Hiding Your Marijuana and its Smell

If you are someone who uses marijuana either for recreation or for medicinal purposes, there is a good chance you are forced to do so illegally.

For that reason, it’s important to know how to store your stash of marijuana in a way that won’t attract attention or get you into trouble.

If you are new to the marijuana scene, you likely have a lot of relevant questions. For example, do vape pens smell? Can drug dogs smell molly? Can drug dogs smell mushrooms?

Can you get high from smelling weed? What is the best way to get rid of weed smell?

Do G Pens smell? Maybe you are even thinking: “what does weed smell like?” In this article, we’ll look at some in-depth ways to hide the smell of weed. Want to prevent smell from your grow?

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Hiding your stash

Hiding marijuana is critical. If you get pulled over while driving, you don’t want the police to have a reason to check your car for marijuana — or if they do check it, you don’t want them to actually find it.

Or perhaps you are trying to keep your habit from your disapproving parents, your annoying friends or nosy roommates, or other marijuana users who are looking to get some marijuana for free by stealing yours. In any case, you are going to want a good hiding place for your weed.

Luckily, you aren’t the only person wondering how to keep your marijuana stash best hidden.

There has been a lot of trial and error on the topic, and the marijuana community is more than willing to share their best practices and past experience.

Storing your marijuana doesn’t need to be difficult; it just needs to be clever enough to be effective.

Coffee does an excellent job of masking the smell of a number of things, so you can easily store your marijuana inside a can or jug of coffee (as long as you’re the only one drinking it).

Make sure the marijuana is bagged or jarred effectively before immersing it in coffee grounds.

Hide your weed stash in a jar of coffee
You can hide your weed stash in a jar of coffee

If you are the type of person to wear thick combat boots on a daily basis, you can utilize these boots to store your stash.

It is unlikely that anyone will be near enough to your boots while you’re wearing them to smell your marijuana stash inside, so it makes for the perfect way to transport a small amount of weed quickly and effectively.

Another way to store a small amount of marijuana on your body is by putting it inside the inner brim of a baseball cap, inside a cigarette pack (replace a couple of the cigarettes with some joints containing weed), and even in your hair if you have the right style and length.

If you have a cat or dog, their pet food could be an effective storage spot for your marijuana — this is particularly because of the strong, unpleasant smell of pet food that works as a way to hide weed smell.

Make sure the marijuana is wrapped tightly and put it at the bottom of the bag of pet food to cover up the smell of marijuana. You could even claim it as catnip in case it is ever discovered.

Hiding your stash inside packs of pet food
Packs of pet food can also be a good storage for your marijuana stash

If you’re planning on transporting your marijuana by car, you should take a closer look and find some little-known hiding spots and crevices.

Either there will be pieces that can pop out and have space behind them, or they could have dummy lights for you to put your stash in.

Smell proof containers

When you’re hiding your marijuana, it’s important to keep it inside of smell-proof bags or other smell-proof containers.

Many people suggest using mason jars or rubber-sealed glass jars to contain the smell. Tupperware can also be useful, as can plastic baggies (to a certain extent).

So-called smelly proof bags are also known to be effective and tough, and they are relatively inexpensive.

Whatever you do, make sure you have some kind of smell-proof weed container, or else you could run into some serious issues.

Marijuana buds in smell-proof container
Marijuana buds in smell-proof container

Minimizing the smell of marijuana

You’re probably wondering how to smoke weed without smell at all. Luckily, there are a few ways that you can reduce the smell of marijuana while you are smoking it.

First of all, using a pipe or bong (or vaporizer) instead of blunts or joints can go a long way for reducing the smell of smoking. For those of you wondering, “does the pax smell?”

The answer is: not as much as a pipe or bong. This is simply because blunts and joints emit a significantly higher amount of smoke, making the smell stronger and carry further.

Right after you hit the bowl, put a quarter over it to cover its smoke and therefore its smell.

Of course, smoking outside will make a big difference as well — if that’s an option for you. The smoke will dissipate, and the smell won’t linger, making it ideal for smoking marijuana.

Smoking outside should also do the trick, as long as all the smoke you are exhaling makes it outside.

Believe it or not, smoking in your bathroom with a hot shower on can be similarly effective. The steam absorbs the smell.

