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Grow Bigger Buds With The Best Nutrients

Grow Bigger Buds With The Best Nutrients

Whether you’re growing marijuana for personal use or you’re looking to make a little extra money on the side, you always want to have the biggest buds.

The buds are where you get the most “meat” on the marijuana plant, and you’ll certainly be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor for much longer with bigger buds. But, achieving big buds isn’t always a matter of plant genetics or complete luck. You have to put in a lot of effort, and you have to understand exactly what the plant needs at each stage of its life.

The basics of nutrient uptake

The basics of nutrient uptake cannabis

Understanding the basics of nutrient uptake within the plant is of great importance. Nutrients act like food for the plant to thrive and grow tall. Of course, nutrients are also largely responsible for the size of the buds by the time the harvest comes around. Nutrients aren’t the only variable, but they’re wildly important. The main triplet of nutrients that you’ll often come across in most fertilizers consists of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). On most fertilizers, there is a little “NPK” value that indicates how much of each nutrient is in the fertilizer.

For the most part, you’ll want a fertilizer with a higher concentration of nitrogen during vegetative state. Nitrogen is primarily responsible for the overall growth and healthy function of the plant. It helps the plant thrive during vegetative state and it also sets the stage for success once your plants enter the flowering stage. When a plant reaches flowering stage, they require a different kind of fertilizer concentration—one that is higher in phosphorus and potassium than nitrogen. At that point, it’s a good idea to switch to a “bloom fertilizer” to help out with bud growth. Click here to get a free nutrients guide for marijuana plants

The Benefits of high quality nutrients

The Benefits of high quality nutrients for cannabis plants

This is really the traditional way to grow larger buds, and it has worked to a certain degree for years. But, there are a lot more than just three nutrients at play in fertilizers and inside the living marijuana plant. It can be hard to hit the right balance of nutrients during vegetative state and flowering state. If you could find a fertilizer product that would take the nutrient guesswork out of your hands, then you’d probably jump at that opportunity. One such product is Marijuana Booster, a revolutionary growth program that can guarantee you a good return on your investment. If you want bigger buds from your harvest, then Marijuana Booster can certainly help out.

It does so by providing a large mix of nutrients that are best suited to growing large, healthy plants with large, healthy buds. You won’t just find the standard “NPK” nutrients in Marijuana Booster. You’ll encounter plenty of micronutrients like boron, manganese, calcium, and more. Marijuana Booster is essentially the perfect mixture of nutrients to help marijuana grow to its fullest capacity with huge buds dripping with THC. It also comes with a feeding and watering schedule to help you along the way. If you want to get ahead of the game, then Marijuana Booster gives you the best option.

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11 thoughts on “Grow Bigger Buds With The Best Nutrients

By Susan on 29 January 2014

Hello Robert,My name is Susan Saunders from the UK can you confirm that you posted some feminised purple haze seeds to me on Friday 24/01/14 on behalf of Dennis as he was going to let me know as I haven’t yet received my tomato fertilizers as he said he had posted them but Where are they ?.
Thanking You and sorry for involving you.

By Susan on 7 February 2014

Hi Robert,
Just a line to say I have received my order from you today 07/02/2014.
Its a pitty I cannot say the same for my plantfood to grow my pips in.( I am most disappointed).
Thank you so much for your kindness and most knowledgeable help.

By Richard Davis on 1 March 2014

I have had nothing but good results from everything I have read on your site. Also all of the seeds I have gotten have turned out rather nice. Thanks and keep up the good work and keep sharing the knowledge.

By luis rosario on 12 July 2014

Thank u so much for the ebooks. First timer and have 3 beautiful babes all females from random seeds. They r sativasi think from them being 24in tall. My ? Is can I start to flower them now? I have been growing outside and second ?isafter using sunlight is it bad to flower with ups lights. Sorry so much?

By Joseph on 7 July 2017

I’m growing 3 plants outside. All plants turned out to be female. They are in A 3.5 gallon pale. What should be there final transplant size? Also what is the best soil I can use for the final transplant. Thank you you have been A god send. U have helped so much with your knowledge!!

By Clifford Allen on 27 October 2017

I have used felt pots with fantastic rooting results, large pots large plants

By Joseph on 7 July 2017

I forgot this in my question. When my plants showed they are all female. The plants within then go into the flower stage correct? What nutrients should I begin feeding my girls at this stage. Also can I keep them all right next to each other??

By latewood.ILGM on 11 July 2017


I am worried that you have 3 plants mature enough to be determined female in one 3.5 gallon pot. Separating the root is going to stress the plants individually and seriously limit your yield.

Nutrients? Look in our ILGM store and find Flower Power starter kit. Good for 2-3 plants. 4-5 “autos”

If I were you I would make a 20-30 gallon pot, and transplant the whole thing and let the roots seek out excellent fresh soil.

Using ProMix BX or ProMix MP is a solid choice for medium, as long as you provide a solid feeding regimen of water soluble nutrients.

I could recommend a premium organic soil but, I find them cost prohibitive, and prefer building my soil/less mixes. 🙂

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