Best Marijuana Strains to Grow

Top-quality marijuana strains do not only give bountiful buds, but they are also easy to grow.

Often, for obvious reasons, those who have found this type of hybrid tend to continue to cultivate it.

But for newbie growers, even trying to sprout a seed can lead to failure.

As it happens, many growers experience the same problem when they first started.

Sometimes, they fail horribly, so they decide to stop growing, and start buying instead.

But running out of patience, and not trying to find the most suitable seed can be the biggest mistake growers make.

So, while it’s true that not all strains are created equal, it pays to find out which one matches your preference.

Bear in mind that there are strains that are more resilient to stress than others.

There are also the ones which have a higher potency than the rest. Finally, there are others that grow in a short period or can produce incredible yields.

So, in this article, we will cover the most common qualities that growers look for in strains to plant.

More importantly, we include the names of prominent strains and an overview of what makes them unique.

Read on to start finding out which one exhibits the best traits, and let the planting begin.

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Qualities of a Good Marijuana Strain

Of course, a great cannabis hybrid should have excellent genetics that makes it desirable to cultivate.

It means having several qualities that make it a top choice for most growers, most of the time – Easy to Grow, Grows Fast, High Potency, and High Yield.

cannabis strain buds on flat surface

1. Easy to Grow

It is the dream strain of every cannabis grower. Having an easy growing plant helps reduce a lot of time and effort in tending to it, as well as fewer expenses.

As such, this refers to plants from hardy strains that are resistant to almost any type of stress.

The following strains are specially bred to be easy to grow. As such, they are highly immune to various stresses that could weaken the plants.

Blue Cheese Strain

This strain is resistant to common stresses such as pests, mold, and over or under-watering. Also, it can grow well even in tight spaces such as in grow boxes with LED lights. Aside from being easy to grow, Blue Cheese is also high-yielding and has a short flowering time.

Blue Cheese Strain

When it comes to biology, this strain is Indica-dominant. Thus, it delivers a heavy body high. As such, people use it to relieve pain and stress at the end of the day.

Blue Dream Strain

It is not only famous but also easy to grow. As such, it is ideal for first-time growers. Specifically, it thrives even in the presence of typical cannabis plant problems such as root rot and powdery mildew.

Blue Dream Strain

Blue Dream is also high-yielding and has a short flowering time of 7-9 weeks. With its sweet berry aroma, this Sativa-dominant strain is the perfect daytime treat.

Northern Lights Strain

What makes this one stand out besides its legendary effects is that it has less odor than other strains. For privacy reasons, this makes it easier to keep and tend. Northern Lights is also very hardy, potent, and yields a lot of buds within 7-9 weeks.

Northern Lights Strain

This highly-acclaimed strain comes from pure Indica, so its effect is very relaxing. Furthermore, its purple buds have a sweet and spicy aroma that a lot of people love.


This Indica-dominant strain hybrid thrives well in stressful conditions, and flowers within eight weeks. As such, we don’t have to worry about giving it too much attention. And just like its name, it smells a lot like papaya.

Papaya Strain

2. Grows Fast

Of course, a fast-growing cannabis plant provides buds in the shortest possible time. This quality is desirable to growers. When it comes to getting a quick harvest, there is nothing like auto-flowering strains. With these, we can collect the buds within 6-9 weeks from seed.

Choose any of these outstanding hybrids to get buds earlier than usual. Here are some of the fastest-growing strains.

Auto Lemon OG Haze

It takes only four weeks for this strain to be harvested, making it one of the fastest-growing cannabis plants. Equally impressive are its effects on the mind and body. Smoking this citrus-smelling strain usually results in a deep, calm focus. For most people, this helps them to be more productive during the day.

Auto Lemon OG Haze
Auto Lemon OG Haze
Auto Sour Diesel

It is one of the most potent auto-flowering plants and is ready for harvest in just 7-9 weeks. A lot of people may get turned off by its strong diesel odor, but don’t be fooled by it. Even with the sourness, it comes with a strong psychedelic effect that results in deep relaxation. This is also a surprisingly high-yielding strain when it is pruned and trained.

Sour Diesel Autoflowering
Blue Automazar

When it comes to relaxation, this strain is the top pick among consumers. Aside from being ready for harvest within 7-9 weeks, it’s also a high-yielding auto-flowering plant.

Blue Automazar
Green Crack

Few strains can compare with Green Crack when it comes to the mental buzz that it provides. It has a tangy, fruity flavor that a lot of consumers say reminds them a lot of mangoes.

When it comes to cultivation, this pure cannabis strain is easy to grow, unlike other Sativas. But most importantly, it has a quick flowering time and can also produce decent yields.

Green Crack Strain

Important Reminders

Before choosing any of these strains, take note of some special reminders to grow them well. First, these strains don’t need special light periods as they can flower all by themselves. But they need full attention during the first weeks. That is because they grow incredibly fast, so any earlier problems will be hard to correct. As a result, we may get small yields or buds with low potency. In contrast, if proper care is given, they can produce a lot more buds with 1% or higher CBD level.

3. High Potency

Some strains possess top notch strength that they win a few cannabis awards. After that, they usually become best-sellers and gain a good reputation. Here are some of the award-winning plants that enjoy legendary status.

If potency is the priority, then look no further. Here are some Cannabis Cup winners that we can plant in our own grow rooms.

Gorilla Glue #4

This 2014 award-winning hybrid is such a potent strain that consumers look far and wide for it. Known also as GG strain, it has a pungent and sour earthy aroma that delivers intense euphoria and relaxation.