If you’re smoking inside, make sure a fan is going, and a towel is placed beneath the door so none of the smell escapes.

Then spray an ozium air sanitizer to eliminate or cover the distinctive smell of marijuana.

Many wonder if ozium works, but you can find more than one ozium review that will nearly guarantee it is effective, as long as you know where to buy ozium spray.

Ozium: where to buy it?

Ozium spray is an industrial product. So if you are wondering, “where can I buy ozium?” 

It can generally be found in the auto or car section of a store such as WalMart or Target, or of course, online.

It should definitely do the trick to get rid of weed smell. Ozium weed spray is not different from any other kind of ozium spray, so don’t be concerned about getting it from the auto section.

All of these tips, along with many others, help you smoke weed without smell (or get as close to that goal as possible).

Otherwise, people might complain about the skunk-like smell that comes along with it, and soon enough they’ll be wondering, “does weed smell like skunk?” And just like that, their suspicions are on you.

The smell of weed on you

The smell of weed on you

Getting rid of weed smell can be difficult in a lot of aspects, including the smell that is actually on your own body.

If you have been smoking indoors at all, you can generally assume the smell is still on you.

It gets into your clothing, hair, and skin, making all of you continue to smell like marijuana. So how do you get the smell of weed off of you?

Start by just taking a shower. Wash everything with soap and shampoo that are both extremely aromatic. Use deodorant after that, and even shave if you need to (and use a strong-smelling aftershave).

Change your clothes and consume lots of food and water. Mouthwash will work well for masking the breath associated with marijuana, as will drinking coffee or smoking cigarettes.

Don’t touch any marijuana after you have gotten all cleaned up. In general, washing your hands frequently while handling weed will reduce the smell of marijuana in any case.

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The smell of weed in your home

No matter what kind of apparatus you use to smoke marijuana, if you do it indoors, then the smell will definitely stick around.

Whether it’s a minor pax smell or the smell from a bong, that smell of skunk is a distinctive one that is easy to identify.

Some may be wondering, “what does skunk smell like?” Although it won’t smell exactly like the animal, there are some strong resemblances with weed and skunk — a fact that is highlighted by many weed strain names.

The smell of weed in your home - use vape for less odor
Use vape to minimize the odor of weed in your home

If you are living in any kind of apartment complex, you aren’t going to want that smell of marijuana to stick around and give you away.

Ozium spray can work quite well — be sure to use it every time you smoke.

If you can’t find ozium, try scented candles, incense, or lots of Lysol. You could also start using a vaporizer instead of other methods of smoking to ensure that the least amount of odor comes out of your marijuana consumption.

What is a Sploof?

A Sploof is a homemade device that you can use to help cover exhaled marijuana smoke. You take a toilet roll or cut the bottom of a plastic bottle.

Put in a couple of nice smelling dryer sheets and cover the end with some cloth and elastic band.

Whenever you exhale into the sploof the smoke that comes out the other end smells like lovely detergent.

However, there are some downsides to this method as a lot of dryer sheets contain toxins that are not made for inhaling.

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Got any more tips for fighting the smell of weed? Leave them in the comments below.


FAQs About Hiding Marijuana and Its Odor

What are some ways to hide your marijuana stash?

Coffee jars, pet food packs and smell-proof containers are some good hiding places for your weed stash.

How can you mask the smell of weed in your home?

If you’re smoking marijuana indoors, you can try using Ozium spray, scented candles, incense, or lots of Lysol. Using vaporizers is also a good way to minimize the smell of weed in your home.

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  1. SIRV,

    Using fluorescent can be effective. A grower must temper expectations for yield. HID lamps are the most effective lamps available for an entire grow.

    Also; For clarification. There are many types of fluoro lamps systems. Some are not that effective for en entire grow. Most experienced growers might use fluoros for propagation and early veg.

    I use a 4 bulb T5 lamp for seedlings, clones, and early veg cycle.

  2. When I first started smoking my dad taught me a cool little trick I would love to share. Get a plastic soda bottle, clean it well and let it dry, then cut off the bottom inch or two of the container. Next, stuff 3 or 4 dryer sheets into the tube. Take a hit and blow the smoke through the bottle and the smoke that comes out will smell like fresh laundry. I used this trick for years and it never let me down.