Growing Marijuana In Oregon

Growing weed in Oregon has been legal for quite some time, but it got a lot easier after the November 2014 election.

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As of July 2015, all residents of Oregon, (including the major city of Portland) are able to legally grow up to 4 marijuana plants in their home for recreational use.

Here at ILGM, we can’t think of any better recreation than marijuana growing. But it gets better. Since then, Oregon legislators have made more positive changes while maintaining the state’s home-grow friendly status.

Growing weed in Oregon has been legal since July 2015. If you are at least 21 years old and want to grow marijuana for any reason, you can. No medical permission needed. It’s an Oregonian right.

Just keep a few rules in mind:

Growing Marijuana in Oregon

Oregon is quite lenient about growing your own weed, and the few rules are pretty simple. Here they are explained:

Grow at your residence.

In Oregon, you can legally grow inside or outside your home – as long as it is on your property. Cities can ban recreational marijuana, but it does not apply to what you do in your own home.

As long as you grow and consume your weed at home, and are at least 21 years old, you have not broken city laws.

Four plants maximum.

Any Oregon household can have up to four plants. If you grow more than that, you could face jail time. A household is defined as any place where people live – including an apartment. It does not matter how many adults live in the household.

Oregon also has a well-established medical program that increases the maximum number of plants to 6 and allows for up to 18 seedlings.

Additionally, caregivers (who may serve as personal growers), must be at least 18 years old. There is currently no guidelines on the number of immature plants allowed for home growers.

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Landlords and the Feds.

Although Oregon lets every adult grow marijuana where they live, this does not mean their landlord will. Landlords can likely still find ways to evict tenants who grow marijuana if they do not allow it.

To be safe, check your lease before you grow outdoors, or keep it indoors.

Federal laws prohibit growing marijuana 1000 feet from a school. This is still true. However, Oregon’s law now specifically excludes home grows and licensed grows from this rule.

Keep this complexity in mind, or, play it safe and grow indoors.

Oregon also previously banned the creation of concentrates but changed this rule while no one was looking. Now, making concentrates at home is no longer illegal. It’s not even a misdemeanor, as long as you make it yourself.

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In summary, Oregon is one of the easiest places to grow marijuana. Just don’t go overboard and you should be okay.

Oregon Growing Etiquette

Since it is legal for every Oregon adult to grow marijuana, you’ll probably worry more about your neighbors than the cops. A little courtesy goes a long way in keeping your hobby from becoming anyone else’s problem.

These Oregon growing tips will help keep you out of trouble:

  • Be discrete about your grow – the feds may be watching
  • Don’t grow more than the limit – it’s more trouble than it’s worth
  • Do not blow up your landlord’s house making hash oil
Oregon Growing Etiquette
Practice etiquette when growing marijuana in Oregon

History of growing marijuana in Oregon

History of growing marijuana in Oregon

Oregon has had a medical marijuana program since 1998. Under this program, indoor marijuana growing in Oregon was permitted for up to 6 mature plants. The program even allowed patients to have up to 18 seedlings at a time.

It was created to treat symptoms from Alzheimer’s disease, Cachexia, Cancer, Chronic pain, Epilepsy, Glaucoma, HIV or AIDS, Multiple Sclerosis and Nausea.

Participants only needed a medical card from the Department of Health and a signature from a doctor stating they need to use it.

Now that growing marijuana recreationally is legal in Oregon, you no longer need a doctor’s signature or to be a caregiver for a medical marijuana patient to grow your own marijuana plants.

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What has changed

What has changed

Now that marijuana growing in Oregon is completely legal, it changed a few things for those who had already been growing. First of all, recreational growers no longer need to register their grow site like medical growers had to.

They also don’t have to grow for a specific person or show a grower’s card. Best of all, the state now offers expungement. This means, those previously charged with marijuana crimes that are now legal, can have the incident removed from their record.

Recreational marijuana growers now enjoy the freedom of growing in complete anonymity, and in fact, that is exactly what the State of Oregon want. They don’t want to know about your grow!

So, now that recreational growing is legal, keep your grow site private. Sounds fair, right? If you need any help creating a grow site that is contained and private, download the Grow Bible for some tips!

Recreational growing was indeed a huge win, but there are some disadvantages to it. Mainly, it’s the amount of plants.

Recreational growers can only grow 4 plants while medical growers can grow 6. It might be worth it to register with the medical program, or make those plants count and invest in some good equipment and nutrients.

Help with growing in Oregon

While marijuana growing in Oregon is available to everyone 21 and up, don’t expect the state to have any information on purchasing supplies. In fact, the Department of Health previously addressed that question saying:

We are “not a resource for the growing process and do not have information to give to patients.”

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FAQs About Growing Weed in Oregon

Has Oregon legalized growing marijuana?

