My Roommate Hates the Smell of My Smoke! What Do I Do?

Spring semester starts next week. Some of us are moving into a new living situation. Others of us are beginning what seems like the millionth semester of college. Regardless of your graduation date, many of you will be moving in with new roommates. Some  of you may also try smoking herb for the first time, find that you like it and bring it into your living space. You might be a big time smoker. You meet your new roommate, they seemed perfectly chill, and then you find out they hate the smell of your smoke! What do you do?

Try to Come to an Agreement

If you find out that your roommate hates the smell of your smoke, then the first thing you should do is try to talk to them. You might be tempted to go the passive aggressive route and do things like blow your smoke into the air vent that connects to their room, but it would be better for you to take the high road. Talk to your roommate and see if you can come up with some sort of compromise. Otherwise you might end up in a situation where you would have to move, and no one wants that.

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    Explain Why You Smoke Weed

    I would recommend starting the conversation by telling your roommate why you smoke weed. If you are using it for a medical reason, as most people are, then your roommate might be a little more lenient and willing to compromise. You might not realize it, but chances are highly likely that you are using cannabis medicinally, but don’t realize it.

    If your roommate hates the smell of your smoke, then you can try vaping. Image Source: PBS

    Offer to Smoke Only When You’re Not Home

    If your roommate hates the smell of your smoke, then it might be a good compromise to offer to use cannabis only when they are not home, and are not expected to be for a few hours. Maybe you can work it out to where you work and go to class on opposite schedules, so that you’re guaranteed to have a few hours with the place to yourself.

    Smoke Only in Your Living Area

    If your roommate hates the smell of your smoke, then you should be polite and only smoke inside your private living area, even if this is only one bedroom. Maybe work out an agreement so that you can smoke in the living room on special occasions, or when you are having people over. Your roommate is much more likely to agree to this if you keep your smoke to yourself.

    Switch to Vaping or Edibles

    You always have the option to switch to consumption methods that don’t fill the place up with smoke. For instance, there’s always vaping, edibles, topicals, and tinctures. All of these are suitable alternatives to lighting up the old-fashioned way, and they are healthier for you too.

    If it turns out that no compromise can be reached and they just don’t want you to smoke inside of the house anymore, then you should respect their wishes; they pay rent too after all. Maybe you should consider getting a new roommate.

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    How have you dealt with a roommate who hates the smell of your smoke? Tell us below!

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    marijuana grow bible
    • Grow With My Quick Start Guide
    • Discover Secrets To Big Yields
    • Avoid Common Grow Mistakes

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