Growing Marijuana In Nevada

11/8/’21 UPDATE: Congratulations Nevada! This is great news. You can now legally grow up to six marijuana plants at home. That includes all of the harvests from those plants. Life just got a lot more exciting – you can now legally grow marijuana in Nevada. Before you get started, however, you’ll need to know some rules.

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This article will cover what’s required for legal marijuana growing in Nevada. But first, let’s begin with a summary of the points.

Most relevant marijuana growing laws in Nevada

  • Have no more than 12 plants in your possession
  • Grow no more than 6 plants at a time
  • Only grow if you reside 25 miles away from a dispensary
  • The minimum age is 21
  • You can keep everything you grow
  • Grow in an enclosed area
  • Give away no more than one ounce
  • It is okay to grow for another person

Nevada Marijuana Growing Laws Explained

The above were summaries; here is a more detailed explanation:

Growing marijuana is for adults 21 and older.

Just like many of the fun things in life, you have to be 21. Sure, some people start growing marijuana in their teens, but if you want to be legal about it, wait until you are 21. If you cannot wait, have someone that is 21 grow it for you.

No more than 6 plants are allowed at a time. 

This part can be a bit confusing because the law does not explain what is meant by ‘growing’ plants. What must be remembered is that marijuana has a flowering stage and a nonflowering period. The flowering period is triggered by the light cycle. Flowering plants can be harvested for marijuana. These are the only plants that matter when it comes to enjoying your weed.

You are only allowed to grow if you reside 25 miles or more away from an operating marijuana retailer.

This rule makes it a lot tougher to determine if you can grow your own. A lot of people were disappointed when they learned about this one. And with a cause!

Possession is limited to 12 plants.

So, what is the difference between 6 versus 12? If you have 12 plants, six of those plants should not be flowering. Having some plants that are flowering and some that are not, makes it easy to have marijuana every other month. By using lighting techniques to schedule the flowering of your plants, you can continuously grow the maximum amount of weed for your personal supply.

Possession is limited to the harvest of 6 plants. 

Your harvest is the amount of smokeable weed from your plant. Flowering plants can produce a few ounces of weed. The personal limit of purchased weed is one ounce.  You can also create edibles out of the non-smokeable parts. For the maximum yield from your plants, try some advanced growing techniques. You’ll have more weed than you can handle.

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    Grows must be in an enclosed area.

    Marijuana is a prized possession for many people. You need to grow it in an area with a door that locks. You also need to make sure only people you know can open that lock. Plus, those people must all be 21 years or older. If you grow indoors, this means you will need to use a grow box or closet with a lock. If your closet does not have a lock, replace the doorknob so that it does. For those that want to grow outdoors, use a greenhouse that has a locking door.

    Extra weed may be donated. 

    If you end up with more weed than you can stand, you can give away up to an ounce of it. Marijuana must be given and not sold.

    Those 21 and older can grow for another person. 

    Everyone isn’t gifted with a green thumb. Others may not have the space or the time. If you want to grow for another person, you can. Nevada has made growing marijuana fairly easy. So there is no reason why any adult couldn’t do it. Click here if you want to buy marijuana seeds in Nevada

    Nevada marijuana growing no-nos

    People have been writing in asking questions about some of the things they cannot do in Nevada. Well, first, remember, what grows in Nevada stays in Nevada. It’s not a good idea to travel northeast, east or southeast with your stash.

    Here are a few other things you should not do:

    • Grow more than 6 plants
    • Have more than 12 plants
    • Grow if you reside within 25 miles of a dispensary
    • Sell any of your weed
    • Plant openly in your backyard

    Everything outside of these things is probably up to interpretation. It is Nevada, anyways.

    If you come up with any Nevada growing questions, leave them below in the comment section. If it’s something I didn’t cover, we’ll do the research and see what we can find.

    …end of update… Below is the original article with old laws.

    Nevada is known for legalizing many things, such as prostitution and gambling, but unlike its neighbors, it is not known for legalizing marijuana. Even in Sin City, locating marijuana can be a challenge because of marijuana tax stamps, anti-growing laws, and misdemeanor possession charges. So how do you legally grow marijuana in Nevada? It only requires a doctor’s prescription.

    Medical marijuana in Nevada

    Nevada approves the use of medical marijuana for AIDS, cachexia, cancer, glaucoma, post-traumatic stress disorder, muscle spasms, seizures, nausea, and pain. Patients are allowed to have 2 ½ ounces and can grow up to twelve mature plants.

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    However, starting in 2016, Nevada will begin licensing dispensaries that will provide the plants used for medical patients. At that point, growing will be restricted to those living more than 25 miles from a dispensary.


    Until that time, medical marijuana users and their caregivers can grow marijuana after completing an application with the Division of Public and Behavioral Health. The application should be requested in writing. Registration costs only $25.

    Contact a doctor. A medical certification is required to become a medical marijuana patient. Search online for organizations such as Dr. Reefer that provide the recommendations you need.
    Request and Complete and Application. Applications can be received by calling or writing The Division of Public and Behavioral Health
    Download and read the Marijuana Grow Bible. The marijuana Grow Bible has all of the information you need to start growing marijuana.

    Nevada marijuana laws

    If you don’t have a medical card in Nevada, you run the risk of getting in trouble- especially if the cops think you are selling it. Nevada has mandatory minimum jail time for selling and growing marijuana. So if you are able to be licensed as a patient or caregiver, it is definitely worth the effort.


    Growing marijuana without a medical license in this state is risky but not impossible. Those that grow marijuana in Nevada could face a year in prison if they grow at least 100lb.

    There aren’t any specific amounts for growing less than 100lb of marijuana, but based on the fact that anything over an ounce isn’t considered personal use, growing multiple plants may get you mistaken for a drug dealer.

    Growers that aren’t able to be licensed should keep small and discrete grow operations. My Marijuana Grow Bible can help you plan the perfect small grow room that is hard to find.

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      One more thing…Smoking in Nevada

      Nevada is known for its wild nights and crazy parties, but use caution when smoking marijuana with friends.  If you grow marijuana in Nevada and happen to share your stash with some friends, be sure they don’t have a heart condition.

      Also read Marijuana state laws in USA

      Nevada considers it murder if someone dies while smoking marijuana. If you supplied the marijuana, you would become a murderer. As crazy as this law sounds, (not sure, who actually dies from smoking weed), it is a law in Nevada. It may be reason enough not to keep your stash to yourself.

      Other updates

      January 2017 Let’s Get Smoking Nevada!

      October 2016 Nevada marijuana legalization campaign launches their first TV ad.

      FAQs about growing marijuana in Nevada

      Is it legal to grow marijuana in Nevada?

      Yes, but here is a catch, You can only grow up to six marijuana plants at home and You are only allowed to grow if you reside 25 miles or more away from an operating marijuana retailer.

      What’s the legal age of growing marijuana in Nevada?

      Adults 21 years and older can legally grow cannabis plants at home for their personal consumption.

      Can I sell marijuana in Nevada?

      Absolutely not, but If you end up with more weed than you can stand, you can give away up to an ounce of it. Marijuana must be given and not sold.

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