Marijuana nutrient deficiency – Zinc

I love marijuana zinc deficiency

Zinc deficiency

 Is it common?

Deficiency of Zinc (Zn) occasionally occurs.

The symptoms

On the new growth you find radically twisted leafs blades. Another way of identifying deficiencies in Zn is spotting yellowing between the older leaves veins and chlorosis. Many times this inter-veinal yellowing of the leaves is accompanied by overall paleness of the plant.

Buds may twist, turn hard and contort during the flowering stage. When the deficiency appears for the first time it seems like a Mn or Fe deficiency. But the difference is that Zn deficiency also affects the new growth.

Excess in Zn occurs very rarely. If it occurs it produces wilting and sometimes even death (in extreme cases).

The mobility 

Zn in immobile in plants. This is why the symptoms occur mostly in newer growth.

Role it plays in the nutrition of the plant

Zn aids in many ways. It helps in maturity of the plant, plant size, and production of stalks, bracnhes, stems and leaves. In many enzymes, Zn is an essential component, and in auxin (a growth hormone). Low levels of auxin causes stunted shoots and leaves. In the formation and activity of chlorophyll, Zn plays an important role. Longer droughts are tolerated by plants that contain high levels of zinc.

Solving the problem

To solve the deficiency use a micro mix of Fe-Zn-Mn. To adjust the deficiency use chelated Zn, zinc oxide (ZnO) or zinc sulfate (ZnSO4).

Discussion in general

The yields dramatically reduce it the plants have low levels of Zn.

Note: Fe, Zn and Mn deficiencies often occur at the same time because these nutrients are locked out when the pH level is too high.


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