Growing Marijuana In New York

In Spring 2021, New York joined the short list of states that permit recreational home growing. The state already had an active marijuana program, however, since New York medical marijuana users could only utilize extracts and pills, you could only find quality marijuana seeds online.

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    Whereas the medical marijuana program does not allow patients to grow marijuana in New York, recreational growing legalized on March 31, 2021. Now there are no penalties for possessing less than 24 grams. Adults may also grow up to six plants (three may be mature).

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    Many people like to grow more marijuana than they need. This is unnecessary as there is no reason to grow multiple weak plants when you could grow one very potent plant. 

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    Keep your grow room efficient if you plan to grow marijuana in New York. The Marijuana Grow Bible has all of the information you need for doing just that.  Before you plant a single seed, download the book and read it from front to end.

    It’s now legal to grow marijuana in New York. If you are a patient, or just love smoking weed, growing marijuana in New York doesn’t have to make you a criminal. Remember, keep your garden small and your supply out of sight.

    Buy Seeds for New York

    We selected the best seeds to grow in the New York climate! If you are planning to grow outdoors then, check out our custom collection of New York weather-approved seeds.

    FAQ about growing marijuana in New York

    Is it legal to grow marijuana in New York

    The 2021 Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act legalized marijuana cultivation of up to 6 plants by adults.

    What’s included in New York’s medical marijuana program?

    Patients with cancer, epilepsy, HIV/AIDS, Huntington’s disease, inflammatory bowel disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Neuropathies and Spinal cord damage can use marijuana to treat their disease.

    What are the best cannabis strains to grow in New York?

    These strains are best to grow in New York: Grape Ape, Zkittlez, AK-47 autoflower, Blue Dream, Sour Diesel.

    Latest Updates

    December 2016 – New York Updates their Medical Marijuana Law

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