijuana Dispensary (RMD) in Massachusetts. RMDs are allowed one location, and may have a second location for cultivation or preparing marijuana-infused products.

    These applications are not a merit-based competition, but are verified for compliance and suitability, and will be reviewed in the order received. However, applications in open counties will be processed first. There is no stated limit to the number of RMDs that may be approved.

    Medical marijuana

    The medical program will cover the following conditions:
    Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
    Crohn’s disease
    HIV or AIDS
    Hepatitis C
    Multiple Sclerosis
    Parkinson’s disease
    Other conditions as determined in writing by a qualifying patient’s physician

    It also will let certain patients designate caregivers, if they can prove they are unable to purchase from a dispensary.

    Massachusetts marijuana laws

    The tax is $3.50/gram, but it is only required if the weed only has at least 40 grams. When the tax is paid, the user receives a stamp. If caught with marijuana, the stamps must be produced, or there will be additional fines or jail time.

    For those charges that do give jail time, Massachusetts has a conditional release program. Conditional release means that people caught for the first time will most likely not receive jail time.

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    Mandatory sentences are the exception to conditional releases. Massachusetts has mandatory sentences for large amounts of marijuana (100 lbs or more).

    You won’t get arrested for having less than an ounce of marijuana, so be sure to keep your possession amounts small.

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    Growing marijuana in Massachusetts
    The minimum age to grow is 21
    You can have no more than 12 marijuana plants
    You can have no more than 6 flowering marijuana plants
    You can keep the entire harvest of your 6 plants, and give away up to an ounce
    You must grow within your primary residence
    You can grow for someone else, but they must be at least 21

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      Massachusetts Growing Laws In-Depth: If you’re confused by any of those rules, here’s a little more detail:
      You must be 21 to grow your own marijuana. At 21 you’re officially an adult. At that age, you can drink, go to a casino and now, grow marijuana. If you’re still underage, wait a couple years to stay legal.
      You are limited to 12 plants per household. One person is limited to 6 plants. Time your harvest so that you never have more than 12 plants in your household at one time.

      They need 18 hours of light and 6 hours of complete darkness per day to remain immature. Once the days get shorter, your plants will begin producing flowers.

      When growing indoors, you can control that light cycle. By shortening it from 18 hours of light to 12 hours of light, you can trigger the plants to start flowering.

      You are limited to 6 flowering plants. Like I talked about in the previous section, the flowering stage is triggered by light. It lasts about two months. Make sure you harvest your plants on the right cycle so that you never have more than six flowering at a time.
      Keep your entire harvest, and give away up to an ounce. You’re expected to keep your entire harvest, not to sell it. If you would like, you’re welcome to give some away to any adult, but you can’t give away more than an ounce.
      Grow within your primary residence. Make sure you only grow within your own house. Do not plan to grow marijuana in your office or at your mom’s place. If you own a second home, whether it’s an apartment or a cabin in the woods, you cannot use that space to grow. You can grow in your garden or in a greenhouse but ensure it is properly secured and your plants are not visible without binoculars or an aircraft.
      You can grow for someone else, but they must be at least 21. If you have a friend who’d like to grow marijuana but doesn’t have the space or time to do so in their own residence, you can help them out and grow at your home. However, make sure your friend is 21 or older and that you have no more than 12 plants at a time.

      As you can see, most adults in Massachusetts should be able to grow their own marijuana. And for those who cannot, there is probably someone that can help you out.

      Faq about growing marijuana in Massachusetts

      Is it legal to grow marijuana in Massachusetts?

      Yes, it is now legal for everyone to grow marijuana in Massachusetts! but if you want to start growing, you must first read the rules or else you might end up in trouble.

      What are the rules of growing Marijuana in Massachusetts?

      Here are some rules that you need to take care of: Minimum age is 21, You can’t have more than 12 marijuana plants, You can’t have more than 6 flowering plants, You can only grow with in your primary residence, and if you want to grow for someone else than he/she must me 21 yr old at least.

      What are the best strains to grow in Massachusetts?

      Here are top 5 strains to grow if you live in Massachusetts: Blue dream feminized, Super silver haze feminized, Cheese feminized, Cheese auto and Sour diesel feminized

      Latest Updates

      December 2016 – Massachusetts is legalized! Let’s Get Growing

      October 2016 – Massachusetts Marijuana Initiative 2016 launches their first TV ad.

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      marijuana grow bible
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