Growing Marijuana In Texas

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Texas is a very influential state for many reasons. It’s large. It borders Mexico, and traditionally it is quite conservative. This includes their drug policy. Frankly speaking, Texas is pretty hard on marijuana. Growing marijuana in Texas is a felony and possession of even the smallest amount is a misdemeanor, hence there is no medical marijuana program.

Growing Marijuana In Texas

If you are considering growing weed in Texas, keep your grow small and discrete. Following these simple steps could reduce your chances of getting in a lot of trouble, and, may even keep you from getting in any trouble at all.

texas marijuana laws

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    So instead of growing more than you need, prevent the possibility of a greater charge by growing no more than a couple plants. Focus on developing those plants into the strongest plants possible with our plant protector and THC Booster.  Learn harvesting tips from our blog to get the most from your few plants. Remember, when growing weed in Texas, its quality not quantity that matters.

    texas cannabis growing

    When following these tips, combined with high-quality seeds, you’ll be able to grow just the right amount of weed without anyone knowing.

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    We selected the best seeds to grow in the Texas climate! If you are planning to grow outdoors then, check out our custom collection of Texas weather-approved seeds.

    Latest Updates

    December 2016 – State Representative Donna Howard filed an amendment to the Texas Constitution that would legalize recreational marijuana. The is Texas’s second attempt at legalization. Last year a bill to treat cannabis ‘similar to tomatoes’ passed the Texas House Criminal Jurisprudence Committee but failed to travel further.

    Howard’s bill joins a medical marijuana bill proposed by State Senator Jose Menendez.

    Faq about growing marijuana in Texas

    Is it a crime to possess marijuana in Texas?

    Yes, It’s a crime to possess any amount of marijuana in Texas. Here are some penalties: Under 2 ounces = Up to $2,000 fine, Between 2 to 4 ounces = Up to $4,000 fine, Between 4 ounces to 5 pounds = Up to $10,000 fine, Between 5 to 50 pounds = Up to $10,000 fine and more

    Is it a felony to sell marijuana in Texas?

    Yes, it is absolutely a felony to sell marijuana in Texas. Here are some penalties: Under 7 grams as a gift = Misdemeanor: Up to $2,000 fine, Under 7 grams with compensation = Misdemeanor: Up to $4,000 fine, Between 7 grams to 5 pounds = Felony: Up to $10,000 fine, Between 5 to 50 pounds = Felony: Up to $10,000 fine and more.

    Is it a crime to grow marijuana in Texas?

    Anyone caught cultivating or growing marijuana or manufacturing cannabis products in the State of Texas will be charged with a felony. Related crimes are punished based on the weight of the cannabis plants or derivatives.

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      16 comments on “Growing Marijuana In Texas”

      1. Joe Momma, I would think May would be fine to plant. As long as the days are getting longer until the Summer Solstice you should be fine. I would ask some local farmers in Texas if I were you. Happy growing 🙂

      2. I would appreciate more info on when and waht to expect during what months in texas. Do plants flower in may. Is plating in late april 2 early??

      3. Ellana,

        Yes. I believe medical marijuana has yest to be ratified in Texas. If you are capable of keeping 2 plants growing and do not share this info with anyone. Never let anyone know you are growing 2 plants; You could possibly and most likely get away with growing.

        2 plants is a small grow and should not attract attention if you do it right. An investment of 200-300 bucks would be necessary for a small grow.

        I suggest you join our forum at: and download our free grow bible. After you read up on cannabis growing you can participate in Q and A with our friendly knowledgeable members and expert staff. See you there 🙂

      4. Im 72 years old, suffering from constant R.O. Arthritics , 24/7. Thanks to a close friend who shared his M with me, I found a way to stop suffering.. No, all I want in a couple plants just for me to use as needed. Can I get ainto trouble for that?

      5. has anyone found out how to legally grow mj in Texas? Not worried about cost as much as legality,

      6. But doesn’t applying for the tax stamp eliminate being discrete? LoL I mean that’s like putting up a weed flag over your house!

      7. Hi Larry, I’m no sure where to obtain a license. Best check with local legislation – I❤️GM

      8. I would also like to get a license to grow; not for personal use, but for a business opportunity for the medical profession.

      9. the video said they are only letting three people get licenses in june 2017, how do I go about getting a license to grow, so I can sell to the dispensaries..??

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