Yes, growing cannabis plants in Oregon has been legal since July 2015. Any adult who is at least 21 years old can grow marijuana for any reason (not limited to medical purposes).

How many plants am I allowed to grow at home?

Any Oregon household can have up to four plants. There’s a corresponding jail time if you exceed that limit.

Can you purchase recreational weed edibles in Oregon?

If you’re 21 years and older and possess a valid government-issued ID, you can legally buy edibles and other marijuana products.

What’s your experience with marijuana in Oregon? Let us know in the comments!

It’s just a plant, after all …


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  1. My neighbor has what appears to be more than 4 marijuana plants growing in his yard. He has set up a trellis and and has attached it with bolts that protrude through my fence. In addition the plants are now about a foot higher than my 6-foot high fence with some leaning over onto my property. In the last several days, a large white tent was placed over the plants and a fan has been going for 24/7. I am for legalized marijuana. However, do I have any recourse to ask the neighbor to move his plants away from my fence. I have small grandchildren that spend a lot of time in my backyard. In addition, the smell is on occasion overwhelming.

  2. If I live across the street from a sheriff can he do anything to me for growing 4 marijuana plants in my backyard

  3. What were the penalties for Growing Pot at age 21 and selling it for a profit in 1977 to kids under 21 & over age 21? Would the Perprotator be known as a Drug Dealer, & What would the sentencing be for both State and Fed’ laws? Thank you!

  4. Does someone who grows this crap have to put a certain size fence around it so their neighbors don’t have to look at it?

  5. Can you sell seeded plants in veg state from home, no flowering, or online like fb or Craigslist? If your within your legal amount?

  6. I live in town and I have a 6 foot fence my plants are taller then the fence someone called the police and they said that if they get another compliant again I could possibly get fined is that true and if so what for I asked them and they said he would find something

  7. One thing I’m still foggy on is wether you can legally possess the full yield of your recreational grow. The law just says you can have 4 plants and that the at home possession limit is 8oz but what happenes if your yield is above 8oz? Or if you still have flower left over from a previous harvest.

    • Jeff,

      If you break the law, you are subject to prosecution. I advise you to make sure you only grow 1 oe 2 plants in order to stay within possession limits. Sorry, I cannot provide you with a better option. I have to advise you figure out how to stay within limits.

      Happy growing, 🙂

      • Jeff,

        Another thought would be to stagger plant starts one month apart. bThis will allow you to yield full plants once a month and that should keep you in the limits of the law.

  8. I love growing marijuana in Oregon! Question, is there anywhere you can buy plants as an individual? I just moved here. I see providers for people with an OLCC license, but what about for recreational around Gold Beach?

    • J.G.

      If you join our forum, and ask in the title for “Oregon growe – Help latewood” I will reply, and talk with a friend or 2 in Oregon to help you out.

  9. Is it legal to grow plants on your property in Oregon if it is not your primary residence. For instance, if you own a vacation property can you legally grow four plants.

  10. four plants per household. I have two houses on the same property. pay taxes on both, yet are taxed individually. so two households, can I grow 8 plants

    • Hmm that’s a tricky one Ed, I’m affraid I can’t answer that for sure. Best check locally what the rules in your situation are – I❤️GM

  11. so if your growing medical marijuana with a growers license can you still have your four recreational plants in addition to the medical plants?

  12. hey if your outside city limits I.E farmland are u allotted to grow more than the 4 plants since I’m not in the actual city itself

  13. Although commercial marijuana producers cannot grow plants until they receive licensing, which will not happen before 2016, people who want to grow their own for personal, noncommercial use can do so beginning on July 1, 2015. Each household in Oregon will be allowed to grow up to four plants. Measure 91 defines “household” to encompass all types of dwellings, including apartments and mobile homes. Oregon will not impose a tax on marijuana plants grown for personal, nonmedical use, nor will it inspect or register them.

  14. Well, as I read above, the law says one person can grow 4 plants in their home for recreational use. Seems pretty clear to me.

    • I’m very curious about the legality of immature plants. I have cutting I took this summer in an aerocloner; there is no soil involved but they have sprouted roots (as would be the case in a hydroponic system). The cuttings created a hubbub with my landlord, which resulted my two-month notice to move out. Where can I find out if I am in the wrong here?

  15. Alaska just went legal for recreational use… So far I have nothing but utmost respect for all you do on the web (more and more every day while I wait for my first order)… I wish I found your site before I bought my main seeds… I’d like to start a non-profit message board with links to some of your stuff… Is it better for you to get one big order, as opposed to many small orders..? And is there a time of year that is better for you to get big orders..? My son (13) will be looking for his first job soon, and I’m hoping this will be the only job he ever needs… Many Thanks.

    • 1st Tie the top of your plant over. You will have a 5 foot tall plant fifteen feet long with multiple coles and raise the yeld of the plant 20% -40%.