Growing Marijuana In Mississippi

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The Deep South state of Mississippi may not be the first place you think to grow weed. But the state has two interesting factors to consider: marijuana is decriminalized, and cultivation is considered the same as possession.

Since 2014, Mississippi has allowed the use of CBD for certain types of epilepsy. Voters in the state recently passed Initiative 65 to legalize medical marijuana, however, the Mississippi Supreme Court thought otherwise and overturn it.

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Mississippi Laws

Mississippi decriminalized marijuana, meaning most weed-related charges will not result in years of jail time. This includes possession of up to 30 grams of marijuana. If you have less than 30 grams (including plant matter) and are caught, you could pay a $250 fine.

Even though they have decriminalized marijuana, it is still a far step from being legal. The state still has mandatory minimums for second-time offenders. Whereas 30 grams would give you a fine the first time, the second time it’s five days in jail.  

Medical Marijuana

In November 2020, Mississippi voters passed Initiative 65, which established a medical marijuana program for qualifying conditions. The conditions included:

  • Cancer
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Glaucoma
  • Sickle- Cell Anemia
  • PTSD

As well as many others. They also distinguished marijuana as an approved alternative to opioids for pain management. However, the Mississippi Supreme Court decided otherwise, canceling the roll-out of legal marijuana in this state.

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    3 comments on “Growing Marijuana In Mississippi”

    1. This is new for MS…. DR’s face alot of backlash from the Gov and many are scared to even write a steady dose of anything thats scheduled. They will send you to a “specialist” instead. So anyone on probo can mark that off your list at least for the first while of this initiative. Docs are going to be cautious as ever and they will not put themselves or their practice at risk for any reason. If they have any doubts; they’ll refer you to someone else… thank the insurance companies and the screaming Malpractice that has made our local docs almost scared to treat people… Someone on probo wont make it past the front desk with me.

    2. I am current Mississippi resident and people who are on any type of probation is allowed to go ahead and have a doctor write a letter saying the person on probation is getting prescribed medical marijuana and they will not face a fine or jail time. This is what I am many others have been told by the probation people