Growing Marijuana In Virginia

Virginia is for lovers – of cannabis. Starting July 1, 2021, it is no longer a felony to possess hash. Similarly, it’s no longer a felony to grow marijuana.

It’s also okay to gift small amounts of marijuana. However, you can’t sell paraphernalia, so forget about any ideas to start a custom bong business.

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Virginia’s marijuana history

Virginia has a long history of growing marijuana. In fact, the early American colony, Jamestown, made growing hemp required by law. As time passed, more Virginia cities and towns use the law to encourage the cultivation of cannabis.

When America first started, slave populations grew massive plantations of cannabis throughout Virginia. The crops were being turned into textiles for the American agricultural economy.

virginia marijuana laws

In the late 1800s medicinal marijuana began to appear, and Virginia was a major grower. As America continued to demand cannabis products, they were well prepared to provide them. That is, until, it was suddenly not okay to have.

Virginia marijuana laws

Whereas historically, there were laws for growing marijuana, there are currently no laws against growing marijuana in Virginia. Personal cultivation is the same as personal possession, and adults may have up to four plants, as long as they are not visible.

Although allowed, growers must properly identify their plants by tagging them with an ID or driver’s license.

Prior to legalization, Governor Ralph Northam approved a medical CBD program for multiple conditions. Previously, CBD was only allowed for intractable epilepsy.

Qualifying patients could possess limited amounts of CBD oil (“cannabidiol oil”) or THC-A oil for medicinal reasons.

Growing marijuana in Virginia

History has proven Virginia is perfect for growing weed. Its land is so ideal that lawmakers made it illegal not to use it for cannabis. For someone looking to grow weed in this state, it would make sense to take advantage of this fact.

virginia cannabis growing

Virginia has excellent growing conditions for marijuana. As long as your plants are not visible by the public eye and labeled, those 21 years and older can grow up to four plants.

For those new to cannabis cultivation,  The Marijuana Grow Bible can help. It covers growing stealth outdoor and indoor gardens that avoid detection while still developing into strong, potent plants.

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You’ll also want to know about the paraphernalia laws in Virginia. Residents of this state may not sell marijuana paraphernalia.

They also can’t possess paraphernalia with the intent to sell – including those used for growing marijuana.

The result could be a year in jail and a $2,500 fine. Virginia is fairly strict about paraphernalia. Even distributing printed materials that advertise selling drug paraphernalia could have the same result as actually selling it.

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Virginia is a great example of changing marijuana laws. One day you are required to grow weed, then the state tries to pretend like it doesn’t exist, followed by, ‘fine, as long as no one sees.‘ It’s been an exciting ride, with weed winning in the end.

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FAQ about growing marijuana in Virginia

Is it a felony to grow marijuana in Virginia?

Not anymore! As of July 1, 2021, those 21 and older may grow up to four plants for personal use.

Is it a felony to sell marijuana in Virginia?

Yes, It is a felony crime to traffic or sell cannabis in the State of Virginia.

Is Possessing a small amount of cannabis in Virginia a felony?

As of July 1, 2021, Virginia legalized possession of up to 1 ounce of marijuana and decriminalized possession of up to a pound.

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  1. I want to start growing in my goal is to have a dispensary of CBD Delta 8 and THC down the road mainly because of my hero and my father he’s an avid smoker and I believe that’s what keeps them strong smart and keeps going smartest man I know best work ethic and he smokes because he needs to is a lot of medical problems then he’s fighting with disability to get help cuz one there’s anything you can do seed wise or money wise to help me buy seeds to help him grow $acebellamann cashapp @Daddychrismann venmo anything will help

  2. I’d love to know what strains can hold up to the relentless humidity and rain fall in Virginia..

  3. There are quite a few Smoke shops in VA that have sprung up the past 2-3 years that sell pipes and bongs. Maybe they just use the “Tobacco Use Only” as a defense.
    Also, one can grow 4 plants legally starting July 1 2021, but 5-9 plants is only a $250 fine. Not sure how they will know whether you are growing 4 plants, or 9. I guess you’d have to have a friend Narc on you, and not sure if Police would care unless you get into more than 50 plants, which is a felony.

    Having over 1 oz up to a pound of weed in your possession (outside of your home) is only a $25 fine.
    You can gift an ounce to an adult. Can’t sell it, and they specifically called out not being able to get “donations” as they do in DC to sell you weed (Buy a $300 shirt, CBD flower, pipe, etc, and get a free oz of Cannabis of your choice).
    I’m sure people will be getting some money in some fashion from ‘gifting’ weed to their friends. Or you could potentially sell inside of DC and receive donations. Unless you are a DC resident you aren’t supposed to have more than 1 oz on you. So it would be a bit more risky for a Virginia grower to take a Pound into DC an ‘donate’ to people as a Delivery Service, which is probably the most prevalent way to get weed in DC. I could see DC residents/growers/sellers Narc’n on anyone they find coming into DC to offload their cannabis, as that will certainly hurt their sales (I mean donations). And the prices in DC are basically pre-legalization. You can get $200-$250 ounces but they are pretty weak and not the best grown. To get any good quality you are in the $300+ range per ounce, and some I’ve seen even try to sell ounces for over $500 which is crazy. The prices did go up some during the past year of Covid.
    I’m just glad that I’ll be able to do something I love and not be considered an outlaw. Most I have grown is about 8 plants at a time. Anything more than that is quite a bit more work and space required. And growing 5-9 plants at most would be a $250 fine. Not sure if they would make you destroy any plant count over 4 if you were caught, or just fine you?

  4. Hi Josh, thanks for your feedback. Can you please point out which part you have a problem with so we can see if we can update it? 🙂

  5. This page is out dated. Cannabis has been decriminalized and as of July 1, 2021 cannabis is legal and you can grow up to 4 plants.

  6. I do not have time for the extracurricular activities of marijuana. I just want to be able to grow my own personal cannabis on a small scale. I am willing to pay a reasonable annual fee keep a reasonable plant count for this privilidge follow all regulations and ordinance in a safe manner pertaining to the codes of the state.

  7. Finally I heard the big news here in Va.,Marijuana has been dicriminalized.Yeeaa!!!!!

  8. Mr. Brown could you please let me know where to get this licences. Website preferred.
    Thank you

  9. The question that I have is This. if this was a law in Jamestown why is it not been re visited. Why is there so many laws against cannabis and not for cannabis. Why has there not been A Argued case in the courts, why is it when I grow I have to grow in secret but when I look around to the North east of me I see Washington DC getting high as fuck. It sounds to me that the fascist group want control and this needs to be addressed some way or some how this needs to be addressed. And it needs to be where everyone will hear and remember what happened.

  10. I’m assuming that this site is not an active site as there is nothing current regarding the Commonwealth of Virginia’s recent passage and the grower license application process not being highlighted. Dormant or just not keeping current?