Gorilla Glue #4
Jack Herer

Sensi Seeds created this world-famous strain, which is also called the “champagne of strains.” Faithful to its description, Jack Herer is the perfect combination of both the Sativa and Indica genes. As such, it can give full-body relaxation with a very intense high.

Jack Herer Strain

Unfortunately, this strain can be a little difficult to tend, and it only produces average yields. Thus, it is best suited for connoisseurs. As such, growers who look for high-yields will be disappointed with this strain.

Sour Diesel

The original strain has very potent mind-altering and long-lasting effects. It is what makes the sour-smelling strain so popular among consumers.

Sour Diesel Strain

When it comes to growth, it tends to stretch and thin out. As a result, Sour Diesel usually produces only a few buds. To manage this problem, growers must top and train this plant to get high yields.

Once properly pruned, the buds it produces can be very high in THC. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to grow. For this reason, many connoisseurs to try to make a new version of this strain that is easier to cultivate.

White Widow

An authentic award-winning strain, the White Widow keeps impressing cannabis judges and connoisseurs. Because it uplifts and increases the happiness of consumers, it has become the main attraction in many dispensaries. It is also the best-seller in Dutch coffee shops since its birth in the 90’s.

White Widow Strain

This strain is also easy to tend and produces flower within four weeks indoors. However, it is not high-yielding, which increases its value even more.

For some, the most important trait of a marijuana plant is its ability to produce as many buds as possible.

4. High Yield

Growers will never get frustrated with these strains come harvest time. Here are some of the most prominent examples.


With a flavor that ranges from earthy to citrusy, this strain sure produces a lot of buds. Due to its Sativa and Indica combination, it provides creative energy while also providing a remedy for pain and depression.


Growers mostly like this strain for its yield, but it is also quite easy to grow. It also flowers just within 7-9 weeks.

Pure Power Plant

For a relaxing effect in social settings, most consumers prefer to use this strain. Known also by others as PPP, this high-yielding plant is the top pick among connoisseurs who like to enjoy a good smoke with friends. However, it can leave users stuck on the couch.

Easy to grow both outdoors and indoors, this strain starts to flower within 8-10 weeks.

Pure Power Plant
Wonder Woman

This incredible strain with strong Indica effects produces huge, dense buds. For example, one plant yields about 12 ounces of buds if given the right care.

Wonder Woman

Aside from its bountiful yields, this strain is also known for the long-lasting buzz it provides. It is also quite resilient to stress. On average, it flowers within 9-11 weeks.

Utopia Haze

A lot of growers get surprised by just how fast and tall this strain grows. In fact, it can outgrow its space overnight once it enters the vegetative stage.

Utopia Haze

When it comes to potency, the THC concentration of this Sativa-dominant hybrid can go up to 22%. As a result, it gives a truly vivid “high” that some users crave.

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Bonus: 3 Top Dispensary Strains

It is possible to get the best strains from local dispensaries where marijuana is legal. However, growers should prepare their pockets since they can be on the expensive side. Still, it is worth every penny to invest on these following hybrids.

Girl Scout Cookies

This Cannabis Cup awardee is in so much demand that it quickly sells out in dispensaries. Because of its euphoric and full body relaxation effects, this strain is highly-rated by users.

Girl Scout Cookies Strain

When it comes to cultivation, it takes 9-10 weeks for Girl Scout Cookies to start flowering. Unfortunately, it is low-yielding, and a can be tough to grow.

Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese is one of the most popular strains for many reasons. This remarkable plant can produce a lot of dense buds while growing in less than ideal environments.


It is also quite potent with a very high THC level, as well as having a decent amount of CBD. Usually, users get an ultra-relaxing high that leaves them stoned.

LA Confidential

This hybrid is probably the most distinct strain here. A lot of consumers like the way it tastes and smells, which is smooth and piney. But what makes this strain stand out is its memorable “mind-blowing” effect. Among patients, they seek LA Confidential to help them deal with both acute pain and insomnia.

LA Confidential Strain

When it comes to cultivation, many growers pick this multiple award-winning cannabis mostly because of its qualities. Also, it produces a lot of buds, grows fast, easy to tend, and is quite potent.

Different Strains Have Different Qualities

Nothing guarantees a successful marijuana growth than starting with the best strain. Then, finding the best seed can make a world of difference when it comes to cultivating cannabis. But because there are thousands of them out there, careful research is needed to choose the right one.

As discussed in the article, different strains have different genetic qualities. Some grow fast, and others thrive in tough environments. There are also strains that produce dense buds, while others contain a high level of THC.

Since strains vary, it is then up to us, the growers, to find the best one that matches our preferences. Doing so will significantly reduce disappointments as we already have an idea of what to expect from it. So, when deciding to start cultivating, have a good look first at the options available. Then, proceed with confidence as the chosen strain will reward the effort come harvest time.

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FAQs About the Best Marijuana Strains to Grow

Is Indica easier to grow than Sativa?

Indica marijuana plants tend to grow to approximately 3-6 feet tall which makes them ideal for growing indoors. The flowering time for India is also quicker than that of Sativa at 6-8 weeks; hence, making it a favorite plant among hobby growers. Sativa plants, on the other hand, can grow as high as 20 feet tall.

What is the most popular sativa strain?

Sour Diesel, Super Lemon Haze, Green Crack, Strawberry Cough, Jack Herer and Maui Wowie are among the most well-known Sativa strains around.

How much does Sour Diesel yield?

Sour Diesel yields about 18 ounces per square meter indoors and up to 25 ounces or more per plant when grown outdoors.

Want to be an expert marijuana grower? It only takes practice and learning. Read my blog to get started.

Have you grown any of these marijuana strains? Feel free to tell us about your experience or leave questions below!

Happy growing!


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